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Gathering Operational Intelligence in Complex Environments at Splunk


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How does Splunk, a MuleSoft customer and provider of the leading platform for Operational Intelligence, search, monitor, analyze and visualize transactions from Anypoint Platform? In this session, the Splunk team will discuss how they gather data from cloud and on-premises Mule runtime deployments and enable real-time transaction analysis through Splunk technology for the company's employee onboarding and quote-to-cash processes.

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Gathering Operational Intelligence in Complex Environments at Splunk

  1. 1. Operational Intelligence in complex environment with Splunk
  2. 2. Introduction to Splunk Splunk Started in 2006, Splunk is a $1B company offering both cloud and on-prem software with 2,700 employees worldwide Business Applications The BizApps team manages 30+ applications and the integrations between them SplunkZero Splunk’s in house deployment of our product focused on operational intelligence, application development, product improvement, and customer success
  3. 3. Integration Landscape Anypoint platform Mule (on-prem) COM Quote to Cash Lead to Oppty Cloud Provisioning Employee OnboardingOrder fulfillment
  4. 4. Establishing Operational Intelligence 4 Search and Investigate Proactive Monitoring Operational Visibility Real-time Business Insights Proactive Reactive IT silo chaos Gain real-time insight from operational data to make better-informed business decisions
  5. 5. So what's the big deal?
  6. 6. Microservice CloudhubOn-Prem Complex Service Interactions Service A ` Service B ` Sync Service B1 Service B2 Service B3 Service C Service D Async Sync Request Response
  7. 7. The Journey…. Define Collect Analyze 2 31
  8. 8. Define
  9. 9. Define…. What questions are you asking? What would Sales & Marketing ask? Are we prepared to handle the spike in demands this season? AND… …Questions? Are my services healthy? What happened? (a.k.a. RCA) How do I correlate data in a hybrid services deployment Alert on critical system health and failures What are my KPIs? Did the employee get provisioned in the Netsuite system with the appropriate user role?
  10. 10. Define ApplicationPlatform o Health metrics o Connectivity o Security & Compliance o Service Level Agreements o Logging standards o Events and their correlation o Transaction traceability
  11. 11. Instrumenting Mule Services 1. #[message.Id] ❑ Uniquely tracks a request invocation ❑ Available with most of the flows 1. #[message.correlationId] ❑ Available with most of the flows when applicable 1. Custom properties ❑ Propagate messageId, entityId, trackingId, etc.. as outbound properties ❑ Additional properties like application, service name, flowName
  12. 12. Collect
  13. 13. Collect Splunk App .com Packaged Applications Servers Online Shopping Cart Databases Search & Investigation Proactive Monitoring Operational Visibility Real-time Business Insights HA Indexes and Storage Commodity Servers
  14. 14. SplunkZero Platform
  15. 15. Analyze
  16. 16. Making Sense of it all Sources Message Processing Netsuite Service1 16 trackingId time-series employeeId
  17. 17. Splunk App for Mulesoft Worker Statistics CPU/Memory/Events/IO Application Logs Visualizations Real-time Alerting Troubleshooting Operational Insights Host Statistics Application Event Triggering
  18. 18. Splunk App for Mulesoft
  19. 19. Splunk App for Mulesoft
  20. 20. Splunk App for Mulesoft
  21. 21. Thank You Jyoti Balaji - Alex Cain -
  22. 22. Answers.. What are the answers we are getting? What would Sales & Marketing ask?