Property october-2013


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Property october-2013

  1. 1. “*Subject to change without prior intimation”
  2. 2. MCHI-CREDAI TERMS & CONDITIONS General Points to Note: • To be a part of the draw, stall bookings for the 22nd MEGA SHOW, along with a cheque of 50% amount of the preferred stall, will be accepted in favour of ‘MCHI TRUST EXHIBITION’, till 30th August , 2013, 5 p.m. at the MCHI CREDAI Office, New Marine Lines, Mumbai. • • Stalls will be allocated on the basis of ‘DRAW OF LOTS’ from the list of Companies who have applied for the draw. In case a concerned participant seeks time to decide on the allocation at the time of MCHI CREDAI’s call, then the draw token number priority will be relegated to the next number in the category, progressively, at the get together function itself. The Stall Rates Application Form for the Draw and the Exhibition Layout Plan are enclosed for your ready reference and action. Booking for maximum stall sq. mts. will be given preference in the draw in respective Categories. • • • • • • FIRST DRAW OF LOTS FOR GRAND PLATINUM SECOND DRAW OF LOTS FOR PLATINUM THIRD DRAW OF LOTS FOR GOLD FOURTH DRAW OF LOTS FOR SILVER A FIFTH DRAW OF LOTS FOR SILVER B SIXTH DRAW OF LOTS FOR SILVER C Please note: If the number of participants for any stall size category is more. (for example in second slot of draw, where only 16 stalls are available) if we receive 20 requests then all 20 applications will be put in the common draw & after the 16th draw is done, the balance 4 applications would be given preference of choosing stalls ahead of third draw. Please note: If any developer does not want to choose from the available stalls in the said category then his application will be considered in the next lot as a common entry without preference. Payment terms: • 50% amount of preferred stall, to be sent in advance to the MCHI-CREDAI office on or before 30th August , 2013, along with application for draw (till 5pm). • 50% (Balance amount of the selected stall and applicable tax) on or before 30th September, 2013. • A Service Tax of 12.36% will be levied on the cost. • All cheques to be drawn in favour of ‘MCHI Trust Exhibition’, payable in Mumbai. • A receipt for the payment received will be sent in due course. Stall size will not be altered (decreased or increased) in any of the sections on the demand of any exhibitor, after allocation • If necessary, participants can take two adjacent (attached) stalls together (if available) to increase their stall size • You can avail of a uniform height upto 3.9 mtrs for Grand Platinum, Platinum, Gold, Silver A & Silver B Sections and 2.5 mtrs for all stalls in Silver Section C. • No additional stall height will be permissible • Participants will have to adhere to this restriction very strictly • • • For effectiveness of Air Conditioning it will not be allowed to create false ceiling over your stalls or any covering on top of your stalls. The stalls will have to be open to the ceiling on the top • No stall possession will be given without full 100% payment, IOD or CC or NA & TP Documents along with MCHI Assurance letter • Project without IOD or CC or NA & TP Documents will be displayed as UPCOMING PROJECTS and NO SALE of such projects will be allowed at the Exhibition • Booking payment for October 2013 Show will not be adjusted in any of our future shows. In case of cancellation of participation, advance money paid will be forfeited • The allocation of the stall will be completed on 30th August 2013, at the draw function, post which we will be marketing the stall to others in the industry. It will be open on first come-first-serve basis Please note that your presence at the function on 30th August 2013 is a must. It will also help you to network and interact with your co-participants from the industry. In case of a no - show from your organization, your stall selection will be at MCHI-CREDAI’s discretion and will be given from the balance stalls available after the draw. We look forward to the privilege of welcoming your participation in the 22nd MEGA SHOW PROPERTY 2013, BKC and welcoming you at the function on 30th August 2013. Yours truly Sd/Bandish Ajmera Chairman, MCHI-CREDAI