2003 The Naked Leader


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Infosphere CEO presentation at SCIP 2003 in Los Angeles

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2003 The Naked Leader

  1. 1. THE NAKED Presentation at SCIP 2003 LEADER by b Mats Björe, S Senior Partner InfoSphere AB www.infosphere.se
  2. 2. AGENDA Creativity Conservatism Conversations 1. Setting the scene Kids Computers 2. Simple frameworks The Naked 3. Case: Ivory Tower Leader Catalysts Coins 4. Case: Turtle Government Career Culture Changes
  4. 4. COMPUTERS Creativity Conservatism Conversations High speed Information evolution Kids Computers Mobile workforce The Naked From Local to Global Leader Competitive landscape Catalysts y Coins Computer lit C t literacy di id divide Career Culture Changes
  5. 5. CONVERSATIONS Creativity Conservatism Conversations No borders on the boxes Kids Computers No ladders in the boxes The Ask and you will find Naked Affinity groups Leader Multiple identities u t p e de t t es Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  6. 6. COINS Creativity Conservatism Conversations Fragile economies Kids Computers Money does matter The Money doesn't matter Naked ROI, ROI, ROI Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  7. 7. CULTURE Creativity Conservatism Conversations M&A Kids Computers Multinational corporations The Multicultural networks Naked Media sets a cultural pace Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  8. 8. CHANGES Creativity Conservatism Conversations Kids Computers Serendipity is a frequent visitor The Naked Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  9. 9. CAREER Creativity Conservatism Conversations Money Status Kids Computers Challenges The Freedom Naked Manual Labor Aversion Leader MTV-pace pace Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  10. 10. CREATIVITY Creativity Conservatism Conversations Kids Computers A box is not a boundary The New ways of doing business Naked New channels for marketing Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  11. 11. CONSERVATISM Creativity Conservatism Conversations Senior Management Kids Computers Board members The The 3+ year syndrome Naked Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  12. 12. I - KIDS Creativity Conservatism Conversations Kids Computers The first Internet generation! The Naked Leader Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  13. 13. I - KIDS Creativity Conservatism Conversations High speed information evolution Genome revelation Kids Computers Unimagined terrorism The Naked Globalization Leader Business Ethics collapse Catalysts y Coins Career Culture Changes
  14. 14. “If things seem under control, you re you’re just not going fast enough.” Mario Andretti
  17. 17. KEY DRIVERS AND TOOLS TO MASTER Things we recognize Compensation and control Things we fear Productive and creative Things we desire Perception Behavior Anxiety or Comfort Withdrawal or Engagement g g Mindset Habits Reinforces Alienation or Alignment Punishers Destructive or Constructive Things we fear Things we desire g
  18. 18. PERFORMANCE Strong alignment and engagement • Seeking satisfaction in nonproductive things at the workplace Personal interest in development of o ga a o and self organization a se • Viewing job only as means toward other more “productive” ends Views change or progression as a natural thing • Views change or progression as something not asked for ( threat) Active attention to blind spots in the • No or little attention is given to real workplace to cover by creativity and improvements of the workplace. innovation Responsible for self Responsible for self and organization • Low level of energy High level of energy Degree of behavior Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5 Employment time
  20. 20. CHANGE THE TACTICS STRATEGICALLY Overriding purpose in line with the values or Mission expectations of stakeholders. Vision Vi i Desired future state General statement of aim of purpose Goal Quantification Objective Resources, process or skills which provide competitive advantage Strategic resources Long tern direction Strategies Measurement and monitoring Control
  22. 22. “I see by the current issue of ‘Lab News’, Ridgeway, that th t you’ve been working for the last 20 years on the same ’ b ki f th l t th problem I’ve been working on for the last 20 years.”
  23. 23. THE IVORY TOWER •A management consultancy with Unlimited budget Cost 1000 employees across 5 countries spent over 14M USD per year in research services, information services and support from Best of the best Constipation “traditional corporate librarians” •The intermediary role as Information People brokering was coined as research Methods Conservative Culture •Time to information was 24-72 Sources hours Tools T l •Outsiders looked upon the Make a difference Change organization as best of breed •The willingness to change was low: The “Why change, we have the best Make money Carrot service in the world”
  24. 24. THE IVORY TOWER Mission To deliver the most relevant information and knowledge to the teams and consultants in a timely and cost effective way Vision To become an natural and integrated part of the teams and earn the respect as thought partner to all consultants Goal Transparent and cost effective delivery of information and knowledge Reduce surf time on the Internet with 70% Objectives j Reduce TTI&K to under 1 hour - Shorten the Information Supply Chain where possible Reduce intermediary requests with 70% No overtime Strategic resources People, Competitive culture, Infrastructure, Information audit – country and department wide End user Futurization program – provoking and tempting Focus only on core needs – trash/archive the rest Strategies St t i Skill and motivation training- attitudes Awareness and integration program Market visibility of the intermediaries Control C t l Balanced scorecard, request tracking, logfiles
  26. 26. “Mr. Smith, you have a rare disease. It probably needs special treatment. But I’m can´t find out what my colleagues and the medical profession know about it it. So let’s just operate.”
  27. 27. THE TURTLE GOVERNMENT •A government agency with a strong No budget Creativity focus on information was tasked to make better use of public information No staff Choice •Access to information was by tradition limited and on a “ need to know basis” People •Time to analysis was one week or Methods Conservative Challenge more Sources •Outsiders looked upon the Tools T l organization as best of breed Reluctant to change Culture •The willingness to change was low: “Why change, we have the best Why service in the world” No measurement Carrot
  28. 28. THE TURTLE GOVERNMENT of all external information available to the Mission Create awareness organization and to the individual tasks of the analysts Vision To be an integrated part in the daily work of all analysts Enhance the overall quality, relevancy and timeliness of the Goal organizations outgoing products Increase use of external public information Make internet usage effective Objectives j Reduce TT all electronic I- to under 2 hours Integrate internal and external information seamlessly Reduce intermediary requests with 70% Make the client AND organization aware of new issues before they happen Strategic resources Analytical literacy, no infrastructure!! Show users and clients what's possible what s Strategies St t i Create pressure from external clients Compare and display internal and external information on the same issues Guide users Provoke and challenge Control Logfiles, client satisfaction survey
  29. 29. Mats Björe, Senior Partner THANK YOU InfoSphere A f S h AB www.infosphere.se mailto: mats.bjore@infosphere.se