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7 Ways to Get More Multifamily Leases using Email Nurturing


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7 simple ways to generate more leads and leases using email nurturing

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7 Ways to Get More Multifamily Leases using Email Nurturing

  1. 1. Ways to Get More Multifamily Leases using Email Nurturing Munish Gandhi | mg@hy. ly hy. |y
  2. 2. Get More Leases & Reduce Costs using this 4-Stage Process will nurture new, recently active, and inactive prospects, while your leasing team prioritizes l—on—l interactions with leads that are ready to close! 8» Close Welcome new pr ects with , " Engage active prospects by inviting them L», t L. L engaged prospects ' to information mails events and propertytours ~ - , I I-ii ti ii a B Re-engage Re-activate currently inactive prospects
  3. 3. Activate New Prospects with a Welcome Campaign Welcome new prospects with a drip campaign that includes messages about the neighborhood, retail stores, and community amenities. SHOP, DINE 8. EXPLORE AROUND LOCAL COFFEE SHOP OPENS THEIR SEE WHAT COMMUNITY AMENITIES OUR APARTMENTS FIRST BRANCH AT AVENUE AT YORK AVENUE AT YORK HAS TO OFFER EXPLORE oun Nziousonuoou EXPLORE SHOPS
  4. 4. Invite Active Prospects to Events Engage active prospects by inviting them to community events like a 4th ofjuly barbecue, a Thanksgiving potluck dinner, or even a Holiday Season party! AVENUE AT YORK AVENUE AT YORK AVENUE AT YORK __IiL‘l-- Pi l. ',lll, i _, l‘L‘l-- Vi l. ',lll, i L, l-L. ll-- ~“— -‘«l~". ',lllLi Join us for our Annual Come Celebrate the Christmas Party Meet & Mingle With Us YOUIRE INVITED TO YOU‘RE INVITED TO OUR “NIGHT BEFORE" OUR THANKSGIVING CHRISTMAS PARTY POTLUCK
  5. 5. Invite Active Prospects to Schedule a Tour of the Property AVENUE AT YORK LUXURY APARTMENTS
  6. 6. Re-activate Inactive Prospects with Community Updates Send a "What‘s New? " newsletter to inactive prospects who were looking for apartments last year and are finishing up their current lease. AVENUE AT YORK — 4—‘l’, l.l See Wh ' New on the hue
  7. 7. Offer Incentives to Close Engaged Prospects Offer special discounts to nudge prospects who are close to signing up but need that extra little push. AVENUE AT YORK . I,I. i . :I‘-"«~"l. 'Elll; . Know Someone That's Looking for a New Place to Live? REFER A FRIEND & EARN $250
  8. 8. Prioritize Email over Social Media There are many reasons for email to be your first priority: Your message is guaranteed to reach the prospect, you have complete control over the format and style of your email, and you can cater the message to different groups based on their interests. None of this is true with social media. , DGHVETY Who knows who ' Guaranteed gets your message? é
  9. 9. Subscribe to our newsletter And receive high resolution templates and a 7-part email drip for each step in the presentation. http: //hy. ly/ newsletter lVlL.5lL l‘ilLp: //www‘ bei i30Lll'U U_)lll All photos: Adobe 5l0(, l<