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Auto-scaled Concourse CI on AWS w/o BOSH


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Slides for my presentation at Concourse CI Meetup Tokyo #1

Published in: Technology
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Auto-scaled Concourse CI on AWS w/o BOSH

  1. 1. Auto-scaled Concourse CI w/ AWS w/o BOSH Yusuke KUOKA ChatWork ( @mumoshu
  2. 2. First of all:
  3. 3. Concourse CI…
  4. 4. Thanks a lot for sharing us such a GREAT Open- Source Pipeline-based CI!
  5. 5. Finally we have a CI supporting pipelines as first-class citizens!!
  6. 6. That’s all. Good-bye!
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The issue
  9. 9. Is Concourse a production- ready pipeline-based CI for a startup/small team?
  10. 10. Production readiness for CI Something that: * Just works™ * Costs as low as possible * Is maintainable
  11. 11. Just works! * `vagrant up concourse/lite` to bootstrap * `vagrant box update && vagrant destroy -f && vagrant up` to update * Deployment w/ standalone binaries just works. The deployment will be more manual than using BOSH (Note: It works as far as you use Ubuntu trusty or later with updated kernel as described in Concourse’s and Docker’s official documentation) * A lot of builtin/community resources_types * Concourse CI’s concourse pipeline is a greatest example
  12. 12. Costs as low as possible? * Wasting money for running idling CI workers when e.g. you and your colleagues drinking beer is unacceptable * Scale out my CI workers only when someone in your team is working. * Scalable/Elastic Concourse * Can be done on my side
  13. 13. Maintainability for a small team? * I am the only one available to introduce Concourse to my organization * No one (including me) in my org has experiences in CloudFoundry, BOSH * BOSH/CloudFoundry/Pivotal all looks GREAT * Have no time learning it (I wish I got paid to learn it) * Need Concourse today, but it comes with BOSH
  14. 14. Recap: Issues? > Last one-mile to production- readiness for us = Low cost and BOSH
  15. 15. How?
  16. 16. Production-ready pipeline-based CI for me = AWS + Auto-scaling + Concourse = concourse-aws
  17. 17. Usage
  18. 18. 1. Build AMI (Based on Ubuntu trusty, Docker/ Concourse baked) 2. Provision Concourse cluster providing configuration params interactively
  19. 19. git clone cd concourse-aws curl -L releases/download/latest/concourse-aws -o concourse-aws && chmod +x concourse-aws && ./ concourse-aws up ./ ./concourse-aws up
  20. 20. Features
  21. 21. Features * (Almost) one-command to bootstrap Concourse CI on AWS * Supports both time-based and utilization-based auto-scaling (e.g. zero workers in after-hours, 80+ CPU usage for several minutes to trigger a scale-out) * Multi-AZ (Single AZ failure doesn’t bring down the whole cluster. Running jobs will fail though)
  22. 22. Implementation
  23. 23. Implementation * Terraform for provisioning AWS resources * Some bash scripts to wrap terraform calls * Some golang apps to interactively generate configuration files and passes it to terraform
  24. 24. TODO
  25. 25. TODO * CoreOS support(for faster, easier deployment, customization, maintainability, and for fun)? * Automatic VPC creation?(Do you need a separate VPC for Concourse?) * Separate terraform template for DB(Postgres)? * CloudFormation?
  26. 26. Wishes
  27. 27. I wish Concourse had… Any official(or documented) way to: * gracefully stop workers when an EC2 instance is shutting-down or ASG is going to stop it * Currently we have to utilize AutoScaling Lifecycle Hooks + SQS + `fly pause-pipeline <EVERY PIPELINE>` + `fly builds | grep started | wc -l` to gracefully stop Concourse without killing running jobs
  28. 28. I wish Concourse had… Any official(or documented) way to: * cache pulled docker images to reduce build times immediately after scaling out * Docker’s “local registry as a pull-through cache” is good for DockerHub. Can’t be used with AWS ECR or though
  29. 29. Summing up…
  30. 30. Use mumoshu/concourse-aws to bootstrap a production-ready Concourse cluster w/o learning BOSH You can try it today!
  31. 31. Thanks! Yusuke KUOKA / @mumoshu An Infrastructure Engineer @ ChatWork We’re hiring!