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Dylan Sellberg - Filling the Funnel With Social Media


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Dylan Sellberg - Filling the Funnel With Social Media

  1. 1. Filling The Funnel with Social Media 2017 Multifamily Social Media Summit
  2. 2. Who is HubSpot? A Global Movement - INBOUND! - HubSpot offers a full stack of products for - Marketing - Sales - Customer relationship management - 21,000 customers in 90 countries - 2.3 Million Social Followers - 19k+ Annual Registered INBOUND Attendees - 54k HubSpot Academy Certifications - HQ in Cambridge, MA
  3. 3. Who am I? Dylan Sellberg - Implementation Specialist at HubSpot - Started first business at age 11 - Managed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns - Consults 30+ marketers each week - Can spot marketing opportunities a mile away - Favorite Social platform is Twitter - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  4. 4. 2017 Multi-Family Social Media Summit Diving In
  5. 5. Multifamily Social Media Summit Acting on what matters Looking up to measure awareness Soapbox 5 concrete takeaways and an ASK Industry Leaders Imitation is the finest form of flattery Social Media in 2020 Snapchat, Instagram, Drizly, Oculus, Houseparty I want you to walk out with a SPARK. My goal is to BRING YOU VALUE Formula for value value=(x) (Where x = Happy Customers) Q+A Let’s go DEEP here
  6. 6. Am I shouting in an empty room?
  7. 7. Filling your marketing funnel LEAD CUSTOMER
  8. 8. Multifamily Social Media Summit 2 Pillars to Filling The Funnel at all stages Act First, Win First Value Depth Over Breadth
  9. 9. Pillar #1 Value Depth Over Breadth
  10. 10. Acting on What Matters
  11. 11. Acting on what matters Consumption Metrics Sharing Metrics Lead-Gen Metrics Sales Metrics Each metric flows into the next. Down the funnel. In order to drive results downward, there needs to be a consistent flow of contacts. Therefore, if something is wrong - LOOK UP! Today, we’ll focus on filling this thing from the top. What is there to act on?
  12. 12. Acting on what matters Metrics That Matter ● Consumption Metrics ○ Views ○ Downloads ○ Listens ● Sharing Metrics ○ How resonant is your content? ● Lead-Gen Metrics ○ How often does your content result in a lead? ● Sales Metrics ○ The bottomline Vanity Metrics - Likes - Clicks - Fans -Followers Consumption Metrics Sharing Metrics Lead-Gen Metrics Sales Metrics
  13. 13. Acting on what matters Engagers Customers Everybody else “Commenters” LIVE WITH YOUR COMMENTERS “Sharers” REWARD YOUR SHARERS “Likers” IGNORE THEM Grow your funnel by acting on the right metrics
  14. 14. Acting on what matters Algorithms. You’re a contractor for Facebook, Twitter, whatever. If you create experiences that make their users happy… they will reward you with… more users. How does that increase reach?
  15. 15. Acting on what matters Respect audiences who matter… GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!
  16. 16. The end goal is action, not eyeballs
  17. 17. Acting on what matters REACHConsumption metrics are your gateway to the funnel. Through social media, consumption metrics are your main point of influence CUSTOMERS. Value depth over breadth. Real, hard, quality engagement is your metric. Stop concerning yourself with vanity metrics.
  18. 18. Pillar #2 Act First, Win First
  19. 19. Acting on what matters Consumption Metrics Sharing Metrics Lead-Gen Metrics Sales Metrics Staying on the forefront of social media How to impact consumption (awareness)
  20. 20. Every platform has value but a first mover on any platform has an absolute advantage
  21. 21. How can I be a first mover?
  22. 22. Social Media in 2020
  23. 23. First, a look at the current landscape
  24. 24. Social Media in 2020
  25. 25. My predictions*
  26. 26. Are you placing bets in the right places? Do you know what these girls are wearing? Do you own a pair? The will represent the entire landscape Social Media in 2020
  27. 27. Platforms will break boundaries Social Media will shed the purely social perception and penetrate every aspect of life Social Media in 2020
  28. 28. Platforms will break boundaries Facebook will show ads in the middle of its videos and sharing the money with publishers. AKA Television. Social Media in 2020
  29. 29. Connectivity Every piece of your home will be connected, down to your potting soil! Social Media in 2020
  30. 30. It will even be life. VR will be the new brochure. The new building tour. And yes, you can create your own VR experiences. Social Media in 2020
  31. 31. iRobot Bots will penetrate every arena and become a necessity to remain responsive. Social Media in 2020
  32. 32. Industry Leaders
  33. 33. The Wall Street firm is using Snap Spectacles — the sunglasses made by Snapchat's parent company with miniature cameras used to record video — to show candidates what life at Citi might look like. Social Media in 2020 Citi
  34. 34. The firm collected 14 pairs of Spectacles — which cost $130 each and are in very high demand — over the course of three trips to a New York City pop-up store. Because there are limits on how many pairs one person can buy, it took two members of Citi's social media team, plus one member's parents, to collect the 14 pairs. They've now been distributed to Citi's five regions around the world. Social Media in 2020 Citi
  35. 35. Virtual reality is helping the real estate developer sell properties much faster because people can get a feel for the inside of a home as well as its grounds without even visiting in person. Social Media in 2020 Panoptic Group
  36. 36. Ascape virtual reality app is a great example of VR for the travel industry. Developed by Yalantis, Ascape lets viewers go on virtual reality tours of some of the biggest cities around the world. Social Media in 2020 Ascape App
  37. 37. 1. Invest in technology a. Getting on board with Spectacles took time, money, dedication. Brands that did (sooner than later) saw huge rewards 2. Understand it is a way of life a. Approach social media as if it is a cornerstone of every potential customer's life 3. Take calculated risks a. There are a dozen ways to get involved with VR. Outsource and white label content, buy the equipment, hire a vendor! Social Media in 2020 How can you be on the forefront of Social Media 2020?
  38. 38. SoapBox
  39. 39. Choose a platform that is not publicly traded and make it a key part of your 2017-2018 strategy
  40. 40. Hire a full-time social media employee w/ an advanced degree in marketing. (Not an intern)
  41. 41. Engage with every single human who engages with you.
  42. 42. Cut 100% of your budget of traditional advertising (Billboard, Bus Bench, Mailers, etc.) by EOY 2018
  43. 43. Run tech promotions instead of dated cash promotions. Ex; Free echo + $500 prime credit with your apartment
  44. 44. My Ask.
  45. 45. Please. Please. Please. Do not take this space lightly. Social Media is marketing. It is more than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While being here is one step, it is one of many. Be a practitioner, do the work, get rewarded.
  46. 46. Q+A Please, no softballs