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Data Loader for Salesforce |


Published on is simple, free, web based replacement for the Salesfoce Apex data loader. Import, export and delete an unlimited amount of data in using View this presentation to see a short tour of the application, key features include:
* OAuth Login with Salesforce: Use your existing credentials, no security token required
* Data mapping short cuts: Forget drag and drop. Keyboard short cuts help you find fields quickly
* Account ID look up: Find related account ID's without using the Excel VLOOKUP function is powered by CloudHub, an integration platform as a service from MuleSoft. Need to connect your ERP or Finance app to Salesforce? You can build, deploy and manage your integrations easily from the cloud using CloudHub. Start using by visiting our listing on the AppExchange:

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Data Loader for Salesforce |

  1. 1. Simple. Free. No Software.
  2. 2. Find us on the AppExchange! Simple. Free. No software.