Producers and audiences


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Producers and audiences

  1. 1. LO3With difference genre of film producers may target specific audience or age group. Producers willhire curtain actors to ensure that people will watch the film, if you went to see an action film and bignamed stars were in the film like Bruce Willis or Daniel Craig their popularity in is genre will gainmore people to see the film that if there where actors who aren’t established in this genre.Producers see that if you put a well know actor in any film with any issues or story people withwatch the film because of the stars popularity.Captain America is an action film which was made in 2011, with this film targeted at 16-24 males.The director of the film was Joe Johnston who has worked on big named films such as the star warsand Indiana Jones franchises and the producer Kevin Feige who produces most super hero moviethis you would think would make for an action packed blockbuster. Which it did by bringing in $65.8million in its opening weekend and over all made $368.608.363.When the film was released on July22nd 2011 it had to compete with big films with fan bases suchas Harry Potter and the deathly hallow pt2 and Transformers:Dark of the moon, but despite this the film went to number 1.Captain America was marketed in many different ways such as posters, billboards and adverts butthe film also had its own facebook page and official website which contains information about thefilm with video clips and photos. Film review also shown that the film was a good film and a filmwhich is worth watching. Now all this marketing the film pay off then the film brought in $65.8million in its opening weekend. By cast known actors such as Chris Evens and Tommy Lee Jones theirreputation of making good, enjoyable films more people will consider to watch the film.The female audience has been targeted by the produces by the main actor Chris evens, Theproducers know that putting a star with a curtain amount of sex appeal the female audience will beincline to watch the film. Also by accounting for the female audience the film will be more successfuland appeal to a bigger audience rather than just the male audience.The audience for Captain America ranges from 16-24 and 40-50 because to the young generation bigblockbuster action film are what in demand and they want to watch these types of films. But theolder generation who grew up read the comic book would also like to watch the film becausewatching the film or thinking about these things will take them back their childhood and thereforewill watch the film.The Thing wasn’t as successful as 50/50 for many reasons such as star theory, in the film 50/50 theystar theory by putting a big named star like Seth Rogan in the film to attract people to watch it. AsSeth Rogan is a big star and had a big following of fans, the producers of the film used him to boost
  2. 2. the popularity of the film and to make more money. Also with Seth Rogan in the film people willwatch the film even though the story is quite dark and has issues of illness. On the opening weekendThe Thing was more successful than 50/50, with The Thing gross profit for the weekend was£485,534 but the profit for 50/50 was £410,251. As you can The Thing make more on the openingweekends but overall 50/50 make more money.The trailer for the Thing is very typical of the horror genre with it very dark, action going on and istrying to make you jump. The trailer of the film could have an impact on its success because it onlyappealing to the type of audience which would like these types of film, so there audience will belimited. But in 50/50 the trailer for the film is quite light and funny, where more people will watch afunny film rather than a horror film. In the 50/50 trailer Seth Rogan is shown a lot throughout and atthe beginning of the trailer there is a small introduction talking about the film. He appears in thetrailer a lot of the time and that is to show that he stars in the film, this is to recognise the film withthe star.Seth Rogan appearances in other films have made him in star who everybody knows because he isthe funny man who makes people laugh. With films which he has done like superbad and knockedup are all comedies, so you would associate he with that genre of film. The reason why Seth Roganwas cast to play in this movie is he can funny and make people laugh even though the subject of thefilm is dark. Also his star appeal that would attract the young audience because people might notwant to watch a film about illness but is you put a big star such as Seth Rogan then you might bemore reluctant to watch it.With Seth Rogan being a typecast in all of his films he plays the same type of character, being thefunny guy who doesn’t do anything. This is very popular with people age 15-30 as people can relateto him because they are like that, this is a big reason why he is popular and famous and because ofthis the film 50/50 was such a big hit was because of him and his popularity.