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Thriving in the Content Marketing Jungle: Lessons from Leading Practitioners by Randy Bernard


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Thriving in the Content Marketing Jungle: Lessons from Leading Practitioners by Randy Bernard

  1. 1. Mul t i f ami l y Soci al Medi a Summi t Thri vi ng i n t he Cont ent Market i ng Jungl e Randy Bernard Curat a
  2. 2. What i s “Cont ent Market i ng”? 2 Content Marketing is a marketing strategy where brands create interest, relevance and relationships with customers by producing, curating and sharing content that addresses specific customer needs and delivers visible value. Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content marketing is any marketing technique whereby media and published information (content) are used to influence buyer behavior and stimulate action leading to commercial relationships. Content marketing is the process for developing, executing and delivering the content and related assets that are needed to create, nurture and grow a company’s customer base.
  3. 3. Not onl y ar e mar ket er s t aki ng advant age of t hi s oppor t uni t y. . . . 76% of Compani es ar e I ncr easi ng I nvest ment i n Cont ent Mar ket i ng
  4. 4. 4 Most Important marketing objectives Curata’s 2014 Content Marketing Tactics Planner Dri ve Sal es & Leads Engage Customers, Buyers & Influencers Boost Brand Awareness Establish & Sustain Thought Leadership
  5. 5. “ I need t ons of cont ent ! ” 5
  6. 6. The #1 Challenge for content marketers is PRODUCING ENOUGH CONTENT *2012 Hubspot State of Inbound Marketing Report
  7. 7. *2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends - North America by Content Marketing Institute and
  8. 8. Top 3 Challenges for Content Marketers Companies that get the best ROI from content publish content multiple times a day QUANTITY Leading content marketers' top priorities are creating quality content and measuring this content QUALITY It is critical to develop a wide range of content across a variety of channels VARIETY Source: Business Blogging Secrets Revealed
  9. 9. Cont ent Market i ng Barri ers t o Success Ext ernal : Most cont ent i s i n our own voi ce. Buyers demand more. Int ernal : “We can’ t creat e enough cont ent every week! ” #Cont ent Market i ng
  10. 10. #Cur at i onRockst ar STOPEGOCENTRIC MARKETINGTM Source: ht t p: //bi t . l y/STOPEgoMkt g 9#Cont ent Market i ng
  11. 11. Today’ s Buyer 2. 0: An Opport uni t y f or Best - i n- Cl ass Market ers 12 67% of a buyer’s journey is done digitally and is self directed. Source: Sirius Decisions #Cont ent Market i ng There are three types of Content the average Human consumes before engaging with the brand in a meaningful way…
  12. 12. Don’ t j ust Cr eat e…. Cur at e #CurationRockstar 13
  13. 13. Tons of businesses Curate! 83.3% of marketers curate/share content from 3rd party sources
  14. 14. Sharing Curated Content On what channel s do you current l y share your "curat ed" cont ent ? Most popular channels to share curated content are social media, blogs and newsletters. Curata's Content Marketing Tactics Planner #CMExperts
  16. 16. Easily Find, Curate & Share relevant content for your business with one tool, in MINUTES not hours.
