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Research document

  1. 1. Research document Graphs and evaluation of questionnaire results1. Sex? Sex?Evaluation: We chose arandom sampling method ofhanding out our questionnaireto People, we tried to make itas even as possible betweenthe sex’s to get a good mix sothat we could form general 45%opinions and not have a bias Malefrom a particular sex. We Female 55%achieved this fairly wellgetting it almost half half with55% male and 45% female.2. Age?Evaluation: As ourgeneral target audience Age?for our music video wasaround the 16 – 25 range 40we believed the best andeasiest way to gain data 35from our questionnaires 30 Number of peoplethat fall into this age 25group was to use the 20college as a base forhanding the 15questionnaires out. As the 10results show we achieved 5that with 36 out of 40 0questionnaires answered Under 16 16 - 25 26 - 30 over 30were people between the Age groupages of 16 – 25. With thisinformation we nowknow that the results of the questionnaires will reflect the opinions of our target marketand help us understand what we need to include in our music video and the music itself inorder to appeal to them and their tastes in music and also music videos.
  2. 2. 3. What type of music video do you prefer?Evaluation: This What type of music video do you prefer?particular questionhelped us to understand 25which style of musicvideo they most enjoywatching, with the 20majority, 22 out of 40, Number of peoplesaying that they prefer 15narrative based musicvideos, the second most 10popular of the three wasperformance based 5music videos, this wasgood for us, as our 0group had the idea Narrative Performance based Concept basedalready of mixing the Types of videonarrative style with theperformance basedstyle music video and these results showed us that the styles we had in mind would infact be received best by our audience.4. What is your favorite genre of music?Evaluation: With this question we looked to find which genre of music is the mostpopular among people, we found a wide range of results, however the majority of peoplepreferred the R&B genreof music, 13 out of 40, and What is your favorite genre of music?the second most popularwas the Rap/Hip Hop 14genre, 12 out of 40 people 12choosing that genre. Thiswas good as our artist is a 10 Number of peopleRapper and his music has 8less stereotypical content,our artist is less of a 6gangster rapper and moreof new style R&B rapper, 4which again was good for 2us as people prefer thatstyle of music as our 0 Rap/Hip Hop R&B Rock Indie Pop Otherresults show, so we knowthat our artist is more Genrelikely to be listened to andaccepted by our audience with his particular genre of music.
  3. 3. 5. Do you enjoy songs that you feel relate to your life and experiences?Evaluation: We asked Do you enjoy songs that you feel relate to your life andthis question so that we experiences?would know if peoplewould welcome ourparticular style of Rap/ 13%Hip Hop song, as wechose specific songsfrom our artist at the Yesbeginning of our project Noit was important that theaudience would behappy with the style wewere aiming for and 87%they did with 87% ofpeople enjoy songs thatthey feel they can relateto which is what we really want to achieve from our song and music video when peoplewatched it. We believe it is important the audience not only understand but on some levelfeel involved with the lyrics and what they see on screen.6. Are you more attracted to certain music because of the artist or because of thebeat and lyrics?Evaluation: This Are you more attracted to certain music because of thequestion in particular artist or because of the beat and lyrics?was to get an idea ofhow hard it would be toget people to watch ourmusic video. It wasimportant to find outfrom people if they areattracted more to music 45%because it is performed Artistby a certain well known 55% Beat and lyricsartist or if they listen toa song and if they like itwill continue to listen tothe artist. Our resultsshowed that 55% ofpeople are moreattracted to songsbecause of the artist performing them which wasn’t too bad a result for us as our lesserknown artist still had a pretty good 45% of people willing to hear the song rather thanjudging on face value of the performer.
  4. 4. 7. Do you believe that the music video is an important part of selling a song?Evaluation: Here Do you believe that the music video is an importnat part ofwe looked to selling a song?understand if peoplethat a good musicvideo is important inthe selling of a songto the audience, with 30%70% saying that it isan important part of Yesselling a song. These Noresults showed usthat in order for oursong to be successful 70%among our audiencewe would need tomake a goodappealing musicvideo to go along with it to satisfy our audience and earn a good response form them onour artist.8. Who out of these is your favourite of the Rap/Hip Hop genre?Evaluation: Our artist’s Who out of these is your favorite of the Rap/Hip Hop genre?particular style ofRap/Hip Hop is similar 14to that of Tinie Tempah,so this question was 12developed to see which 10 Number of peopleRap star was mostfavored by our public, 8finding that the larges 6group of people 4preferred Tinie Tempahand his style to the other 2major Rap stars in the 0industry with 12/40 Tinie Tempah 50 Cent Ludacris Giggs Nonechoosing Tinie Tempah. ArtistThis was good for us asour artists similar stylemade it more likely for the audience to like him an his style of song.
  5. 5. 9. Do you enjoy deep motivational songs?Evaluation: this is a Do you enjoy deep motivational songs?question similar to that ofQ5. Do you enjoy songsthat you feel relate toyour life and 23%experiences? in regardsto the fact we werelooking to find out ifpeople would enjoy the Yesmessages our artist is Notrying to send out topeople and involve themin the music he performs, 77%77% of people said yesthey do enjoy deepmotivational songs whichwas good as it helped ourchoice of which song for our artist to perform as we know what the majority of our targetaudience are looking for in a song.10. Where are you most likely to hear a new song?Evaluation: With this Where are you most likely to hear a new song?question we looked tofind out where our 20public would be most 18likely to hear new 16songs so that we would 14 Number of peopleknow how to market 12our song to get the 10song and our artist 8known among the 6public, we found a 4majority of 18/40 2people finding that the 0most likely place for Radio T.V Internetthem to hear new sourcemusic is on the interneton sites like YouTubeand MySpace. So that is where we our going to base most of our selling of the song andmusic video to the public.
  6. 6. 11. What do you most like to see in a music video?Evaluation: we used What do you most like to see in a music video?this question to find outwhat our audience likes 25to see in a music video,finding that the thing 20they most like to see is Number of peoplethe Artist, with 22/40 15choosing that option,than special effects and 10attractive models with ajoint 6/40 people, andleast of all bling with 5only 4/40 people. Withthese results we know 0 The Artist Special effects Attractive Models Blinghow much of thesethings to involve in our Contentsmusic video withoutover or under doing it so that we can please the audience.12. Do you listen to new up and coming artists?Evaluation: This final Do you listen to new up and coming artists?question was to see ifpeople would give ourartist and his music achance as he is fairly 18%unknown at the momentand with the opportunityof exposure to audiencescould gain supports and yesgo further with his music, nobut would need thoseaudiences to give him achance to play them hismusic. We found that 82%82% do listen to new upand coming artists whichwas good as it gives us agood chance of making our artist known and finding him a good audience to watch themusic video.