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  1. 1. Bringing Logic to Online Marketing
  2. 2.  Multivertex technology is a Delhi (India) based affordable SEO Company that have been delivering quality and cost-effective SEO services to more than 500 customers. With Base Locations in the Three Major Business Hubs Singapore, New York & California (USA), Our Company has always been focused on choosing the best ways to improve the visibility of our clients website.
  3. 3.  At Multivertex we provide the best service of SEO, SMO , Web Design , Web Promotion at very affordable rate. We ensure to make your business enhance through online marketing . the best one working with a multivertex is that , we are handling more than 500 clients globally with high reputation.
  4. 4.  Lower Risk Involvement Flexible work support as you need and when. Good result, more viewers & Less Capital requirement Work for your Own Benefits You will be the real leader for your industry!!
  5. 5. Search Marketing Will grow to Over $50 Billion by 2014 9 out of 10 Company of the Top 500 Fortune Company Uses Web promotion Marketing Newsprint and TV Viewers are now switching to Online World There are 30 million Business and 500,000 new Business Coming in Every Year
  6. 6. There will be a total investment of INR 45000/- for the period of one Year:- Create Domain and Website for your company. Online Promotion of your sub-domain via SEO & PPC Will enhance your business reputation on web search. Maintenance of the Website Charges Maintenance of the Website and Promotion Activity Multivertex unique strategy will be applied at every step.
  7. 7.  Comprehensive Online Marketing Service Provider (SEO, SMM and PPC Services) Our Mantra Relevant Traffic and Relevant Leads that convert to meet Business Objectives. Our Fundamental belief Online presence (website, descriptions, social media presence) must first address all customer concerns before they engage. Strategic partners with SEOMoz Top Internet marketing solutions company. Gillian Muessig (SEOMoz founder) sits on OMLogic board as an advisor Provides access to unlimited expertise
  8. 8.  Our Online Marketing Methodology Visibility (Online promotion) Sales /Leads Awareness Interactivity / Engagement Brand Promotion “You are there only if they can find you” Generate visibility with the relevant community. Anyone looking for similar services should be able to find it “Provide information to engage people ongoingly” “Generate awareness of your products/services” Make yourself omnipresent online. Through Videos, presentations, blogs, photos, articles, etc. “Build Trust & Credibility with potential customer” “Develop capability for people to contact you online.” Actual sale may not be online. Online Reputation Management Increasing Maturity of Online Marketing
  9. 9. Multivertex Online Marketing Output Customer oriented Keyword analysis leading to “relevant traffic generation” “Marketing driven promotions” rather than “optimization driven promotions” Conversion oriented online presence leading to best “traffic to leads conversion” Synchronized marketing providing “holistic customer experience” Leveraging SMM to “Engage target customer community online” End-to-end measurability leading to “ROI based online marketing decision making” Iterative growth approach: “Constant Improvement
  10. 10.  Keyword Research Baseline existing ranking Set ranking target Implementation :- -On Page Optimization -Off Page Promotion . PR, Articles, Link Building . Social Media Submissions -Ongoing Optimization
  11. 11.  Good Rankings on Search Engines Good Online Traffic on Website Assuming search specialists were involved