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How to Get Unstuck


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Have you ever felt stuck in a place where you feel both safe and trapped? This describes many company’s feelings towards their legacy processes and systems. Old technology is strangling your business and trying to convince you that stability and security are more important than the ability to adapt and move quickly. In this session, Tom Keiser, Zendesk’s Chief Information Officer, will discuss how companies can re-architect their old systems to modern technology that supports their need for speed and adaptability.

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How to Get Unstuck

  1. 1. Tom Keiser CIO Zendesk
  2. 2. How to Get Unstuck
  3. 3. How things used to work
  4. 4. Stuck? Change something
  5. 5. Why are you stuck? Sad, old technologies are safe but strangling your business
  6. 6. How things work now Speed, Agility, and Business model flexibility
  7. 7. Why does fast matter? Re-Architect your business and adopt SaaS-based technologies
  8. 8. Benefits of a SaaS architecture Speed to failure and success Improved customer relationships Subscription: Pay for what you use
  9. 9. Sophisticated not complicated Timely and relevant data for your customers and for you Beautifully simple customer experience Scales effortlessly Easy to integrate and adapt to customer service use cases
  10. 10. How can you get unstuck? Build a bridge from your legacy systems to SaaS technology
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