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South Africa by Sveva


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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South Africa by Sveva

  1. 1. SouthAfrica By Sveva
  2. 2. Elephants We saw lots of elephants every day. Male: female: Bull cow
  3. 3. Zebras We saw the all kinds of stripes and there was one with a scratch Male: Female: Stud dam
  4. 4. Lions We saw lion cubs in a tree playing and the mother protecting . The next day I saw a mother lion and a father lion mating. Male: Female: Lion Lionis
  5. 5. WHITE RHINOS We saw lots of them. Male: Female: bull cow
  6. 6. birds Frankalin black bird starrling sounds T t t t t t t t t tweet trrrrrrrrr
  7. 7. giraffes We saw herds and herds Male: Female: Bull doe
  8. 8. Sunfish eats jelly fish
  9. 9. seals We saw lots on a island Male: female: Bull cow
  10. 10. Bryde's whale It was a very shy whale Male: female: Bull cow
  11. 11. kudu Kudus are very quick animals Male: female: Buck doe
  12. 12. buffalo That was very lucky because there was one herd in the place. Male: Female: Bull cow
  13. 13. bunnies I saw lots of them in a cage I saw lots of big ones and two baby ones. Male: female: Buck Doe
  14. 14. chickens Hens had lots of tiny chicks male: female: Cocle hen
  15. 15. movies