  17. 17. Have you ever… Publ i shed a “best of ” post ? Comment ed on and shared a l i nk on t wi t t er? Past ed a l i nk t o f acebook wi t h your comment ary? #Cont ent Market i ng 18
  18. 18. Then you’ ve curat ed. 19#Cont ent Market i ng
  19. 19. Then you’ ve curat ed. 20 And so have t hese f ol ks. . . #Cont ent Market i ng
  20. 20. 21 • 76% of compani es wi l l i ncrease cont ent market i ng i nvest ment • 49% have an execut i ve responsi bl e f or cont ent market i ng ( ri si ng t o 60% wi t hi n 12 mont hs) • 2/3rds of compani es have seen an i ncrease i n l ead quant i t y & qual i t y due t o cont ent market i ng Curat a’ s 2015 Cont ent Market i ng Tact i cs Pl anner p: //bi t . l y/2015t act i cspl anner Increase Leads Engage Buyers Boost Awareness How are Market ers Respondi ng t o Thi s Opport uni t y? #Cont ent Market i ng
  21. 21. 22 “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned #Cont ent Market i ng
  22. 22. 23 Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned person, not si mpl y a comput er al gori t hm. “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a #Cont ent Market i ng
  23. 23. “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a 24 Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned Not a one t i me event or act i vi t y. #Cont ent Market i ng
  24. 24. 25 Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a Add val ue. . . perspect i ve, i nsi ght , gui dance. #Cont ent Market i ng
  25. 25. 26 Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es, and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a Be di scerni ng, di scri mi nat i ve and sel ect i ve. #Cont ent Market i ng
  26. 26. 27 Cont ent Curat i on Def i ned “ Cont ent curat i on i s when an i ndi vi dual ( or t eam) consi st ent l y f i nds, organi zes, annot at es and shares t he most rel evant and hi ghest qual i t y di gi t al cont ent on a speci f i c t opi c f or t hei r t arget market . ” - Curat a A l aser f ocus on your audi ence. #Cont ent Market i ng
  27. 27. Cont ent Curat i on i n Act i on 16 Source:
  28. 28. The Cont ent Curat i on Process 29#Cont ent Market i ng Organi ze & Annot at eFi nd Share
  29. 29. WHY CURATE? 30#Cont ent Market i ng
  30. 30. Curat i on i n Museums You can creat e val ue si mpl y by curat i ng. 31#Cont ent Market i ng
  31. 31. Curat i on Benef i t s 32 . . . Thought l eadershi p . . . Lead generat i on . . . Lower cont ent devel opment cost s #Cont ent Market i ng
  32. 32. 5 St eps t o Successf ul Curat i on 1. Ident i f y 2. Fi nd 3. Curat e 4. Share 5. Anal yze 33#Cont ent Market i ng
  33. 33. Ident i f y 34#Cont ent Market i ng
  34. 34. Fi nd Sources – RSS Feeds – News Si t es – Bl ogs – Trade Pubs – Twi t t er – Journal s Schedul e a regul ar and consi st ent t i me every day t o revi ew cont ent . 35#Cont ent Market i ng
  35. 35. Curat e: Fi rst Organi ze • Cat egori ze • Tag • Group • Index • Archi ve • Recommend Thi nk l i ke a l i brari an when organi zi ng cont ent . – Use cat egori es & t ags i n bl og sof t ware – Make your CTA* poi nt t o anot her pi ece of cont ent – Creat e di gest s & rol l - up summari es 36 * Cal l t o Act i on #Cont ent Market i ng
  36. 36. Curat e: Then Add Val ue • Annot at e • Anal yze • Recap or summary • Ask quest i ons, pol l s • Comment • Provi de i nsi ght and gui dance Comment l i ke an anal yst when you curat e . . . . creat e val ue f or your audi ence. 37#Cont ent Market i ng
  37. 37. Cont ent Curat i on & Fai r Use • Share onl y a port i on of t he ori gi nal cont ent • Al ways at t ri but e sources • Dri ve vi si t ors t o t he ori gi nal publ i cat i on • Fol l ow t he Googl e “Rul e of Thumb” Creat e, curat e, but never pi rat e cont ent . 38 For more ethics tips: #Cont ent Market i ng
  38. 38. 39 Soci al Curat i on i n Act i on: Li ve and Soci al #Cont ent Market i ng
  39. 39. 40 Curat i on i n Act i on: #Cont ent Market i ng
  40. 40. Share • Websi t e / Mi crosi t e • Bl og • Mobi l e devi ces • Emai l Newsl et t er • Embeddabl e Wi dget s • Feeds • Soci al Medi a 41 Share cont ent everywhere your audi ence i s. For more sharing tips: #Cont ent Market i ng
  41. 41. Curation in Action: A Curated Blog Post 2. Annotation: The marketer introduces the reader to the curated post, putting it in context for the reader. 3. Snippet: A couple of sentences are quoted from the original post. 4. Insight: The marketer adds their own insight to further contextualize the curated post and add value for the reader. 5. Clear attribution and a link-back as part of ethical curation. 1. A new title and thumbnail are used to better contextualize the article referred to in this curated blog post. Here are 5 tips on how to curate content: 42#ContentMarketin
  42. 42. In Summary • Cont ent Market i ng cont i nues t o grow as t he pri mary market i ng st rat egy f or market ers. • However, market ers wi l l need t o provi de more of a market - i n perspect i ve t o t hei r cont ent t o bet t er meet t hei r audi ences’ needs. • Cont ent curat i on i s a nat ural and emergi ng model f or capt uri ng t hi s opport uni t y. 43#Cont ent Market i ng
  43. 43. “We started at zero and now at 8,000 to 10,000 page views per month and growing approximately 10% each month.” "we see a 10% growth in page views per month” “Curata helps me save time... what used to take me a few hours, I can do that in a matter of a half hour.” What some of our customers have to say "In the first week, we curated two articles that were immediately syndicated and picked up by Google as a news source." "If I woke up tomorrow without my Curata platform, I'd be looking to find 2 or 3 others to replace it." “We doubled traffic this quarter over last.”
