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Sample - Ditties Of Life


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Sample - Ditties Of Life

  1. 1. Full Text LOVE & STRENGTH HUMANITY & PEACE WAR, PEACE & ACTION DITTIES ON LIFE Sample:Samples: Ditties On Life Love & © Munindra Misra rights reserved Strength Humanity & Peace War & Peace Ditties Of Web Links Email Life of Munindra Misra Contact
  2. 2. 4.06 Cause Of Violence Where enemies without conscience be, And ideals without humility; [5]4.06 Cause Of Violence Where politics without principles be, Where wealth without work be, And work with ego dominatingly; [6] And commerce without morality; [1] Where oppression with democracy be, Where pleasure without conscience be, And principles with arrogance fully; [7] And science without humanity; [2] Where achievement without truth be, Where knowledge without character be, And action with hate overpoweringly; [8] And duty without modesty; [3] Where belief with stubbornness be, Where worship without sacrifice be, And humanity without responsibility. [9] And freedom without duty; [4] © Munindra Misra
  3. 3. 4.07 Walk Of Life Extracts . . . . Life but like a cycle that you be riding, You will fall if you ever stop peddling, Life not of good cards you be holding, But those held and how you be playing. A candle without fire cannot be burning,Samples: Man without a spiritual life cannot be living, Love & Yet sitting quietly and nothing even if doing, Strength The spring will come and grass will be growing. Humanity © Munindra Misra & Peace War & Peace Ditties Of Web Links Life of Munindra Misra
  4. 4. Extracts . . . . 4.08 Life The measure of a man always be, How he bears up under calamity, Meeting it head-on with clarity, Or run from it and wither only. [82] – 4 What you want to be - be positively, What you want to do - do definitely, And knowing never enough be clearly, You must act to achieve with certainty. [83] – 4 Imitation in life if only succeeding,Samples: Be worse than originality failing, Those, who in life do ever win, Love & Are those who think they can WIN. Strength [84] – 4 Without commencement never be, Humanity Achievement of any kind to see, & Peace Achievement of life ever but be, For those who strive with clarity. War & © Munindra Misra Peace Ditties Of Web Links Life of Munindra Misra
  5. 5. 4.12 Grief All grief that of any Man, Remove himself, he only can, For this grief that be within, Be caused by his own thinking. [1]Samples: © Munindra Misra Love & Strength Humanity & Peace War & Peace Ditties Of Web Links Life of Munindra Misra