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Future of Web Security Opened up by CSP


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Presentation materials of hasemunea (Yosuke HASEGAWA & nishimunea) for AVTOKYO2014.

Published in: Engineering
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Future of Web Security Opened up by CSP

  1. 1. AVTOKYO2014 HASEMUNEA (Nishimunea & Yosuke HASEGAWA) Future of Web Security Opened up by CSP
  2. 2. Nishimunea (Muneaki Nishimura) Firefox OS Community, Japan Lecturer of Security Camp 2014
  3. 3. Yosuke HASEGAWA Shibuya.XSS / Lecturer of Security Camp 2014
  4. 4. Content Security Policy (CSP) • Browser feature to mitigate common attacks, e.g., XSS • Set Content-Security-Policy header in HTTP responses • W3C candidate recommendation, as of 2012 • Next generation, CSP Level 2, is under development
  5. 5. Browser Support • Supported by all major browsers except IE – IE is in development for future release • Forms of expressions – Content-Security-Policy : the W3C specs. – X-Content-Security-Policy : for Firefox 4-22, removed on 33 – X-WebKit-CSP : for earlier ver. of WebKit 4+ 4+ 6+5+ 25+ 4.4+N/A
  6. 6. Syntax • When you allow to load sub resources from any origin • If you allow loading of scripts only from jQuery's CDN • And if you ignore any plugins default-src * default-src *; script-src default-src *; script-src; object-src 'none'
  7. 7. CSP Directives default-src Default policy for resources that have no specific policy script-src Policy for script execution object-src Policy for plugins style-src Policy for stylesheets img-src Policy for image files media-src Policy for media files, e.g., <audio> and <video> frame-src Policy for frame contents font-src Policy for web fonts connect-src Policy for async. connections, e.g., XMLHttpRequest
  8. 8. CSP Level2 Directives base-uri Policy for base[href] form-action Policy for form[action] plugin-types Policy for executable plugin MIME types referrer Nearly identical to meta[name=referrer] frame-ancestors Nearly identical to X-Frame-Options xss-protection Nearly identical to X-XSS-Protection child-src Policy for child contents e.g., frames and workers sandbox Sandbox that is applied to the document
  9. 9. Violation Report • If 'report-uri' is set in CSP, browser lets the webmaster know violation of CSP including attempts of attack script-src 'self'; report-uri report.php • In the report, some details of violations are included. With them, webmaster can find causes of violation {"csp-report":{ "original-policy":"script-src 'self'; report-uri report.php", "script-sample":"alert(1);", "source-file":"" }}
  10. 10. Abusing CSP Violation Report • In some parts of a report, HTML tags can be included without proper escaping • Or, with a proxy tool, attacker can send malformed reports to webmaster's console {"csp-report":{ "document-uri":", "referrer":"", "blocked-uri":"data:text/html,<script>alert(1)</script>", "script-sample":"javascript:alert('<script>alert(1);</script>')" }}
  11. 11. DEMO