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Survey results


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Published in: Automotive
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Survey results

  1. 1. Survey Results AUDIENCE RESEARCH
  2. 2. Age  Most of the people that have said that they watch horror movies are within the 17 – 18 slot, making them a key target audience. Taking this into account means that I will have to cater to the needs of the target audience and try to keep them interested with the trailer by using things that the audience enjoys like fire and jump scares.
  3. 3. Gender Although the survey says that mainly females watched horror movies, I found out this is inaccurate as most of the males that I sent the survey to did not complete or do the survey. Through my own research I found out that males enjoy the genre more for the adrenaline factor of being scared.
  4. 4. Conventions From the survey I found out that people find mostly jump scares, death and an easy to follow story line most conventional. This means that to be successful the trailer and movie must have an easy storyline to follow and also have frequent but well spaced out jump scares so that they are still effective but not to frequent to become predictive.