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How API Enablement Drives Legacy Modernization


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For many organizations, legacy systems’ integration challenges have increased costs and slowed innovation. Learn how Infosys and MuleSoft partner to address these challenges through API enablement - accelerating project delivery speed while reducing costs through pre-fabricated frameworks and solutions.

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How API Enablement Drives Legacy Modernization

  1. 1. Narayanan Chathanur Director, API and Microservices, Infosys Limited Be More. Do More. Unlock Value. Deliver Innovation
  2. 2. Market forces are transforming large enterprises… 2 …and technology is at the core of this shift. Disintermediation of value chain New business models Digital vs. physical Entry barriers Nontraditional competitors
  3. 3. Renewing the core is equally important API-led legacy modernization Enterprise process centers Policy externalization ? BPO digitization Fast apps platform 3
  4. 4. Legacy modernization in the digital age. Why it matters? Growth of APIs since 200713x 43% Of IT executives believe a failure to integrate with legacy systems is the biggest barrier to implement future initiatives. 70% IT maintenance cost of the total IT budget increased because information was available in silos 39% Of overall software reuse within organizations after enabling service APIs api2cart 5 Bn Number of calls received by Google daily – served by API Enablement Number of calls served by Facebook daily 4
  5. 5. Industry challenges demanding API enablement of legacy systems Banking platforms • Rising customer expectations • Omnichannel and personalized engagements • Increase in mobile app transactions • Platforms need to cater to increasing services, channels, and products • Innovation from nonbank services and fintechs adding new source of competition Retail supply chain • Deep integration of customer experience across channels and systems for greater impact • Streamline access to internal systems for a personalized and engaging customer experience • Manage growth for dynamic and high-traffic events such as Black Friday holiday shopping Quantified healthcare • Requirements for health data interoperability • Regulation change, technology advancement, and consumer expectations • Focus on payment for outcomes instead of for services requires new business models Media • Media content must be delivered seamlessly from disparate sources and formats • Digital native non-industry upstarts seek to disintermediate established companies • Supporting the never-ending stream of new devices slows innovation 5
  6. 6. So what is holding organizations back? How to handle the monolithic code? How to bring agility? How to expose Z assets to mobile world? Is it possible to reuse existing SOA modules? Will it handle load in peak hours? Digital enablement of mainframe. Will it be a success? How to ensure security and governance? Typical Patterns: • Spaghetti application • SOA-based applications • Storedprocs for direct data access: 6
  7. 7. Be More. Do More. Unlock Value. Deliver Innovation. How can it be achieved?
  8. 8. API enablement options for legacy integrations All terminal screens can be integrated via screen-scrapping technology tools provided by IBM and other vendors Benefits • Quick and easy GUI integration • High time to market Products • IBM HATS, MF RUMBA, Rocket LegaSuite API-led digital integration helps in enabling your monolithic legacy code to be exposed as service and easily build APIs Benefits • Integration to multiplatform applications • Enables to build loosely coupled services • Delivers high reusability Products • MuleSoft, Z/OS Connect Access system of records available on multiple repositories residing on Z/OS and rebuild business logic layer. More commonly used for ETL processing techniques Benefits • MIPS usage can be reduced if the new interface is built outside mainframe • Faster access to legacy data Products • DB2 Direct Connect, IMS Connect, VSE Emulation Digital enablement Data integration 8
  9. 9. Digital enablement architecture using API Architecture overview Enablers overview Business services Application Programs (CICS Cobol, PL1, C, IMS Cobol) CICS TS Web server Z/OS REST (JSON) JSON EXCI TCP / IP - SSL Presentation Application Enablers Business & data HTTP, TCP / IP JSON With digital enablement, through REST APIs mainframe assets can be exposed to mobile applications, cloud, or web. Through MuleSoft connectors and API platform – create and deliver RESTFUL APIs for Z Systems Assets in a unified manner across Z/OS subsystems with integrated auditing, security, and scalability features. API gateway / ESB 9
  10. 10. How do we do it? Be More. Do More. Unlock Value. Deliver Innovation
  11. 11. Services we offer SERVICES API-readiness assessment Curate the complete landscape and provide API recommendations Quick conversion of SOAP / Green- Screens into REST-based services Rapid API conversion API dev & life cycle management Full implementation of API enablement into SOAP or REST-based services based on enterprise alignment API governance Setting up API environment for future app development and POC 11
  12. 12. Key benefits of API enablement with Infosys and MuleSoft 01 02 03 04 05 06 Accelerated implementation Automation to minimize manual intervention Performance improvement Dead-code elimination, componentize to achieve, high reusability, improved maintainability Low risk and disruption Externalization, componentization of business logic, no impact on other systems Reduced cost Savings vis-à-vis non-tool- based approach Quick social, IoT, analytics, and cloud adoption Easily and quickly adopt into any one or more of the options Builds future-ready applications Highly scalable, agile architecture to address evolving needs 12
  13. 13. A business-specific solution from MuleSoft and Infosys 13 MULESOFT ANYPOINT PLATFORM Integrated with DevOps Any cloud / platform support Integrated with QA tools Pluggable common codes Server-less frameworks Container-based frameworks Retail / commerce Consumer banking Supply chain partner interaction Manufacturing plant systems Smart APIs for utilities Insurance agencies interaction Healthcare compliance APIs Parts and overhaul management Infosys microservices Technology platform API for every business API as a Service
  14. 14. The right ‘integrator’ is the biggest enabler of digitization 70+ 300+ Global Clients Partnerships 16,000+ Digital Experts 1,000+ Engagements New-age integrators Reliable yet creative Outcome-based costingHolistic partner Services, consulting, partnerships, products and platforms, and operations Consumer-centricity with high resilience and predictability Guaranteed value, efficiency, and effectiveness Focus across consumer, enterprise, and ecosystem 14
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