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MUNTINLUPA SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL                            ALUMNI ASSOCIATION                                  MINUTES OF T...
1.   A quick recap of the meeting held on September 9 was     done. The batch directory, alumni class representation     a...
meeting.4.   The definition, duties and responsibilities of the     EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE were discussed.     The table was ...
for discussion.     The Date shall be Last Week of February 2012     Venue: MSHS Grounds                                  ...
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Minutes of the meeting (100911)


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MSHS AA Minutes of the meeting

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Minutes of the meeting (100911)

  1. 1. MUNTINLUPA SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION MINUTES OF THE MEETING Created October 14, 2011 October 9, 2011 Subject: Alumni Association 1st Council Meeting Date : (Sunday) Menard Molina Meeting President, MSHS Alumni Class 2003 Time : 10:00 AM Facilitator : Chairperson, MSHS Alumni Association Initiative CommitteeMinutes Prepared 3rd Flr, MPH Room, Menard Molina Location : by: MSHS Attendees : Class of 2002 Mel Molina Class of 2003 Menard Molina JL Henson Mia Fernando Class of 2004 Ricky So Randyh Laredo Class of 2005 Andrei Evangelista Class of 2006 Richard Casanova Ernest Calayag Class of 2007 Cheng Magalino Tegie Dimasupil Class of 2008 Niel Lopez Peter Jim Paa Class of 2009 Lorenz Dela Din Evangelista Class of 2010 Antholin Averion Class of 2011 NONE Associate Alumni Marck Valderrama (Batch 2002) Alumni Adviser Mr. Edsel R. UmaliMeeting Agenda: 1. Review of Last Meeting 2. Official Batch Representatives 3. Association By-Laws 4. Alumni Executive Committee 5. Committee Appointments 6. Alumni Homecoming 7. Next Steps 8. Schedule for Next Meeting 9. Committee Breakout Session ACTION ITEM REMARKSThe meeting commenced at 10:55 in the morning starting with the opening prayer and introductionof the presiding officer of the meeting, Menard Molina. Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. 1. A quick recap of the meeting held on September 9 was done. The batch directory, alumni class representation and certification, proposed by-laws, and the membership fees were briefly discussed. The important items discussed last meeting was discussed to the attendees who were not present during the last meeting. The membership fees as stipulated on the last meeting were confirmed. Initial contribution, annual fee, and lifetime membership fee shall be Php 200 Php (Please refer to the proposed initial 100 and Php 2500 respectively. by-laws for definition.) A brief rundown on the classification of membership Documents may be downloaded was also done. online2. Certification of Representation per Batch had been It has been decided that the confirmed by everyone in the meeting. attendees of the meeting are NOW the official alumni class representatives for their respective batches. With the representatives confirmed, the Muntinlupa As stated in the By-Laws, the batch Science High School Alumni Association COUNCIL has representatives in attendance were been created. declared as the official members of the ALUMNI COUNCIL. With the ALUMNI COUNCIL creation, and the A document has been signed by the agreement of the attendees, the INITIATIVE COUNCIL MEMBERS and has been COMMITTEE has been dissolved. submitted to Mr. Edsel Umali as witness, and adviser of the Council. All decisions to be made for the Alumni Association will now be decided by the ALUMNI COUNCIL as headed by the Executive Committee.3. The Association By-Laws was discussed focusing on the major areas of interest in the document: A copy of the proposed by-laws was  Membership handed to Mr.Edsel Umali (OIC for  Alumni Council Alumni Affairs – Alumni Council  Executive Committee Adviser).  Term of Office  Elections No member contested on the provisions in the by-laws regarding the discussions points. However, a separate committee shall review and handle these matters and propose amendments on the next Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. meeting.4. The definition, duties and responsibilities of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE were discussed. The table was opened for the nominations of voting for the CHAIRMAN, and 4 VICE-CHAIRMEN as stated in the By-Laws By unanimous decision, no other nominees were As discussed in the by-laws, the given, and the appointed EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE EXECOM’s term of office shall be for were “appointed” by the COUNCIL: two years, with the provision of re-  CHAIRMAN: Menard Molina (2003) election for 1 more term. (refer to the  VICE-CHAIRMEN: by-laws regarding this) - Melany May Molina (2002) - Gaylord Henson (2003) - Ricky So (2004) - Andrei Evangelista (2005) Other ex-officio members of the Executive Committee shall be MSHS Mr. Edsel R. Umali was appointed as the OIC for Principal, Faculty President, and Alumni Affairs and shall also be part of the Executive Immediate Past President of the Committee (as stated in the by-laws). Association. An ALUMNI COUNCIL Secretary & Liaison Officer was Mia Rose Fernando will be the appointed by the CHAIRMAN secretary for the COUNCIL Meetings and serve as the Liaison Officer of the COUNCIL.5. With EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE created, the SERVICE Each Vice-Chair shall oversee a COMMITTEE were discussed by the COUNCIL service committee and shall be part of that committee. It was also agreed that any Alumni Member may join any service committee. But it is required for a COUNCIL MEMBER to belong to a committee. The Service Committees are as follows: Vice-Chairs for the Committees:  Membership & Communications Committee JL Henson (MemCom)  Programs & Promotions Committee Ricky So (Programs)  Budget & Finance Committee Melany Molina (Finance)  Constitution & Legal Committee Andre Evanglista (Consti)  Nominations & Elections Committee Each COUNCIL MEMBER then selected the committees Their names were listed by the VICE- they would want to join. CHAIRS handling their respective committees The Tasks of each committee were briefly discussed. Specific Tasks & Objectives of each committee shall be given to the VICE- CHAIRS during a special meeting of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE7. ALUMNI HOMECOMING general details were opened Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. for discussion. The Date shall be Last Week of February 2012 Venue: MSHS Grounds Everyone agreed with the exception A suggestion of having a morning activity first then the that the activity should only be until “celebration” during the evening was openly discussed before lunch for preparations for the by the council. evening events. (it could be a seminar, forum, or etc. sponsored by the Alumni Association) An ad hoc committee was also suggested to handle However, the committee of Ricky So the Alumni Homecoming. was appointed to oversee the homecoming instead. Ricky agreed to do so and shall have a separate meeting to discuss the details of the homecoming. Other members may help out in the planning & execution of the homecoming For the FUNDS, discussions on how to raise funds for Sir Edsel suggested to solicit from the association and for the homecoming took place. possible honorary members (parents  Homecoming Tickets should include of alumni, current or former (membership fee / initial contribution) government officials, former faculty  Lifetime Members should have free tickets for etc.) – they would also be invited to the homecoming the homecoming.8. The Next meeting was scheduleat on DECEMBER 3, 2011 (Saturday) 2:00 PM at 3rd Floor MPH Room, Council members were asked to bring MSHS food for sharing. This will be a kind of Early Christmas Celebration for the Council.9. The meeting was adjourned at 13:30 of the same day. Initiative Committee Minutes (092011) Page 4 of 4