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Me and My Movies


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Me and My Movies

  1. 1. Crime/ Action Thriller
  2. 2. • Director – Ridley Scott• Producer - Ridley Scott• Distributer – universal pictures• Release date –November 2nd , 2007• Budget - $100,000,000• Box office takings - $265,495,454 American Gangster is about Denzel Washington character who builds up a drugs empire in new York by smuggling drugs form Vietnam during the Vietnam war. The character played by Russell Crowe is a clean cop who helps take down corrupt police. After putting together a team of clean police to try and crack down on the operation.
  3. 3. • Director – martin Scorsese• Producer – Irwin Winkler• Distributer – Warner bros• Release date – September 19, 1990• Budget - $25 million• Box office takings - $46,836,394Goodfellas is about a street wise kid whowanted to be a gangster so he works himself upthe gangster hierarchy. After robbing an airportthey start killing everybody who is involved. Atthe end Pesci’s character get killed of by themob, De Niro get arrested and Lotta tells thepolice about everything and gets into thewitness protection program.
  4. 4. • Director – Francis Ford Coppola • Producer – Albert S Ruddy • Distributer – Paramount pictures • Release date – March 15th , 1972 • Budget - $6.5 million • Box office takings - $268,500,000The film follows the life of a New York mafia family.Because the don doesn’t give protection for exchangefor drug money to Virgil Sollozzo, this brings anattempt on Don corleone’s life which almost gets himkilled. After this the dons son Michael who isn’t inthe family starts a mob war against Sollozzo.
  5. 5. Why I like this genreStars – The big named star such as Al Pacino and Robert de Nero attractme to watch these films because these are good actors and you know thatfilms with them in are going to be good.Story – I think that the story in crime filmare a big reason why I like this genrebecause the script and screenplay are wellwritten they turn out being great films.
  6. 6. How I found out about these filmsWord of mouth- With good and successful films people will talking aboutthe film and suggest that you watch it.Film trailer & advertising - With film adverts all over the TV ,internet andsocial networking , when you see them and you want to watch them.