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Directive is to improve the right to information and to consultation of employees in Community-scale undertakings and Community-scale groups of undertakings.The arrangements for informing and consulting employees shall be defined and implemented in such a way as to ensure their effectiveness and to enable the undertaking or group of undertakings to take decisions effectively. Matters shall be considered to be transnational where they concern the Community-scale undertaking or Community-scale group of undertakings as a whole, or at least two undertakings or establishments of the undertaking or group situated in two different Member States.Direttva è intesa a migliorare il diritto all’informazione e alla consultazione dei lavoratori nelle imprese e nei gruppi di imprese di dimensioni comunitarie. Le modalità di informazione e consultazione dei lavoratori sono definite e attuate in modo da garantirne l’efficacia e consentire un processo decisionale efficace nell’impresa o nel gruppo di imprese. Sono considerate questioni transnazionali quelle riguardanti l’impresa di dimensioni comunitarie o il gruppo di imprese di dimensioni comunitarie nel loro complesso o almeno due imprese o stabilimenti dell’impresa o del gruppo ubicati in due Stati membri diversi. Directiva tiene por objeto la mejora del derecho de información y consulta a los trabajadores en las empresas y grupos de empresas de dimensión comunitaria.Las modalidades de información y consulta a los trabajadores se definirán y aplicarán de modo que se garantice su efectividad y se permita una toma de decisiones eficaz de la empresa o del grupo de empresas.Se considerarán transnacionales las cuestiones que afectan al conjunto de la empresa o grupo de empresas de dimensión comunitaria o al menos a dos empresas o establecimientos de la empresa o del grupo situados en dos Estados miembros diferentes. Das Ziel dieser Richtlinie ist die Stärkung des Rechts auf Unterrichtung und Anhörung der Arbeitnehmer in gemeinschaftsweit operierenden Unternehmen und Unternehmensgruppen.Die Modalitäten der Unterrichtung und Anhörung der Arbeitnehmer werden so festgelegt und angewandt, dass ihre Wirksamkeit gewährleistet ist und eine effiziente Beschlussfassung des Unternehmens oder der Unternehmensgruppe ermöglicht wird. directive a pour objectif d’améliorer le droit à l’information et à la consultation des travailleurs dans les entreprises de dimension communautaire et les groupes d’entreprises de dimension communautaire. Les modalités d’information et de consultation des travailleurs sont définies et mises en œuvre de manière à en assurer l’effet utile et à permettre une prise de décision efficace de l’entreprise ou du groupe d’entreprises. Sont considérées comme transnationales les questions qui concernent l’ensemble de l’entreprise de dimension communautaire ou du groupe d’entreprises de dimension communautaire, ou au moins deux entreprises situés dans deux États membres différents.

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2013 05 17 emilio ferrero presentacion mu mmia florencia mayo 2013-eng

  1. 1. JOINT REPRESENTATION UNION REPRESENTATION Union section Trade union delegate Industrial or other sector union Employees' delegate Works Council Employee Council (officials) Strike Committee
  2. 2. WORKERS DELEGATE Basic representation body for those working in companies with 6 to 49 employees. Elected with secret and individual vote Length of term: 4 years Hour credit for union activities: 15 Vacancies are assigned based on number of votes
  3. 3. COMPOSITION: 1 delegate in companies with 6 to 30 employees 3 delegates in companies with 31 to 49 workers COMPETENCES: The same competences and guarantees of works councils DECISIONS AND AGREEMENTS: si prendono a maggioranza nel caso di 3 delegati.
  4. 4. CHARACTERISTICS Productive centers with over 50 workers Election, secret vote, proportion with number of votes obtained, and presented lists Representation 4 years, extendable if new elections are not held Hour credit proportional to number of workers
  5. 5. Right to information. Right of association Right to participate in the organization of working condition. (Labor Reform) Hour credit. (Labor Reform) Premises for activities and announcement board
  7. 7. • A company is considered a european society if it has more than 1000 workers in the EU, or employs 150 workers in at least two States. • We call for the creation of a European Council for reps, or of 100 workers in two workplaces located in diffrent States. • The company must create a bargaining committee aimed at creating a European works council
  8. 8. Law 10/1997, 24th April. Direttiva 94/45/EC Law 10/2011, 19th May, Transposition of Directive 2009/38/EC Right to information and consultation
  9. 9. Doubts that institutions organizes: - workers' reps - employers Implementation of EWCs in Europe is34,8%. In Spain it is 14,6%. Percentages are lowering, effect of the crisis
  10. 10. Economic crisis Attacks to workers' rights High rates of job losses and precarious employment Loss of importance in the industrial sector Changing company structures
  11. 11. Stagnant collective bargaining Debilitation of trade union organisations Out sourcing in foreign countries Risk for European social model
  12. 12. National realities, retirement from European environmente Dispersion of initiatives. Trade union federations Weak trade union strength facing negative companies Interpretation on behalf of employers, right to information I Language barriers, key element
  13. 13. Trade union intercomunication Agreements with global brands Knowledge of local companies Exchange of national information CSR as a strategy Training, Information and Qualifications
  14. 14. Continuous information and assesment
  15. 15. Internacional@chtjugt.net Emilio Ferrero López
  16. 16. Translation notes slide 1: Workers' representation, Spain slide 2:Joint representation slide 3: Employee delegate slide 4: Works councils slide 5: workers' reps rights slide 6:Works council, representation council slide 7: European Works Council, MuMMIA slide 8:EWC Spain slide 9:EWC Spain slide 10: current scenario slide 11: current scenario slide 12: Weaknesses CEE slide 13: Strengthening CEE slide 14: European works councils, Impulse consultation, information, EWC slide 15: European works council, strengths Companies, EWC, workers, trade unions slide 16: many thanks