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Safety guidelines by ec 17 references r 1


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Safety guidelines by ec 17 references r 1

  1. 1. Safety Guidelines Section 17 References 1. Definition from UIAA POLICY ON THE PRESERVATION OF NATURAL ROCK FOR ADVENTURE CLIMBING Updated version from 10.01.2013 2. UIAA Safety Standards: 3. UIAAMountainEthicsDeclaration2009(3) 4. UIAA Code of practice for high altitude guided commercial expeditions, Approved by UIAA General Assembly Malacca October 1998 5. UIAA Comparison Table UIAA and EN Standards requirements March2013 6. UIAA The ethical code Principles and Practice for Expeditions. Text adopted by the UIAA Advisory 7. Climbing and mountaineering guidebooks for international use: The UIAA guidebook standards Committee and the General Assembly in Marrakesh, 9th October 1987. UIAA General Assembly, St. Johann imPongau, Austria, 13 October 2001 8. UIAAtyrol declaration(Adopted by the Future of Mountain Sports Conference, Innsbruck, September 6 – 8, 2002) 9. Petzl protecting equipment tips 10. Risk management for Outdoor Programs for administrators in British Columbia. 11. The Principles of Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics: 12. “Guidelines for adventure Tour Operators” – ministry of Tourism, Government of India / revised w.e.f. 2nd Jan. 2012 13. “Guidelines for activity safety in schools” / 0731049640 / Oct. 1999 14. “Outdoor Adventure Activities – Policy &Mandatory Procedures” / OAA2009O8 / 2009 15. “Risk Management for Outdoor Programmes” / 2003 - Prepared by the Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology and the BC Adventure Tourism Programs Articulation Committee (British Columbia) 16. “Serious Adventure” – a Report by the Task Force set up by the ministry of Tourism, Australia 17. “Leadership Educator Notebook” 18. SOPs devised by Chakram Hikers, Mulund for the good conduct of Trekking Programmes, April 2010 19. Desert Trekking: 20. Costal Trekking: 21. High Altitude Trekking and Camps: Recommendations for care to be taken by Persons, Organizations, Clubs or Tour Operators conducting out-door activities, adventure treks and training-camps published by the Himalayan Club. April 1999. 22. High Altitude Trekking: Guidelines about High Altitude Trekking formed by IMF, 2012, 23. Dos and Don’ts Published by IMF, 2012, 24. Mountaineering: Guidelines about Mountaineering Expeditions formed by IMF, 2012, 17 References r 1 Page 1 of 1 Rev 1711 2013