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  1. 1. Shot No. Shot Type Shot Length (Seconds) Scene No. Context / Purpose 1 Pan 7s 1 Pan of the mirror covered by a sheet To set the scene of which most of the action and horror comes from. Also used to set mystery to make you want to watch on 2 Zoom 29s 1 Zooms in to the mirror being relieved as the sheet falls This is used so that the attention is drawn to the mirror, gaining interest 3 Static Camera 1s 2 A quick flash of two teens standing staring at the mirror This makes the audience fixate on the fact that the mirror seems to have power over the teens 4 High Angle, Static Camera 1s 3 Looking up at the teens This shows the fear on their faces, without havingto show their entire face and taking up the scene so you can still see the dark background 5 Static Camera, Close Up 1s 4 Close up of mangled hand This shows the audience the first scene of which the horror antagonist appears. This shows you the type of horror and sets the bar at the beginning 6 Static Camera, Mid Shot 1s 5 Showing two young children This is to show the fear on their faces to project it to the viewer
  2. 2. Shot No. Shot Type Shot Length (Seconds) Scene No. Context / Purpose 7 Static Camera, Low angle 2s 1 Showing blood drain from the mirror This shows you that the mirror is the route of the evil 8 Shot Reverse Shot 3s 6 Shows an image of 3 children in sheets but actress can not see them in the mirror This is to strike fear into the viewer and show them that iit is a paranormal or ghost movie 9 Zoom 2s 1 Closing up to the mirror again This shows the audience again where the route of the horror is coming from 10 Close Up 1s 7 Shows close up of yanking chains This is to make a jump scare in the trailer and to make you presume the character is tied down, also chains are conventional and typical props in a horror movie 11 Wide Shot 1s 7 Shows high angle of a man chained to the wall This is to show that he is trapped and entise the viewer to watch the movie to see why he is there and whats going to happen to him 12 Static Camera 1s 8 Shows a females body being dragged Again this makes the viewer wonder what has and what will happen
  3. 3. Shot No. Shot Type Shot Length (Seconds) Scene No. Context / Purpose 12 Static Camera, Mid Shot 1s 9 Shows a child crying This tells the viewer that the horror character also hunts the young so is seen as more evil to society 13 Zoom 3s 1 Closing up again to the mirror as more blood begins to pour Again drawing the attention to the route of the evil 14 Close Up 1s 10 Close up of a child's face through a door which is ajar This shows the audience that the children are trying to hide which strikes more fear into the audience 15 Close Up 1s 11 Close up of a characters face looking fearful towards a light bulb This makes the audience wonder what is making her scared 16 Static Camera 1s 11 Shows more of her face, showing her with blood coming from her mouth This scene makes the audience wonder why she is screaming and how she managed to get the blood into her mouth 17 Zoom 1s 1 Closing up even further to the mirror which is bleeding The blood continues to flow, showing that the actions are progressing further and further
  4. 4. Shot No. Shot Type Shot Length (Seconds) Scene No. Context / Purpose 18 Static Camera 1s 12 Shows a bloody mangled face of the horror antagonist This is to quickly strike fear into the audience and so that they can identify the antagonist, making it more fearful 19 Tracking Shot 1s 13 The young ginger girl runs with a golf club scared This shows the audience that they begin to fight back but looks like it is in vain, making you feel empathy for the child and want her to win and survive 20 Tracking shot 1s 13 Shows the adult ginger female running on all fours This shows you that she has been possessed and strikes more fear as anyone could then be the antagonist 21 Close Up 2s 1 Close up of the mirror bleeding, shows the letters beginning to form around the blood 22 Close Up 2s 1 Shows this again but from a different angle 23 Zoom to Close Up 4s 1 Zooms into the mirror to show that the blood completely over flows it revealing the name of the movie. 24 Fast Zoom 1s 14 Shows an image of a demonic women In the mirror This is to create a jump scare at the end of the trailer to seal the deal with people thinking they may come to see the movie by making the last thing they remember be scary