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Social networks

  1. 1. Community Builder Plans to NING Kickapps JomSocial This is a If GROU.PS you go over Import/Export NING joomla addon, Yes 10GB Self-hosting No yes which is not No transfer in a Mo subscription Yes Yes No cheap month Full ownership Technical Support No No Yes Yes NO, only MULTILANGUAGE Yes + fee Yes No Yes asenglish - desired Comments & Walls Yes Yes No* Yes Yes remove for Ads on Site Custom Profile Yes - No premium No* Yes Yes $10/month Yes (except Fields Groups in Several. Yes No Yes Yes template) the same network Yes Yes No* Yes No Invitation Engine Yes Yes No* Yes Yes Message Boards Moderation, Privacy Yes Yes No Yes Yes & Private Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Photo Sharing Yes Yes No* Yes Yes Points/Karma/Levels No Yes Yes Yes Yes RSS Feeds Social Bookmarking Yes Yes No Yes Yes in Community & Theme Feeds Twitter Yes No No Yes Customization Activity Stream Yes Yes No* Yes Yes Display Video Sharing & Yes Yes No Yes Yes Photo Tagging Yes Yes No Yes Yes Chat Yes Yes No* No* Yes Events Yes No No* No* Yes Yes (+ Polls Yes Yes facebook Facebook Connect Yes app.) Music Player Yes Yes Map Friends Yes Mobile Friendly Yes Status Updates Yes Yes Trust Level (1-10) Multilangage 1 Yes (+ Interface Language FrontEnd Yes custom) Switch Domain Use Own Yes (free)membership Paid yes option Groups Yahoo No Yes Integration No Yes PHPBB Migration No Yes Flickr Int.+ Extra Widgets Yes Yes Pages Yes Custom javascript Page & TextBox Google Gadget No Yes Full text email notice WEBSITE Yes EXAMPLES
  2. 2. Grouply Spruz Wackwall Likely Yes Yes yes No Yes, but free plan No YES-Openwack No available Yes, for upgrades Free&Sub yes No YES yes no, only english YES yes yes YES yes yes YES No Yes Yes Yes On roadmap Yes YES Yes Yes Yes yes yes YES Yes Yes Yes yes On roadmap yes yes YES YES yes yes YES yes On roadmap Yes Yes Yes YES Yes Yes not disc yet Yes yes yes not disc yet No No No Yes No Not yet yes On roadmap yes yes yes yes yes yes Beta/ 8 No No No On roadmap Not yet yes yes yes Not yet Not yet Not yet yes Not yet yes YES yes Unsure YES BETA TESTING
  3. 3. Webs Yuku iGroops Boonex No very likely yes No Yes, but you can Yes, but can be No (May 2010) Yes still have free free also yes no YesKindafree with don't know yes No, totally worthless yes service, only one yes, excellent yes yes is boonex support Yes banner ad above coming soon you can do yes yes for boonex only your bannerto No but abilty adsense as desired if using free version Yes make community yes yes yes yes webrings no no yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes you get your own somewhat yes yes Yes image storage yes yes on No and blogs yes gallery yes yes yes No yes Yes yes yes yes yes No yes on their new no yes profiles Yes, Can be yes Yes Calender for yes yes enabled yes events Calendar yes yes yes Yes via apps Yes yes Yes Yes No - v 1.8? yes yes via app no yes No yes yes Yes, via the wire yes via8 but for Not free,google translate app $49 a year starter sort of yes pack premium you can yes yes yes yes yes No yes
  4. 4. SocialGO No No No
  5. 5. WP/BuddyPress Yearly fees yes - No ads: 29.97/ y plugins 9.97/year