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Mumored Indonesia - Publisher Presentation


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Start monetizing your website/blog with us!

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Mumored Indonesia - Publisher Presentation

  2. 2. Make it easy for you tomonetize your unsoldinventory WHO Connect you to quality advertisers WE ARE in ways that do not conflict with your existing sales efforts PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  3. 3. OUR CHANNELS Lifestyle & Interests Business Entertainment GamingBlog Travel Community & Network Youth Technology News & Information Sports Autos PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  4. 4. PUBLISHER SOME OF OUR PARTNERSMumored Indonesia is trusted by more than 200 local publishers to monetize their inventory and maximize their revenue PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  5. 5. SOME OF OUR ADVERTISERSWith over 120 campaigns delivered to date, Mumored Indonesia is trusted by more than 50 of the local’s largest companies. PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  6. 6. HOW WE WORK Aggregate ad inventory across hundreds of quality websites, and group these into contentPublishers and demographic based channels for local andwith diverse regional advertisers and agenciescontent Categorized by Demographic (e.g. Men, Women, Teens) Auto Sold to Regional Sports Categorize by Content Type Clients Sold to (i.e. News, Sports, Tech) Local Clients PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  7. 7. WHY JOIN Maximize your revenue opportunitiesPricing• USD $2-5 CPM• CPC/A options provided to increaseinventory fill rateDedicated Local and Regional sales teamswho are experts in selling digital mediaAccess to leading brand advertisers andagencies, and larger budget campaigns PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  8. 8. PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION Maintain full control over your inventory Full visibility and control of inventoryWHY and revenue through online Publisher DashboardJOIN Continue to monetize this inventory via your own sales force or through other networks (e.g., Google AdSense) -- and keep 100% of this revenue Detailed insertion orders provided in advance of campaigns Reject any campaign for any reason (e.g., price, pricing model, advertiser, creative)
  9. 9. No Contractual “lock-in” • Have the option to leave the network at anytimeWHY No Sales ConflictJOIN • Advertisers cannot buy or view results by individual sites or ad spots • Purely additive revenue from your unused ad inventory Guaranteed Payment • 90 days after issuance of each month’s PO (15th), regardless of when advertiser pays PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  10. 10. WHY Simple and Easy JOINJust complete a standard Membership Form to join us todayMumored Indonesia handles entire process:• Pricing and sales• Ad serving and campaign execution• Client reporting billing and collections• Reporting and payments to publishers PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  11. 11. PT. MUMORED INDONESIA 1 PUBLISHER PRESENTATION Sign up and assign ad positions to Mumored Indonesia 4 EASYSTEP TO JOIN 2 Install the ad serving tags – and Mumored Indonesia begins monetizing your inventory! 3 Monitor results and control your inventory 4 Track your revenue and get paid monthly
  12. 12. Start monetizing Now ... try us out!Maximize your revenueopportunitiesMaintain full control of yourinventory No risk Simpleand easy PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  13. 13. WHAT ARE REQUIREMENTSPreference for sites that carry a greater proportion of original contentversus links and advertisingRelevant, updated, quality content on both site in general and particularlyon specific page where there is ad positionAd positions must be on high-impact location --- above-the-scroll,preferablyAd positions must be one of the following IAB standard banner sizes:728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600, and/or 468x60Website must have its own domainThe site cannot contain illegal or inappropriate content (e.g., adult,gambling, tobacco, alcohol), nor information that may constituteinfringement or otherwise violate the privacy other rights of a thirdparty PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION
  14. 14. CONTACT US THANK YOU PT. Mumored IndonesiaWe would love the opportunity to show you what we can do. Give us a Kompl. D’Best Fatmawati Blok B/ 34 simple brief, or a tough one and we’ll demonstrate to you the reason Jl. RS Fatmawati No. 15 why we’re the ideal digital partner you’ve been looking for. Jakarta 12420 Indonesia Telp. +6221 7660348 Fax +6221 7508927 email PT. MUMORED INDONESIA PUBLISHER PRESENTATION