  44. 44. Addi t i onal Resources …onl i ne at : ht t p: //www. curat a. com/resources & more
  45. 45. Dat a Dri ven Cont ent Market i ng at Scal e Curat a CMP ( cont ent market i ng pl at f orm) Curat a CCS ( cont ent curat i on sof t ware)Fuel your Cont ent Market i ng Engi ne & 46#Cont ent Market i ng

Editor's Notes

  • Moderator Introduction:
    At noon, let people know that we’ll start soon, giving folks additional time to connect
    Welcome everyone, we'll be getting started here in about 2 minutes. Thanks.
    At 12:02 begin
    Intro: Thank you for joining Cuata's bi-weekly webinar Curation 101: Boosting your Content marketing strategy. My name is [ ] and I'm the [ ] here at Curata. I'll also be moderating today's webinar. Today’s webcast will provide you with answers to the following questions: (1) What is content curation? (2) How can curation boost the success of your content marketing strategy? (3) Who is doing content curation today, successfully? And (4) What tactics can you execute today to get started or improve your own curation activities?
    Logistics: “A couple of logistics before we get started. Michael will spend the first ~35 minutes for the presentation and then we will open it up for questions. Please do submit your questions in the Go2Webinar console in the bottom right of your screen as the presentation progresses. If we do not get to your question during the event, then we’ll follow-up with you afterwards. After the webinar we will send all of you a copy of this presentation. Please do feel free to Tweet your thoughts and take-aways during this presentation using the hashtag #ContentMarketing.”
    Speaker Intro: “At this point, let me introduce our speaker today. Michael Gerard is Curata’s Chief Marketing Officer. He has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, having successfully launched 3 start-up ventures as well as having held senior marketing roles at large technology organizations. Prior to joining Curata, he had spent 10 years at IDC, having co-founded their CMO & Sales Advisory Practices. Michael received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, as well as a couple of degrees in engineering. Michael. . . “
    SPEAKER: “Thank you [moderator].” Change slide. .
  • Let’s begin by looking at today’s buyer. . .Buyer 2.0
    “The new Buyer 2.0 is more connected than ever before with their peers through social media, as well as with a plethora of information available on-line. The result?. . ~70% of their buying decision is made before your sales rep says hello to them.
    Address next 2 points
  • [Explain how at one time marketers were “product out” per the below chart..]
    “As Curata research indicates, most marketers today are on-board with product marketing, and are in the stage of being “content –out”
    [read from “content out” below]
    “Where we as marketers really need to be, is “Market-In”
    [discuss concepts in the Market-In bullets below]
    “IF we don’t bring the market and its experts into our own content marketing process, our buyers will certainly go elsewhere for that insight and perspective. . . And Content Curation offers a great opportunity to help get to a ‘Market-In’ approach for content marketing)
    [Trasition] “Let’s know take a look at the definition of content marketing”
  • Let’s begin by looking at today’s buyer. . .Buyer 2.0
    “The new Buyer 2.0 is more connected than ever before with their peers through social media, as well as with a plethora of information available on-line. The result?. . ~70% of their buying decision is made before your sales rep says hello to them.
    Address next 2 points
  • Before shifting to this page:
    Thanks. …
    A bit re: Curata. .
  • Read slide
    “ Content curation is when an individual (or team) consistently finds, orgqanizes, annotates and shares the most relevant and highest quality digital content on a specific topic for their target market.”
