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Tribalpreneurs rickshaw

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Tribalpreneurs rickshaw

  1. 1. powered by: Tribalpreneurs Rickshaw
  2. 2. WHERE. We work in villages around Medha, in Satara district, Maharashtra state, India (5 hours from Mumbai). Context of rural India that we face: 450 millions live with less than 1.25USD/day 70% don't have access to safe water 86 58% use wood to cook leading to a lot of smoke TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 1 Mumbai Medha
  3. 3. 37.7 millions per year affected by waterborne diseases 584.000 per year die due to diarrhea 488.200 per year die due to indoor air pollution
  4. 4. WHO. We work with 125 katkari tribal hamlets and villages. With human-centered design methodologies we addressed 18 tribal villages (population we find their main needs: lack of stable income remoteness of the villages and lack of mobility drinking water scarcity and quality lack of toilets (and diseases related to hygiene/sanitation) health problems due to fire-based cookers & lack of wood unavailability of education, electricity, housing and land rights social issues like alcoholism or family violence lack of self-sustainability, independence and self-esteem TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 3
  5. 5. Our main source of income is fishing. We spend about 6 to 9 hours per day, on the river and then selling it on the market, to receive from 2.5 to 6 dollars per day. During summer the lack of fish force us to work on nearby farms, 8 hours per day for 5 dollars if man and about 1.5 if woman. We want new livelihoods that can provide us a stable income through the whole year. “
  7. 7. WHY. TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 6 QUALITY OF LIFE SELF SUSTAIN- ABILITY CONSCI- OUSNESS HAPPINESS! AWARENESS RAISING APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS LIVELIHOODS PROMOTION sanitation overcome lack of wood healthy/efficient cookers overcome lack of cold storage safe drinking water lighting solutions social entrepreneurship as a driver savings local economy development stable income dignity and self-esteem local resources, materials and skills family planningalcoholism health/sexual education financial literacy domestic violence hygiene
  8. 8. Tribalpreneurs Rickshaw Our solution is to establish a service that promotes the self-sustainability of local tribes through appropriate technologies that solve their community needs, supporting their livelihoods by helping them to become micro-tribal-entrepreneurs and providing solutions for the whole process (from skills development to the deliver of products to the end-users). We believe in social entrepreneurship as a driver for community empowerment and local social and economy development, towards dignity and will to change. WHAT. TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 7
  9. 9. WHAT. Tribalpreneurs Rickshaw micro-entrepreneurship development program for tribal people (with a focus on women) social trading service for connecting the tribal hamlets and exchange their products Tribal people as Tribalpreneurs Social Trading Rickshaws TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 8
  10. 10. # micro-tribal-entrepreneurship development program (including financial literacy and support on the whole entrepreneurial process: manufacturing, marketing, packaging, quality control, etc) # empower underprivileged tribes (with a special focus on women) using innovative and eco-friendly livelihoods based in appropriate technologies, recycled materials, low-cost approaches, etc # use of app. tech. which can provide them a stable source of income while increasing their quality of life (e.g. efficient/healthy cooking-stoves) WHAT. Tribalpreneurs Rickshaw Tribal people as Tribalpreneurs Social Trading Rickshaws TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 9
  11. 11. WHAT. Tribalpreneurs Rickshaw Tribal people as Tribalpreneurs Social Trading Rickshaws # connecting all the tribal hamlets for buying and selling the products manufactured by them and raw materials (previously bought in bulk for selling low-cost to tribes) # selling of other products which are important for their development (e.g. sanitary pads, school materials or soap) # collection of savings for their future financial stability and resilience # (together with a small commission on products) TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 10
  12. 12. HOW. Our key activities are: training in new livelihoods to micro-tribal-entrepreneurs trading of products made by local communities and deliver them in nearby villages overcoming the mobility problems of tribes connection with suppliers for bulk purchases in order to achieve lower prices and avoid discrimination due to caste promotion of financial literacy and savings collection We deliver: TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 11 Skills, awareness and quality of life Support on the entrepreneurial process New channel for products thatPromotion of sustainability and dignity instead of dependency
