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Stone gate ips


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Stone gate ips

  1. 1. In-depth, layered security isvital to protecting corporatecredibility and secureinformation flow throughoutyour business operationsA secure network, internally and externally,is a healthy one. StoneGate™ IntrusionPrevention System (IPS)—part of theaward-winning StoneGate Platform includingthe StoneGate Firewall and VPN—takesyour security to the next level, both insideand outside the perimeter. With StoneGateIPS you can proactively detect and stopharmful traffic, ensure resilient connectivityand significantly reduce the costs of threatmanagement and compliance. This will leaveyour bottom line healthier, too.Secure Information Flow
  2. 2. StoneGate IPS benefits Protect your network inside and out• Unified threat management – Integrate In today’s technology world, intrusions to your network can come from with StoneGate’s enterprise-level Firewall, almost anywhere at anytime. While firewalls can allow or deny specific VPN and IPS for unified threat protection users, they can’t analyze or act on malicious activity once someone gains from internal and external attacks. access to your network. Your business applications, a laptop connecting to your network and even PDAs can deliver worms, denial of service,• Enforcement – Provide inline proactive peer-to-peer traffic, spyware and other attacks. Gaining intelligence about protection for vulnerable applications and your security and regulatory risks and having the ability to proactively operating systems with multiple detection manage them, all while protecting your corporate credibility, is now a methods. Deploy IPS in monitoring and/or business priority. Additionally, whether it’s internal or external attacks, prevention mode (IDS and/or every network is unique and requires a flexible solution to manage these IPS) simultaneously. demands efficiently.• Simplified management – Leverage StoneGate’s IPS sensors and analyzers provide flexible deployment options centralized management for accelerated and multiple detection methods allowing you to protect your network down incident handling and proactively patch to as granular a level as you need—for both internal and external attacks. vulnerable web applications and systems. Its unique use of regular expressions provides intelligent and efficient correlation that can detect the smallest variations and vulnerabilities.• Compliance – Efficiently run the Unlike other systems, StoneGate IPS doesn’t require individual alerts auditing reports necessary to ensure or signatures for every variant. Our solution also provides precise compliance with PCIA, Sarbanes-Oxley, detection by combining fingerprinting and protocol validation, along with HIPAA, FISMA customizable fingerprints to enhance the level of protection. By combining and other regulatory requirements. these techniques, StoneGate IPS delivers accurate proactive protection, with fewer false positives and fewer false negatives, to simplify threat• Lowest TCO – Reduce the costs and management while ensuring protection. complexities of traditional multiple vendor solutions. StoneGate IPS solution IPS Traffic SENSOR ANALYZER SMC Billions of Events Flexible Intelligent Incident and Precise Correlation Handling and Thousands Tens Detection of Events of Events Response of Interest Configurable Context Sensitive Multiple Detection Methods The best solution for flexible, intelligent enforcement Attacks don’t wait until you’re in the office. Increasingly, you’re fighting against sophisticated organizations that are in the business of attempting to tap into confidential data around the clock. You need a flexible, intelligent solution to take quick action before attacks have dramatic impact on revenue and business transactions. Since StoneGate IPS is an inline device, it can proactively stop malicious activity before damage is done. At the same time, it provides alternative enforcement methods that can be customized at any time to combat specific types of threats. When attacks are noticed, you can configure StoneGate IPS to proactively terminate, record, log, alert, blacklist or simply monitor the event. The solution can run in monitoring and/or prevention mode (IDS and/or IPS) simultaneously, providing additional flexibility to adapt to your network configurations.
  3. 3. Centralized management simplifies tasks, Results from the 2006 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey indicate thatreduces TCO and ensures compliance unauthorized access, denial of service, and system penetration resulted in almostCombined with the StoneGate Management Center, StoneGate IPS $200,000 of annual revenue loss perintegrates with StoneGate Firewall/VPN to give your organization company. As the number of networkcentralized management of alert escalation, incident handling and security incidents continues to growreporting. As a result, your IT department can minimize the time spent at an exponential rate, so too does theresearching incidents, react faster and proactively patch vulnerable requirement for a simplified and cost-applications and systems. effective defense-in-depth security solution. Best practices have shown that whileWith centralized management, your IT staff can manage the security firewalls serve their purpose, a layeredat literally hundreds of locations within your network from a single approach reduces corporate networkmanagement console, significantly reducing the operational and resource downtime and business risks.costs of managing separate solutions and your total cost of ownership(TCO). Using the easy-to-use management interface, they can efficientlyhandle everything from system-level configurations to remote softwareupgrades from a single location. “The minute we turned on Stonesoft’s solution it was like turning on a light switch.Additionally, the solution can provide detailed auditing information Immediately we had analysis and reportsto ensure regulatory compliance with StoneGate’s incident that provided clear details of who and whatmanagement, audit management, advanced logging, reporting was trying to access our network, whichand policy snapshot capabilities. enabled us to defuse potential threats ahead of time.” Ron Peters President and Founder Red Folder “As a subsidiary of the oldest and the largest Japanese non-life insurance company, Tokio Millennium requires a unified solution that addresses not just security and business continuity, but also stringent compliance requirements set by the Japanese and US regulators. With StoneGate’s unified Firewall, VPN, IPS solution we have a proactive threat management solution combined with advanced auditing tools. As a result, Tokio Millennium has credible IT systems meeting all the compliance requirements which lead us to a distinct competitive business advantage in a highly competitive market.”Choose StoneGate IPS to proactively detect and stop harmful Dwayne Basdentraffic, ensure resilient connectivity and significantly reduce the Vice President - Information Technologycosts of threat management and compliance. Tokio Millennium Re Ltd
  4. 4. StoneGate IPS –a key part of the StoneGate PlatformStonesoft is an innovative provider of integrated network security and resilientconnectivity solutions. Stonesoft is a global company focused on enterpriselevel customers requiring advanced network security and always-on businessconnectivity with the lowest TCO, the best price-to-performance ratio and thehighest ROI. StoneGate IPS is a key part of the award-winning StoneGate™Platform that unifies firewall, VPN and IPS, blending network security,end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a centrallymanaged system for distributed enterprises. SMC VPN FW IPS Secure Information Flow Stonesoft Inc. 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, tel. +1 866 869 4075 Suite 900, Atlanta, GA 30338 fax +1 770 668 1131© 2007 Stonesoft Inc. All rights reserved.