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Treatment for tv advert


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treatment for TV advert

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Treatment for tv advert

  2. 2. Classification / genre The advert I will be making for my campaign will be informative as well as archive material, my advert will include a lot of secondary material. The reason I will be having such a serious advert is because of what I am campaigning for it is a very serious matter. My campaign is about racism and how the Brexit caused this to increase more than it should have in this day and age.
  3. 3. Duration I want to open the advert with my slogan coming up on a black screen and then I want my secondary data videos to come up but as collage I want them to only last the 20 secs so I will cutting them all up and putting them into a clip of its own. I only want to take up the parts where the abuse or attack is happening this is to cause an effect on people that this happens to everybody not just one race or gender. I also just to have a outro when the clip I want my slogan to come up again with the black screen so this will have a double effect on the audience. I want my advert to be simple and straight to the point therefore I am using a black screen with simple hand writing.
  4. 4. Summary of programme idea including content, narrative, location(s) and what makes it different. My idea is based around racism and how the Brexit has caused this to happen and increase this over time in the UK. I am trying to campaign and try raise more awareness towards this as it normally goes unnoticed. My advert is going to be a 20 second clip about secondary data videos that are/were posted over the internet put into to one I want to do this because I am trying to raise awareness to people who do want to ignore it or simply do not pay attention towards this. I am also going to have my slogan on the screen more than once, I think it is short and catchy to remember. My advert will not have one race but it will be catered to every race (white, black, Asian). I also want my ad to be quick so the person/audience is able to process it because i am trying to make a dramatic effect on the audience. I think this advert is different because I feel like I have never seen an advert that uses raw video therefore I would like to do this as I feel this will be the best pray to portray what I am campaigning for. I don’t have a location because I will be using secondary data and archive data. As in for my audience I am trying to target the older generation for my primary audince as they would have more ‘ traditional ‘ views unlike teenagers who are very open minded but I would like the teenagers to be my secondary audience.
  5. 5. Similar / comparable programme examples I think an advert that would match this would be the save the children advert as it does show a lot going on. It makes people stop and watch as it is so powerful in the story. The ad also makes people understand the situation and story as watching it. This is the type of effect I want on my audience I want them to understand my advert and have an effect on them so they understand. The save the children advert also explain the story day by day then coming up to ending which is her in a very different light this makes the audience question and see the change within a couple minutes.
  6. 6. Price / Budget / Equipment I will not be needing any budget or pricing as advert is based around the secondary data I will be using, my advert will not include any filming as this is all based around archive data, this is so people can see this happening to real people this will make more of an effect as it will not look staged.
  7. 7. Actors and production team required I will not be needing a production team or actors.
  8. 8. Any Ethical issues I think there may be some ethical issues as this is a very touchy subject the only issues I think I may have is the fact that some racial groups may feel more attacked than the other but this is something I will hopefully be avoiding. The other ethical issues I may have are taking peoples media/videos as there will be copy right, but I am going to send an email asking for permission to use the videos.