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200811 Silobreaker Brochure 2008 11


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Silobreaker product & service offerings in NOV 2008

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200811 Silobreaker Brochure 2008 11

  1. 1. NETWORK Search INSIGHT AS A SERVICE Silobreaker provides search solutions for news and media monitoring that turn traditional search on its head. Instead of returning just lists of articles matching a search query, Silobreaker finds people, companies, topics, places and keywords; understands how they relate to each other in the news flow, and puts them in context through graphical results in an intuitive user interface. By filtering out the Real-time extraction of relationships and associations and displayed in an interactive network. noise and building up a meaningful picture form the information that matters, Silobreaker enables you to spend more time learning from the web and less time searching it. HOT SPOTS Search 360° Search Global or local geo-mapping of any news topic. TRENDS Search 360° Search provides a wide-ranging overview of what is relevant to your search including Silobreaker’s context extraction. Media attention trends based on relative news coverage.
  2. 2. PRODUCTS & SERVICES TECHNOLOGY Silobreaker has three complementary offerings: Free News Search Service – Online Advertising is our critically acclaimed search service that aggregates content on global issues, science, technology and business from some 10,000 news, blog, research and multimedia sources around the world. For advertisers, we offer both traditional and context-based advertising, advocating the same philosophy (and technology) for ads as for search in general. The idea being, of course, that The combination of search and our semantic and statistical text-mining technologies is why Silobreaker the more contextually relevant ads are the less disruptive users will find them. We believe this is a is able to serve up its search results in so many different ways – and across content types - enabling model that both users and advertisers will ask for in the future. you to navigate and analyze without the need for keyword-based queries. Online Media-Monitoring & Analysis Silobreaker Enterprise Online Service is our hosted customizable service that delivers a simple and effective way for media monitoring customers to handle the entire work flow around their monitoring and analysis needs. While today’s media monitoring and news clipping efforts remain resource intensive, Silobreaker Enterprise automates much of the heavy lifting that either internal or external analysts perform today manually. In a single intuitive and secure user interface, customers are able to London Headquarters Stockholm Office define monitoring targets, trigger content aggregation, perform analyses, and display results in a Medius House, LG Floor Kungsgatan 56 customized web-service or by auto-generating PDF reports. 2 Sheraton Street P.O. Box 7222 London W1F 8BH SE-103 89 Stockholm Technology Offerings United Kingdom Sweden Silobreaker Enterprise Server Suite is our software solution aimed at corporate and government Tel: +44 870 366 6737 Tel: + 46 8 662 3230 customers who require local Silobreaker installations. The server suite enables a fully tailored media- Fax: +44 870 094 1838 Fax: +46 8 662 3239 monitoring solution in terms of content types, internal and external content sources, taxonomies, thesauri, languages, tools and more. Standalone product modules for some of our visualizations (e.g. the network) are also available, enabling publishers and other online service providers to integrate Silobreaker features in their own websites without the need for a Silobreaker server license.