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Pir onlineclassifieds

  1. 1. Project Title: This project is about local city search engine (Enhanced). Consider examples as www.sulekha.com or www.asklaila.com. Description: The classifieds platform delivers a key element in our strategy to enables people to better exploit the digital marketplace and to deliver greater customer self-service tools. We will be looking for other media partners around the world to service participate in the launch of national classifieds and helpline service websites and to establish the brand in our countries and worldwide in the long terms. Process of Development There is no doubt that utilizing web-based classified based classified-ad services has become a hot trend in recent years. In fact, one out of 10 Internet users visits an online classifieds service each day. Since hosting an online classifieds service is a dynamically driven process, it will be heavily dependent on using server side scripting and database technologies. server-side Fortunately, these are often available as open source products which can be employed quickly and inexpensively. 1. Step 1 Consider using open-source blogging software such as Word Press. These software platforms allo for the source allow incorporation of widgets designed by third third-party developers. Some of these plug-in will allow for the posting of in user content such as classified advertising. While the approach may not be very versatile, it is probably the simplest way to accomplish the task of accepting and posting web ish web-based classifieds. 2. Step 2 Research the opportunities offered by popular content management systems. If you don't have experience programming with a server-side scripting language or if you are not familiar with relational database programs side relational then you will probably want to use a pre programmed content management system which can be customized to pre-programmed your needs. Two of the leading content management programs which you should consider using are Joomla and Drupal. Neither of these programs charges for their use; however, you should spend the time to become familiar with each product prior to investing the time and energy to customize their system. 3. Step 3 Develop the user-facing framework for your users. You will need to have a working knowledge of XHTML and facing CSS. These two coding systems can be written in a basic text editor and will allow you to design the structure which will appear on your users' browser screens. If you need assistance with these two languages then you should take advantage of any number of XHTML and CSS online tutorials which will explain the features available. 4. Step 4 Deploy the server-side back-end scripting language and database program. You will need to process dynamic end data which will need to be updated depending on user input. To do this it will be necessary to use a server-side depending server MIG-238, Ramdev Plaza, 3rd Floor, K.P.H.B Main Road, Hyderabad − 72, India., Phone: 040-64574001, +91 9246524001 238, 64574001, www.sldatasolutions.com
  2. 2. scripting language such as PHP, Java and Pearl, Python or Microsoft's ASP.NET language. These scripts will take ting , the data entered by the user and place it in the database. They will also retrieve the data upon request and will present in in the XHTML and CSS framework which was mentioned above. You will also need to set up a relational database to securely house the data. Life Cycle: In today’s modern, sophisticated and fast world, online classifieds have become a medium of communication among the internet users. On one end it is informative and on the other end it is convenient and cost effective. In this scenario, the online classified websites have occupied one among the top ranking classified sites on the internet due to its vast popularity among the users. Today there are n number of classifieds sites on the internet and some of them are not only useful but are also impressive giving its users a chance to place ads in different categories such as jobs, real estate, for sale etc. Whereas ers newspapers has limited approach to people compared to on line classifieds where it can reach the millions of people at single click. This can be said as one of the major reasons for the recognition of the classifieds sites. The responses one receives through placing their ads in classifieds sites is far more than compared to news paper ads or print media ads. Due to these effective responses, the classified website industry has grown at a very rapid phase and has acquired as one of the ebsite popular sites among all the various categories of websites on the internet today. Keeping in view of all these positive happenings it is beyond any doubt that the online classified industry is booming day by day and is very near to occupy classified one of the top positions among all the categories of websites on the internet. So every time you think of placing an ad just go for some free classified sites. I am sure that you will be satisfi as never satisfied before with the responses you receive and also you will save your hard earned money. Ever since Internet has arrived and made mass penetration, people’s lives have undergone drastic changes. Many activities including shopping, studying and trading have gone online. Besides, the web has also come as a boon for the trading job seekers and advertisers. The majority of the leading businesses sell their products online these days. People give various types of advertisements like vacancy, product promotion, and house renting and selling by means of various sites. and Both the customers and the companies find this method suitable. The Free Classifieds sites have created a large user base with time. Scope of Online Classified: The importance and scope of the online classified sites are increasing rapidly and the advertisers are making the best use of this situation. They are using the classified ads sites to widen their customer base and endorse their products. As a matter of fact, most of the Free Classifieds sites do not possess effective online search tools. This market is slated for massive growth in the upcoming years. If one is searching for a reliable online free classified site, then he can count on the services provided by the site Zikbay.com. This is a classified site with specific tools meant for the companies seeking to promote their services and ified products online. MIG-238, Ramdev Plaza, 3rd Floor, K.P.H.B Main Road, Hyderabad − 72, India., Phone: 040-64574001, +91 9246524001 238, 64574001, www.sldatasolutions.com