    Just to clarify, much of our discussion in this webinar will be focused on content curation by businesses to their customers/prospects and influencers (i.e, versus content curation by hobbyists)
  • Here is Curata’s definition of Curation. I won’t read the definition word for word, since you can see it on the screen, however, let me highlight a couple of key points in this definition. . . NEXT SLIDE
  • Here is a simple example of content curation in action to really solidify what one form of curation is. . .
    I found a good article by Jake Sorofman, a top analyst at Gartner, in which Jake writes about how great content marketing requires empathy.
    [Point out key things about this curated piece – e.g., intro. To article, our own title, unique thumbnail(his picture), a small quote from the article, our commentary, and clear attribution and a link to the original piece.
  • [describe the process in this slide]
  • “Curation is not a new concept. . .The world’s oldest museum was ~530 BCE, in the City of Ur (current day Iraq), with its curator being a Babylonian Princess.
    Today we have >55,000 museums in the world (per International Council of Musuems)
    Museum curators are helping to: ID the most valuable and highest quality paintings according to certain categories of art for us as museum guests, and they add their own value to the interaction with that art through descriptions, tours, etc.”
    [Transition:] “We can all understand the objectives of museum curators, however, what are the main objectives of today’s digital content curators?. . .” NEXT SLIDE
  • [Hit the following points for each title, in your own words]
    Thought Leadership
    Break through the noise and clutter of online content
    Increase market trust, rapport and loyalty with your brand, products and people
    Earn their time and interest
    Lead Generation
    Capture and engage your audience
    Revive site traffic
    Improve SEO performance
    Updated content frequency
    Inbound links
    Long tail keywords
    Provide deeper and richer content for lead nurturing
    Lower content development costs
    Better leverage scarce marketing resources
    Tap into different perspectives at a lower cost
    Develop more content partnerships
  • “I’ve covered the evolution of content marketing, the need to be less egocentric, a definition of content curation and its potential to boost our content marketing strategy. As a next step, I’d like to review specific tactics that you can take in curating content. “
  • “The first step for successful curation is to develop the strategy for your content development, creation and acquisition. There’s no question that part of this work should be included in any content marketing strategy.”
    “As you plan what types of content you’ll be curating, you should look at it from 3 perspectives:
    #1: Audience interest: Always the best place to start to ensure that you‘ll be curating relevant content to meet buyers’ needs.
    #2: Content landscape: You’ll want to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of content in the area that you’re targeting to make curation possible. For example, as good as Curata’s discover engine (or whatever you’re using for content discovery) may be, if your chosen content area is water purification projects in Southern Japan, there simply may not be enough content to curate.
    #3: Competitor Landscape: Finally, you want to ensure that you’re curating unique content as a differentiator for bringing value to your audience. For example, if your competitor is using a search engine that has standardized sources and categories, then using a more powerful and customizable discovery engine as part of your curation process will lead to greater content marketing success.”
    [Transition:] “Here is an example of a company that has done a great job of blending curation with creation to provide high quality, relevant content for a target audience” [NEXT SLIDE]
  • “Once we’ve “Identified” our target content area(s), we’ll need to begin the Find part of the curation process. Ideally, you should use a curation platform that will enable you to tap into known content sources, as well as helping you to Discover unknown sources. For example, commentators, journalists, business leaders or others that will have a lot of value for your audience, yet prior to this step in curation, you hadn’t known about their existence.”
    [Review Sources list in slide and add your own color]
    “You should provide a balanced mix of experts, dissenters and up-and-comers (different views and perspectives) in order to optimize value for your audience.”
    “As your curation process and system brings in content from these sources, you need to prioritize them by relevance to your audience. Ideally, your curation platform should have a relevance engine to make this process quick and easy”
    [Transition] “Let me provide you with another example of Curation in Action and how they’ve done a great job finding content for their audience” NEXT SLIDE
  • “The next 2 parts to the curation process, once you’ve identified and found the highest quality and most relevant content pieces, is to organize and annotate your content.”
    “Categories are a way for you to group different types of content for your own and your readers’ benefit, typically in a hierarchical format with sub-categories. Tags are typically used in a less formal manner to connect a large quantity of content. Those of you that have WordPress should be able to relate directly to the concepts of categories and tags.’