  13. 13. HOW. Some remarks on the process: we track progress (and measure impact) with points accordingly to their social development, savings) we foster pride and dignity by celebrating their achievements with badges and rewards (e.g. a family receives an achievement plate to hang on their door after reaching a certain amount of points or a community receives a solar street light for their village) we tell the story of successful tribal entrepreneurs and evolved communities in order to inspire others and ignite their will to change (e.g. photos of happy families with a new solar light on the rickshaw) they are the ones we decide what they want to do; we clarify the service we offer and their benefits and costs (e.g. small fee in order to get their commitment) and always stating that they are free to sell by their own means, innovate on the manufacturing process or produce in their own rhythm local needs, promoting the improvement on their quality of life while giving a source of income TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 12
  14. 14. WHAT. Some examples of products: Craftspreneurs Solarpreneurs Briquettepreneurs Sprinklepreneurs Cookerpreneurs Handicrafts with local/recycling materials Low-cost solar cookers and solar dryers Biomass briquettes for cooking Efficient irrigation systems for farming Efficient cooking stoves TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 14
  15. 15. WHAT. Some examples of products: Honeypreneurs Waterpreneurs Fridgepreneurs Lightpreneurs Toiletpreneurs Beekeeping and selling of organic honey Water filters made of local resources Cold storage without electricity Solar bulbs made of plastic bottles Eco-toilets that use compost for trees TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 15
  16. 16. research and tests
  17. 17. success stories
  18. 18. EVALUATION AND IMPACT. Tracking of progress real-time for quick adaptations on the process (e.g. routes, portfolio of products, marketing strategies, etc.) number of families engaged and employment generation percentage of growth on the families income and savings (and its stability along the year) achievement points earned by the families percentage of behavioral change in each hamlet (e.g. better cooking methods, drinking filtered water, etc.) satisfaction of families (questionnaires regarding the process, the quality of products, etc.) sales volume revenue (and the amount of villages we can scaling-up due to that) TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 13
  19. 19. BUSINESS STUFF. Revenue comes from: small commission on manufactured products when sold to tribes and higher commission if sold to traders or villagers commission on other products (small commission in products like soap, sanitary napkins, seeds or school materials, and higher to other products like biscuits or mobile recharges) fees from corporate advertisement on the rickshaw This revenue is not for profit but rather for the sustainability of our service, allowing future scaling-ups and improvements. TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 18
  20. 20. SOME BENEFITS. For tribes: overcome mobility and marketing issues, lack of skills and decent job opportunities, exploitation from middlemen and caste discrimination while selling/buying autonomy and freedom of choice allowed by no exclusivity (they buying materials in bulk from suppliers and sell to all the communities at lower prices flexibility on payments to allow low-income families to buy products while paying with their own made products using a simple sms system for exchanging information between tribes and rickshaws (e.g. when they have products to sell/buy) TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 19
  21. 21. SOME BENEFITS. And for sponsors: big market waiting to be developed for selling products (that was before completely inaccessible for companies due to remoteness) wide visibility for advertisement campaigns due to a new and innovative marketing channel in rural areas TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 20 healthy approach to corporate social responsibility focused on sustainability and long-term impact opportunities for media appearance due to the novelty of the service and opportunities that can generate
  22. 22. QUICK WRAP-UP. we create new markets and micro-entrepreneurs for them we incentive will to change and dignity instead of dependency we provide solutions to the whole chain (training, supplies, marketing, savings, awareness, etc) we mix affordable solutions, appropriate technologies, upcycling/recycling and local or low-cost resources we give visibility (to successful tribes, to sponsors, etc) we keep in mind the sustainability and scaling-up of the service TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 21
  23. 23. WHO WE ARE. AIILSG - All India Institute of Local Self-Government, a wide NGO with more than 80 years of experience and presence in all India, working on capacity building, research and social development. SHRAMIK JVS, a community-based organization working with these tribal communities for more than 25 years on livelihoods programs,, a young non-profit organization focused on delivering new and innovative solutions for social awakening and economic TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 22
  24. 24. AND WHY US. we have deep trust relations with the tribes and empathy for their needs, problems and aspirations knowledge on appropriate technologies and passion for affordable solutions adequate to local context experience of many years working with tribes on livelihoods, -help groups, awareness, etc And we all love and admire tribal communities and awesome rickshaws! TRIBALPRENEURS RICKSHAW . 23
  25. 25. THANK YOU! contact us :