  3. 3. This Free Classifieds site made its debut in May 2008 and within just three months has been visited by around 300000 isited times. It also boasts of a whopping 100000 ad postings. It gets revenues from various means like ad placement rankings, paid Google Ads and premium services. People who want to advertise online can rely on the services of this site. It makes use of the latest technologies and its user friendly interface ensures the steady flow of visitors. This classified site deals with several types of classified ads such as real estate, rent, car and many more. The house buyers and sellers can easily find suitable customers if they uch make use of this site. If a person avails the service of this Free Classifieds site, he can get a competitive edge. For instance he will ge the get privilege of owning a free personalized website. It will give him the scope to present his range of services and products to the target customers. This classified site is also ideal for the employers and employees looking for better recruitment oppor opportunities. It has near about 5 million posted jobs to choose from using its search aggregator. The site gives the users the option of searching using keywords. Users of the site can be assured about the security of their personal information. If a person wants to know more about the services and policies of the company he can browse its site site. Business Case: Typical business models in online classifieds Industry and Market Research els  Aggregation of ads / Market making o Distribute the classified ads to other sites – e.g. Edgio like model where Edgio users can create their own classified boards (Crunch board is one of them), collate classified ads – which can be dispersed to other sites. o Platform players – A regular model where the site just aggregates the ads and be the platform for classified ads. o  Buyer focused – Apart from aggregating classified ads, these products are more focuse towards buyer’s needs focused and they give away tools for buyers to analyze the market trend, get alerts etc. (e.g. trulia) While US classifieds industry has its own challenges, the major driver of online classified growth lies in the ubiquity of Internet. Sites like craiglist have succeeded because both the buyers and sellers are online. Indian Classified Industry: Market size The estimated size of online Indian classifieds Industry (as per 2006 data) is estimated to be around $55 million USD (i.e. 250 crores)  Total Classifieds business: o Print: Rs. 500 crores, Online: Rs. 250 crores  Jobs / Recruitment classifieds: o Print : Rs. 100 crores, Online: Rs. 200 crores [ [source] MIG-238, Ramdev Plaza, 3rd Floor, K.P.H.B Main Road, Hyderabad − 72, India., Phone: 040-64574001, +91 9246524001 238, 64574001, www.sldatasolutions.com
  4. 4. Why is the online newspaper industry not able to attract online classifieds business? Statistically speaking, only about 2.5 % of online newspaper readers visit the matrimonial section of online newspaper – they prefer to go to the niche vertical sites [read the analysis/report on the online newspaper industry] The same logic applies to job sites and real estate sites as well – niche matters and newspapers aren’t providing that. Challenges with the online classifieds Industry in India The Indian classified market needs to solve atleast one of the following problems:  Information hoarding: Take rental apartments – even though you know (from sources other than the broker) : that an rental apartment is available, you still need to pay the brokerage! Brokers hoard the info, they almost Brokers own the information.  Sellers are not online, while buyers are all over the Internet. , One of the most significant challenges in the Indian classifieds industry is that sellers are not online. How many apartment landlords are willing to put up their rental ads on a website? Infact, how many landlords is Internet savvy? Very few, I believe. And that leads to information hoarding and bluntly speaking, information is free, while the transaction costs hell of a lot of money. Essentially that means, we cannot have a craiglist like model. Having said that, the majority of online tially classifieds solutions should focus on solving the information problem; and instead of being a pure online model, should also have an offline component. To me an ideal Indian online classified player should have:  a strong offline process to get the content from sellers (ditch the Internet, why can’t people use their mobiles to send their classified ads?)  edgio like ability to disperse the seller ads to multiple places (BharatMatrimony’s IndiaList.com is probably an attempt in that direction?) Few players in the online classifieds market – Sulekha , YoList, IndiaList, makaan, India Property..and many more What do you think should the online classified industry should focus on? User generated content? or offline channels? I look should forward to your comments. What’s next from us? Reviews of products in the Indian online classifieds market. Some more survey on Online Classified websites: Online classifieds industry in the US has stolen close to $3.5 billion from the newspaper industry.  Newspapers industry is losing out the classified revenues - advertising at some of the larger chains has dropped 14 to 20 percent over the past year,  Online traffic to classified sites has grown 23 percent, to more than 46 million unique visitors in July, up from s about 37 million a year earlier (ComScore)  Classified listings in MySpace have jumped 33 percent since their August 2006 debut. MIG-238, Ramdev Plaza, 3rd Floor, K.P.H.B Main Road, Hyderabad − 72, India., Phone: 040-64574001, +91 9246524001 238, 64574001, www.sldatasolutions.com
  5. 5. Simple model Implementation of Classifieds website: Risk Analysis: 1. Brand imitations should not be there. 2. Should not imitate other business or technical model. 3. Time taking process for getting more business.  This document is only for giving presentation to the client for his general understanding purpose.  This document contains only market research, minimum risk analysis purpose only.  This document contents and information may vary according to the market conditions. We are not responsible for your revenue ups and downs. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. t MIG-238, Ramdev Plaza, 3rd Floor, K.P.H.B Main Road, Hyderabad − 72, India., Phone: 040-64574001, +91 9246524001 238, 64574001, www.sldatasolutions.com