    [read through the rest of the list and add your own color]
    [Transition] “Now comes the time to add the most value in the curation process. . . . Your own insight and guidance. .” NEXT SLIDE
  • “This next step, contextualization, provides you with the opportunity to:
    Add your own insight and guidance
    Indicate how the curated content/source validates your own or your company’s point of view.  (e.g., If an analyst, or a trade publication has the same perspective as you, that makes you all the more credible — and can lead buyers to do business with you.  
    Indicate how the content provides a different perspective. (i.e., Your audience will appreciate the value of differing perspectives)”
    [Cover other points in the slide you haven’t hit yet]
    [Transition] “Before I get to the next examples of curation in action, I’d like to hit on a key point that often comes up re: curation. . .. Why curation is not unethical and is not pirating content if Done Right” NEXT SLIDE
  • [Review the above bullets, trying not to read directly, word for word]
  • Background?: Founded in 2009 and based in the U.K., Live and Social, is a social media and content marketing training and consultancy. Their main goal is to help companies grow their business using social media and content marketing.
    What was their challenge?
    As a content marketing and social media company, Live and Social saw content curation as part of their DNA. In order to prove to clients and prospects the importance of curation, the team wanted to “practice what they preach” and curate high volumes of content to their social channels.
    However, finding articles to curate manually proved to be very time consuming for the Social Media Exec, Ollie Whitfield
    What does their content curation operation look like?
    Social Media Exec Ollie Whitfield spends about an hour total each day to find, annotate and publish curated pieces across their social channels
    On average, he chooses 15 articles to share each day. He schedules them to be posted throughout the day to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. He often customizes the image and post for each platform.
    This curated content is used to complement and add to their own created content from their blog.
    Why does Live + Social do curation?
    Expanded Reach: Since they started curating at such a high frequency, the team at Live + Social has seen an increase in followers on all of their social media channels. On Twitter alone, their has been an increase of 1.500 followers.
    Better Allocation of Resources: Social Media Exec Ollie Whitfield used to spend at least two hours a day manually finding articles to curate. Now, he has more time to dedicate to other projects, such as blog writing and content creation. The team estimates that this saves them about 20 hours of work per month.
    Since seeing the success of content curation on their social channels, they will be creating a section on their new website to house curated content
  • By Whom?:
    Lenovo is a US$34 billion personal technology company and the world's largest PC vendor. They have more than 33,000 employees in more than 60 countries serving customers in more than 160 countries. (Source:
    The Lenovo Companion app, pictured in this slide, is preloaded on millions of Lenovo Windows 8.1 PCs and Tablets worldwide. It’s purpose is to help Lenovo customers have the best experience with their new Lenovo PC or tablet. The app enables users to manage their system health, access Lenovo Support forums, find customized accessories and check the status of their warranty.
    It also features original, Lenovo-written content to help users learn about the unique features of their new device, in addition to general technology tips.
    What is it?
    The Lenovo Companion app content team translates its original editorial content into 16 languages, but realized they could not write all the content needed to meet the demands of their global users.
    Therefore, the content team supplements original, Lenovo-written editorial content with curated local technology news which is published in seven languages.
    A great example of tapping into the power of curation to find current, high quality, localized content for a global audience.
    Why do they curate content for the Lenovo Companion App?
    Help generate enough content to meet the demands of their global users
    The robust content experience in the Lenovo Companion app helped increase daily visitors 113%and improve repeat visitation 143%
    The Lenovo Companion app is the highest performing of the Lenovo developed apps
  • As marketers, we invest a significant amount of our time and resources into creating and curating the best content for our audience. However, many of use tend to fall short in the final step of the content marketing process – when we need to MARKET OUR MARKETING.
    There are many channels that we can, and should, use for sharing our content as listed in this slide. As the TIP indicates, a key part here is to understand where your audience is.
    Please do check out a blog post Curata recently wrote all about the sharing step, including the advantages and disadvantages of each of these channels and when you should use each one.
    Whatever content curation platform you use, it should offer a simple, one-button publish option so that whatever you curate will automatically be shared to multiple channels without having to copy and paste to each one individually
    [Tranistion] I’d like to show you one more example of Curation in Action. . NEXT SLIDE