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Idea's generation 05 03 2013


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Idea's generation 05 03 2013

  1. 1. Chris Munro FMP Task 3 Idea’s Generation Before I begin with my development I need to refine my idea’s, I need to know how the game will play/work. I need to know what will be included in it, I need to know how it willlook and how I will sound. To help me do this I will be looking at relevent themes and other influence’s such as Games, movies, art, and music .Firstly I want to know how my game will play. So I played other games that I think can help.I’mlooking at gameplay, and mechanics.After playing a few adeventure/arcade/puzzle games I found that the general conrols are the samewith some variations. Mainly the user control the player/vehicle using the Arrow keys or “W” “A” “S”“D”, to shoot the most common controls were space bar or left mouse click. In puzzle games theconvention was to introudce a new problem/mechanic in a new level or exaggerate it.For example on a game called ‘Probotic’ the first level was simple, turn on the switch to open theexit gate. The next level introduced a ‘pressure switch’ where I had to move a box onto the switch sothe exit gate would stay open. will defiently be taking this game model into consideration to when designing my game, as I think itwill be a great edittion as it will keep the Gamerintrigued.
  2. 2. Chris Munro FMPI still need to find out, what my game will include, what assets do I need, whats the purpose of thegame (is there a story). As I was browsing through pictures of ‘Star Trek (2009)’ I came across thepicture above, it gave me an idea, if my game were to include a villian or a least the idea o one itwould defiently give it purpose.My top three Sci-Fi movies all share the same traits; expolsions, lasers and Space ships, my game willdiffiently have these.
  3. 3. Chris Munro FMPSeeing as I want my game to be casual, I want the artisict syle to be smooth and calming thattechnological and futuristic. I compilied what im basing my visual style off into a moodboard.I looked at text styles and decided that clean and simple is much beter than heavy graphical styles. Iam begining to get a clearer picture of what my overall game will be and look like now theres justone more issue, the sound this is crucail for my game as it will set the environment.I went onto and searched sci-fi, I listened to a lot of diferent sounds, these are theone’s I liked most.
  4. 4. Chris Munro FMP Space Ship Meteor Assets Space Station Defense turrets Arrow keys Control Space Bar Game Idea Sci-Fi Sound Explosions Gameplay Lasers New game mechanic Futuristic Graphics Simple1: Assets1.1: Space Ship- What the user controls1.2: Meteor- for the user to dodge1.3: Space Station- For the player to land on to clear the level1.4: Defence turrets - Shoots at the player2: Control2.1: Arrow keys - Easy simple to use2.2: Space Bar - To shoot