Social Media, Video and Website Strategies for Churches and Ministries


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This presentation contains the notes and info from the socialwebseminars presentation for churches and ministries in Lanham, MD, April 2010. This presentation is specifically targeted toward churches and ministries who are looking to grow in a few key areas.

Website: How to get the most out of your website and maximize it's impact.

Social Media: How to think about and use social media tools for your church or ministry.

Video: Introduction to using video for your church or ministry.

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  • Increasingly visual culture Think of film/24fps, human brain, multiple stimuli at once (sight, sound, memory) Can add that extra dimension needed to convey an idea (missions/website welcome page/announcements/pre service video like in a movie theatre, group outings, event promotion, devotionals, testimonies(EXAMPLES HERE)-many possiblities) Keeps web content fresh and breaks up the page with rich media (video/photos) (blog is a good place to post fresh rich media content and reach members and community) Its not all about video-some stories are best told in other ways-be discerning Starbucks marketing like church video?
  • HD is becoming standard/standard def is becoming obsolete Hire out or staff video person who already knows if budget allows Flip/Canon T2i/mic/lights/tripod/to record longer services might want a prosumer HD or something that can run into a soundboard Computer with edit software (final cut pro/express/imovie) Travel channel DC may 20-23 workshop register now/I may do a video 101 course in the future Find someone in congregation that would love to work on video or that knows a bit
  • Social Media, Video and Website Strategies for Churches and Ministries

    1. 1. Presentation for churches and ministries on video, social video and website strategy. Assembled by The Munich Group, Inc, Strange Red Films and SmaSpace. All content ©2010 The Munich Group, inc. Email [email_address] for usage and permissions.
    2. 2. Let’s talk about 3 areas
    3. 3. Inward and Outward Goals for your Website Outward: ~ New people to find your church online ~ Potential visitors to learn about your church culture ~ Potential visitors to know service times and location Inward: ~ Discipleship and spiritual growth ~ Sermon follow up and additional resources ~ Remind and inform about upcoming events ~ Volunteering and ministry opportunities
    4. 4. Common False Assumptions by Church Leaders ~ “If we build it they will come…” ~ “If I email/say/post/print it then people are aware of it” ~ “No news is good news” = no news is bad news ~ “Website/social media/video is something separate then ministry, a perk if we have time.” ~ “If we have really great media then people will grow spiritually/ If we have really bad media then people will leave our church” ~ “Online tools are for the whole world.”
    5. 5. Where Leaders Get Derailed ~ Trying to rush the process ~ Not being flexible to change how you think/change tools ~ Falling in love with the tools ~ Too much emphasis on form instead of function ~ Quitting too soon because other projects took priority ~ Not asking for help or paying for advice
    6. 6. Understanding Your Organization’s Online Culture ~ What does our website communicate about us? ~ What are the unspoken cultural cues we’re using? ~ What does our language say about us? ~ Does our digital culture match our physical culture? ~ Are we attracting or attempting to limit users? ~ Are we oriented toward left or right brain?
    7. 7. Your website: Is it out there working for you? ~ Are you adding new content? How often? ~ Is the navigation easy? Can someone find what they need but still want to keep looking around? ~ Is your code clean? Are you using technical best practices? ~ Are you using new media and right-brained content? ~ Easy contact info/contact form?
    8. 8. How to Get Found on Google SEO = Search Engine Optimization ~ Paid ads vs. “organic” ~ Fresh content, clean code ~ Best practices of web design ~ Linking (the more the better) ~ Popularity (traffic volume) ~ Good stuff that people want
    9. 9. What’s a Blog? Why is it important? ~ A place to to start conversations and add content. ~ A chance to talk about un-related but important issues. ~ Blogs help keep your website fresh. ~ Blogs get found on Google! ~ Blogs are easy to setup and learn. ~ I bet you already have enough ideas for a year!
    10. 10. The Average Facebook user… … has 130 friends on the site … spends more than 55 minutes/day on FB … writes 25 comments on FB content each month … becomes a fan of 4 Pages each month … is invited to 3 events per month … is a member of 13 groups There are more than 100 million users accessing FB through their mobile devices.
    11. 13. The Power of Storytelling ~ Visual Culture ~ Film is the extra dimension ~ Keeping content fresh ~ Be discerning! ~ Pastors blog, welcome video, announcements, etc…
    12. 14. The Tools of Video ~ HD is becoming the new norm ~ Hire out/ staff person ~ Types of cameras (consumer, prosumer, pro) ~ Types of software (imovie, Pinnacle, FinalCut, etc…) ~ ~ Find some people!
    13. 15. Get Your Video Strategy Off the Ground ~ See the potential ~ Learn the basics ~ Buy some equipment ~ Discern the need ~ Create and affect change
    14. 16. Common Objections and Hesitations “ I don’t have time” Can you spare 20 minutes a week? “ I don’t know what to do” Talk about what you’re passionate about. “ I’m not cool enough” Yes you are, seriously. “ I don’t know what kind of content to produce” Talk about stuff your audience is interested in. “ No one cares that much about me or my organization” Yes they do they just don’t know it. Show them. “ Twitter is just people talking about what they had for lunch.” Not anymore!
    15. 17. Be Patient… It’s like learning a new language
    16. 18. QUESTION: What is the 1 roadblock you are thinking of RIGHT NOW for why you should NOT jump in with both feet?
    17. 19. Free Resources
    18. 20.