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Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact


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A copy of the slides used in the 2011 Institutional Web Managers Workshop (IWMW) session led by George to collate ideas about webmaster effectiveness.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact

  1. 1. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactGeorge Munroe
  2. 2. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactOverviewThis workshop session will explore how institutional web managers can be most effectiveat their work by considering a number of areas that influence a webmasterseffectiveness.The goal of the session is to compile a maximising institutional webmaster impact(MIWI) checklist that will draw from the experiences and views of those attending.Part of this goal is to ensure that the checklist is informed by the views of practitionersfrom many institutions and could therefore serve as a commonly accepted cross-institutional guide to webmaster best practice.George Munroe will lead the session and, as part of the input to the checklist, report onthe perspectives of those who attended the SCAMORE (Strategic Content AllianceMaximising Online Resource Effectiveness) series of workshops in 2010 delivered by JISCNetskills, in which he was the lead presenter.During the session George will also seek feedback from the audience on the latestproposed SCAMORE follow up curriculum which will be delivered by Netskills and otherpartners across the UK during 2011/12.
  3. 3. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWorkshop leaderGeorge MunroeThe Queen’s University of Belfast Physics DepartmentQueen’s Computer CentreQueen’s webmastersTERENA task forcesUNITE Solutions LimitedPlatypus ConsultancyRange of local Northern Ireland web related companiesNetskills and JISC SCASolyphonyThere’s more to life than work, but there can be more to workthan you think!
  4. 4. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactGoal for todayCompile:a generic (but undiluted, totally relevant) checklist for increasing the effectiveness of theinstitutional webmaster (web manager)Consider:all reasonable factors including rate of change of the webscape, today’s user profiles,economic imperatives, markers for best practiceAudience:webmasters everywhere and those they serve within an organisation and thatorganisation’s line management
  5. 5. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactApproach to achieving goal1. Discuss and clarify webmaster roles and responsibilities and (expected, appropriate or possible) obligations2. Discuss and identify suitable headings under which to address routes to increased effectiveness3. Divide into groups according to expertise relating to agreed headings and discuss and compile online, proposed recommendations4. Explore some ideas that might help deliberations5. Reconvene and review all sections and agree on final draft document “Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact Recommendations”
  6. 6. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactMaximising Institutional Webmaster Impact MIWI My Why My reasons Why webmasters can be exceptionally effective
  7. 7. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact 1 Discuss and clarify webmaster roles and responsibilities and (expected, appropriate or possible) obligations
  8. 8. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWebmaster according to wikipedia• Also called: web architect, web developer, site author, website administrator, or webmistress• Responsible for: maintaining one or many websites; ensuring that servers, hardware and software operating accurately; designing the website; generating and revising web pages; replying to user comments; examining traffic• Must also be well-versed in web transaction software, payment-processing, and security• HTML expertise; typically know scripting languages such as Javascript, PHP and Perl; how to configure web servers such as Apache or IIS and be server administrator• Alternative definition covers not just technical aspects but also management of content, advertising, marketing, and order fulfilment• Core responsibilities include regulation and management of access rights, appearance and setting up website navigation; content placement can be part of a webmasters responsibilities, while content creation may not be• Deal with high volumes of email, often related to important web questions
  9. 9. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWhat does a webmaster talk about
  10. 10. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact2009 survey by EduservOf the ‘new, post 1992’ universities in the UK, 70 percent of institutions previously designated ‘polytechnics’and 66 per cent of those not formerly designated‘polytechnic’ responded—a cumulative response rate66 per cent. The response rate of ‘old’ and Russell groupHEIs totalled 48 per cent and 76 per cent respectively.In terms of regional representation, responses weregained from 66 per cent of Welsh institutions and 58per cent of Scottish Institutions.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactThings that need done
  13. 13. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWho does what
  14. 14. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactSome points raised already at #iwmw11• building mobile web• combine online data in new ways• demonstrate value• coordinate local “blog rolls” and “slideshare index”• exploit activity data (do something useful with logs)• nominate a “searchmaster”• promote standards compliance, especially accessibility• arrange, where possible, quality data input• establishing workflow• content surfacing in URLs• tagging and mapping content
  15. 15. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWebmaster essentials• Sysadmin—server and related knowledge (bandwidth requirements, virtualisation, DNS etc.)• Developer—awareness of what’s possible or not, technically, and the power of appropriate scripting and software tools• Accountable—ultimate responsibility for and control of content publication• User orientated—appreciation of user objectives• Negotiator—ability to mediate on range of likely conflicts• Communicator and visionary—ability to usefully inform all• Manager—understanding of institution’s business and the relationship to webmaster’s work
  16. 16. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact 2 Discuss and identify suitable headings under which to address routes to increased effectiveness
  17. 17. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactComments from workshop participants• YES, but...• No money• No time• No development resource• No authority
  18. 18. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactMaximising Online Resource Effectiveness• Website• Guide• Field reports• Checklist
  19. 19. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactMORE workshop descriptionImproving the quality, reach andpotential of your web presenceThis two day workshop leads participants to seekmaximum value from online resources and activities byaddressing the range of strategic and tacticalconsiderations that determine effectiveness in this area—including an understanding of how the internet isevolving; the role of search engine optimisation; theimportance of social networks; acknowledgement ofrelevant smart technologies.
