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Menwali hamlet


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One of the communities i'm working with have no homes . that was supposed to be used to build proper homes to these people (the first ones in their lives). The homes he built are in terrible conditions and very unsafe to live in, and now the tribe can face the risks of living during the rainy season in the very fragile tents nearby a river near their hamlet where they have to live now, which will be completely flooded and full of water stagnation/contamination and water related diseases during the next months. We are trying to help them by fix the houses until the end of this month!

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Menwali hamlet

  1. 1. menwali hamleta tribal community without home Wai city, Satara district, Maharashtra state, India
  2. 2. NEEDS HISTORY AND NEEDS This tribal community consists on more than 40 families that, due to not being able to live in their land, had to live nearby the river in Wai, without houses better than tents made of cloths and plastic waste, with no electricity, safe drinking water or toilets. The NGO Shramik found a land to them (in Menwali, 5km from Wai) and applied for a government scheme for building proper houses.
  3. 3. HISTORY AND NEEDS The scheme was implemented to build 20 houses but, due to a corrupted contractor and besides the efforts of Shramik and other well intended individuals trying to help these people get the houses they deserved, the hamlet today is still half constructed and without basic living conditions. In fact, not only due to the lack of drinking water and proper roofs to protect them from rain, the community is not living there because of the fear of a wall falling upon their family while sleeping. In the next slides we will show the problems that need to be solved in order to provide these people a safe place to live, we are planning to finish the construction and we kindly thank you for all the attention!
  4. 4. THE HOUSES Arowof20houses(5.5x6.7meach) madewithcheapmaterialsand poorskills
  5. 5. THE GAP ON THE ROOF Theroofhasagapofabout3 inches,thatneedstobeclosed withflatbendedmetalsheet
  6. 6. THE LACK OF PROPER FIXATION FOR THE ROOF. Unsafefixations(e.g.rooffixed usingnailsandfragilewires)
  7. 7. PARTS OF THE ROOF THAT ALREADY FLEW AWAY Andtherestoftheroofwillbedestroyed aswellifnotfixedbefore themonsoon
  8. 8. WALLS ALREADY BROKEN Lotofwallsshakeifapplied minimumforceduetothebad qualityofthemortar Allofthemneedtobeplasteredwith apropermistureofcement,andsome ofthemneedtoberebuilt
  9. 9. QUALITY OF THE WALLS Someperpendicularwallsaren’tmadewith interlockedbricks Theywilleaselyfallasa wholeblock
  10. 10. QUALITY OF THE MORTAR Themortarasalmostno cementandisfullofbig granulatedsand
  11. 11. CRACKS ON THE DOOR SUPPORTS Intheupperpartofthe doors,Thetypeofstone usedissoweakthatthere isalreadyrisktofall apart Ithastobereplacedwith betterstonesoreven Strongwood
  12. 12. LACK OF FLOOR Thefloorneedstobecementeddue toitslackofstabilitywhenwet
  13. 13. OXIDATION OF METAL PARTS Themetalhadnoproperpainting anditscompletelyspoiled (applicationofsomeoxidepaint isrequired)
  14. 14. LACK OF WATER SUPPLY Thereisaborewellnearbybut thereisnowaterontheground, it’salwayscompletelydried Theideaistousetheroofasarain harvestingcatchmentareaanddiverse thewatertoawatertankandrecharde thegroundwaterlevelthroughthewell
  15. 15. AIILSG - All India Institute of Local Self-Government, a wide NGO with more than 80 years of experience and presence in all India, working on capacity building, research and social development. SHRAMIK JVS, a community-based organization working with these tribal communities for more than 25 years on information and awareness raising., a young non-profit organization focused on delivering new and innovative solutions for social awakening and economic development: we empower lives from passion to action. THE NGOs INVOLVED
  16. 16. you will have an healthy approach to corporate social responsibility focusing on the long-term impact for one of the most underprivileged groups of society you will have visibility on media and your logo painted on one wall of the hamlet you can have the single most important impact in the lives of these 40 families, giving them a place they can call home for the very first time!
  17. 17. menwali hamlet THANK YOU! contact us :