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A mullen trend_journal5

  1. 1. Trend update: Cutting edge denim distressing : The use of High Tech CO2 lasers Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene
  2. 2. High Tech CO2 lasers are disrupting what Designers and Merchandisers know as the traditional dry finishing process of denim to appear worn. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene How? Rather than wearing away at the surface of denim and causing potential quality issues, CO2 lasers disrupt the dye molecules giving only the appearance of distressing or tonal printing. -­‐   opens  the  door  for  minimalistic   branding -­‐   allows  designer  to  control  look  via   photoshop  7iles   -­‐   can  offer  high  end  consumer  one   of  a  kind  pieces   -­‐   potential  for  customized  goods   increases   -­‐  potential  to  lower  garment   processing  costs  attributing  to   high  margins  in  premium  denim   markets.   Benefits for Industry Professionals
  3. 3. Industry Leaders : Laser Manufacturers Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene JK Lasers Gbos Golden Laser Macsa Jeanologia GEK Leading Denim Manufacturers Advance Denim Base Wealth Black Peony Deyao Siddiqsons
  4. 4. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene Potential for Manufacturing Disruption : Trend or Innovation? - increasing lead times in production - reducing costs of dry processing CO2 lasers provides automated control over distressing looks - 6 billion pairs of jeans produced worldwide annually, many of them with dry processing to appear worn. - Today 20% of finishing process is happening with a laser - Dry processing is hazardous to production workers, causing silicosis - Antecedent is sandblasting process with silica, banned since 1960’s - Using a laser is a choice many large companies are making in order to be more environmentally sustainable. “This system helps acquiring the worn-out look remarkably easier than with conventional sandblasting system,” Mürsel Önder, the company’s general manager, tells the Anatolia News Agency. “Therefore, it helped double our production capacity.” Antecendent dry finishing process of sandblasting, which is harmful for workers. High Tech Laser distressing in a controlled, customizable fashion
  5. 5. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene Consumer Benefits - potential to lower production costs which can impact margin and overall MSRP / retail pricing strategy - ability to add micro and macro novelty details that were cost prohibitive in the past - potential to unlock developing personalized denim goods - reduces dry finishing damage to fabric an therefore increasing the overall durability of products. - increases “vintage” looks that are in high demand in the denim market - DIY laser technology is now emerging, allowing consumers a percentage of control over their denim wardrobe.
  6. 6. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene Garments Visualized with Laser Technology
  7. 7. Aidenn Mullen / FASH 503 / Spring 2014 / Professor D. Greene Works cited: http://machinedesign.com/news/lasers-key-hazardous-sand-blasted-jean-production http://tribune.com.pk/story/686365/pakistan-makes-it-to-the-top-five-denim-manufacturers-in-asia/ http://texeducation.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/laser-engraving-of-denim/ http://www.ecouterre.com/turkish-denim-factory-sandblasts-jeans-with-laser-beams/ http://cottonuniversity.org/library/papers/cotton-picks-laser-denim/ Laser distressing and patterning barriers for the apparel industry: - The average cost of machine $400k and for a third world manufacturer the investment has to be worth the profit - The Laser “ look” may very well be related to trend despite it’s environmental positives - Legal protection for Laser Patterning has yet to be addressed, counterfeit merchandise could easily be created.