  20. 20. Global perspective Sustainability Intellectual Property Rights Organisations Leveraging the internet Perspectives and maximising the Practitioners Best practice effectiveness of online Strategic issues resources and activities Evidence Senior managers Practice Innovation The web and internet services SYLLABUS Strategy ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMME Delivery Content Social Technology networks Effective online content Web Workshops Using social networks effectivelysites and HTML5/CSS3 Seminars Adopting appropriate effective technologies SEO Conference sessions Developing effective organisation processes Repositories embedded metadata Near future scenarios Linked data Webinars RDFa Online resource Cloud computing Blog On site consultancy or development effort for a Virtualisation brief period to kickstart Well crafted initiatives or provide case studies Software 18 month project including 6 assessment and advice as a service month initial trial with HE
  21. 21. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactHeadings relating to effectiveness• working with users• establishing process• technology adoption• acquiring, maintaining and developing skills• devising and using metrics• gaining authority
  22. 22. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact 3 Divide into groups according to expertise relating to agreed headings and discuss and compile online, proposed recommendations
  23. 23. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactLogistics• nominate 6 group hosts able to use laptop and network to access online document and manage editing for a particular sub heading relating to effectiveness• everyone else divide into 6 groups centred around hosts• each group discuss and author particular heading online• after 20 minutes, everyone, except hosts, change to another group and provide further input under that group’s sub heading online
  24. 24. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactUsing GoogleDocs document subheading to be username password discussed and authored c0llab0rate users c0llab0rate process c0llab0rate technology c0llab0rate skills c0llab0rate metrics c0llab0rate authority
  25. 25. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact Heading relating to effectiveness Proposed recommendation 1 Proposed recommendation 2 Proposed recommendation 3 Proposed recommendation 4 . . .
  26. 26. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact 4 Explore some ideas that might help deliberations
  27. 27. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactForming habitsThe 7 habits of highly effective people,Stephen Covey, first published 19891. Be Proactive2. Begin with the End in Mind3. Put First Things First4. Think Win-Win5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood6. Synergize7. Sharpen the Saw
  28. 28. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactMaking change possible
  29. 29. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactThinking betterSix Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono, firstpublished 1985Information—considering purely what information isavailable, what are the facts?Emotions—instinctive gut reaction or statements ofemotional feelingBad points judgment—logic applied to identifying flawsor barriers, seeking mismatchGood points judgment—logic applied to identifyingbenefits, seeking harmonyCreativity—statements of provocation andinvestigation, seeing where a thought goesThinking—thinking about thinking
  30. 30. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactThe art and science of successTactics, Edward de Bono, first published1985Energy, persistence, determination and single-mindedness seem important in all cases. There isaction. Successful people don’t stand still and expectthings to happen. They take a step and then the nextstep. There’s a sense of integrity. Integrity towardoneself and also to others. There’s always the“expectation of success” and the ability to think big.There’s the ability to define goals and targets, and alsoto have dreams. There’s creativity and the ability to seethings differently and think new thoughts. There’s bothseizing opportunities and creating them. There’seagerness, enthusiasm and willingness to make thingshappen.
  31. 31. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact37 Signals principles• Useful is forever. Bells and whistles wear off, but usefulness never does.• Our customers are our investors. We answer to them, not investors or the stock market.• Clarity is king. No buzzwords, lingo, and sensationalized marketing-speak.• Great service matters. Were known for fast, concise, and friendly customer service and support. We work hard to make sure we live up to that reputation every day.• Contracts suck. No one likes being locked into something for a year or two or more. We never lock anyone in. Our customers can cancel at any time, no questions asked (and we never charge a setup or termination fee).• Business software should be affordable.• Software that requires training is failed software. Our products are intuitive. Youll pick them up in seconds or minutes, not hours, days or weeks. We dont sell training —no need!• The basics are beautiful. Well never overlook what really matters: great service, ease of use, honest pricing, respect for our customers time, money, and trust.
  32. 32. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactWorking smarterRework, Jason Fried and DavidHeinemeier Hansson, published 2010Start making somethingWhat you do matters, not what you think or say or plan.No time is no excusePerfect time never arrives. Theres always enough timeif you spend it right.Make a dent in the UniverseTo do great work, you need to feel that youre making adifference. If youre going to do something, dosomething that matters.You need less than you thinkThat could mean people, money, resources...
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactStart an epidemicThe Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell,published 2000Ideas and products and messages and behavioursspread just like viruses do. The three rules of epidemics(or agents of change):• the law of the few• the stickiness factor• the power of context“The virtue of an epidemic is that just a little input isenough to get it started, and it can spread very, veryquickly. It is of enormous interest to everyone fromeducators trying to reach students, to businesses tryingto spread the word about their product, or to anyonewhos trying to create a change with limited resources.”
  35. 35. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactSummary of helpful methods• encourage habit forming—individuals and institution• process is essential—connecting other important factors• consider different perspectives—try different hats!• think success—and learn from others• work smarter—not harder• recognise the small things that can make a big difference
  36. 36. Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact Reconvene and review all sections and 5 agree on final draft document “Maximising Institutional Webmaster Impact Recommendations”
  37. 37. Maximising Institutional Webmaster ImpactResult