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  • Press F5 or enter presentation mode to view the poll\r\nIn an emergency during your presentation, if the poll isn't showing, navigate to this link in your web browser:\r\n you like, you can use this slide as a template for your own voting slides. You might use a slide like this if you feel your audience would benefit from the picture showing a text message on a phone.
  • Information Plus Reference Series (Gale)Provides statistical data on today’s most controversial and most studied social issues. Each title is a compilation of current and historical statistics – with analysis – on aspects of one contemporary social issue. Each title is divided into chapters that are devoted to a particular topic. The text provides a clear and comprehensive summary of up-to-date research on a topic and is interspersed with the statistical tables, charts, and graphs. Each table is directly referred to and carefully explained in the text. Data are compiled from reports generated by branches of the US government, information collected by major independent polling organizations and authoritative associations, and from professional journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and other reliable sources. Volumes are completely revised and updated every 2 years.
  • Contemporary World Issues Series (ABC-CLIO)Introductory essayChronology of key events, movements, legislationBiographies of important individualsAnnotated guide to print and nonprint resourcesExtensive statistical resources in tabular and graph form
  • Current Controversies Series (Gale)Each chapter asks a pertinent question about the topic, and the viewpoints that follow are grouped into “yes” and “no” categories. Authors are experts in their respective fields and represent conservative, liberal, and centrist views.Bibliography of books and articles
  • Point/Counterpoint Series (Chelsea House)Each book offers all statutes, legal opinions, and studies needed to structure a cohesive argument on a given topicIssues are presented from multiple viewsSidebars cite laws and opinions to aid in critical analysis
  • Project of the International Debate Education Association
  • Non-profit, non-partisan organization covering critical policy issues for citizens to make informed decisions
  • Comm1110 fall11

    1. 1. Today’s Topics Website Library Services Suggested Resources Searching Tips Practice Searches
    2. 2.
    3. 3. My Account: PIN Get My PIN
    4. 4. Ask a Librarian:Reference Appointment Request
    5. 5. Libraries Love to Share GIL Express  Search GIL Express Catalog  Borrow books from other GA universities  Arrive in 2-4 days  28 day loan, renewable Interlibrary Loan  Request an electronic copy of an article  Borrow books from all types of libraries  Arrive in 2-3 weeks  Loan period varies
    6. 6. Information Plus Reference Series CSU Catalog: Advanced Search Search for: series Search terms: information plus
    7. 7. CQ Researcher Call Number:  Current issues are shelved in Ready Reference REF H35. C672  1991 – 2010 are shelved in the Reference Collection  Sample Topics:  Mine Safety: Are new laws needed to protect workers?  Extreme Weather: Is global warming causing severe storms?  National Debt: Are higher taxes needed to reduce the debt?  Lies & Politics: Do politicians lie more today?
    8. 8. Contemporary World Issues
    9. 9. Current Controversies
    10. 10. Point/Counterpoint
    11. 11.
    12. 12. • Issue Guides ▫ Crime ▫ Economy ▫ Education ▫ Environment ▫ Gay Rights ▫ Health Care ▫ Illegal Drugs ▫ Poverty and Welfare
    13. 13. Finding Articles EBSCO: Academic Search Complete Facts on File: Issues and Controversies ProQuest: Research Library Wilson: OmniFile Full Text Mega
    14. 14. • Issues Affirmative Action Alternative Energy Bank Tax Homelessness Debt in America Corporate Reform Education Standards Hate Crime Laws Organ Donation
    15. 15. Searching Tips Words to add to your search  “pro and con”  “opposing view”  “ethical aspects”  debate  controvers*  finds controversy, controversies, controversial
    16. 16. Practice Searches GIL Express Catalog EBSCO: Academic Search Complete