Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments


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The proliferation of SaaS and APIs has changed the IT landscape. Applications that you need to connect to now and in the future will be in a variety of languages and likely not in your datacenter. For Microsoft shops, the solutions available to address this challenge failed to meet expectations - until now. These new solutions enable companies to leverage existing Microsoft IT investments and integration logic written in .NET on Anypoint Platform.

Using our new .NET Connector and MSMQ Connector, developers no longer have to to be siloed by coding language or development framework. In the webinar, we will discuss:
1. How to extend and reuse any .NET asset on Anypoint Platform
2. How to connect instantly to existing Microsoft queueing infrastructure, specifically MSMQ
3, How to debug .NET code with Visual Studio in the context of a .NET application
Integrate Microsoft with popular SaaS endpoints, including Sharepoint and Salesforce

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Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments

  1. 1. Bringing Modern Connectivity to Microsoft Environments Presented by: Kent Weare! Solutions Architect! MuleSoft David Wexler! Product Manager! MuleSoft
  2. 2. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. What is the Anypoint Platform? ! The Three Pillars of a Single Integration Platform
  3. 3. What Is The Anypoint Platform? SaaS SOA ! Design, build and manage your entire integration strategy in one place with the only complete platform for SOA, SaaS integration, and APIs.
  4. 4. What Is The Anypoint Platform: The Three Pillars SaaS SOA Can support critical use cases, such as legacy system modernization, service enablement, and shared services. Made possible by easy-to-use tooling with Anypoint Studio and our data integration capabilities Supported by 120 pre-built connectors, including popular SaaS connectors as Salesforce, Workday, and ServiceNow. We also include Anypoint templates for common integration use cases. All delivered on our iPaaS or integration platform as a service, CloudHub. 1 2 3 SOA SaaS API Plan, design, and build APIS. Integrate and run those APIs. Manage and monitor APIs. Engages developers and allows them to consume those APIs. Gives full life cycle support for your API initiatives.
  5. 5. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. MuleSoft is focusing on Microsoft connectivity
  6. 6. MuleSoft Loves Connectors With MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform instantly access a large library of Microsoft products and enable cross-platform connectivity:
  7. 7. The .NET Product Strategy: Connect Anything Connectivity Messaging Web Services / API Focus on 3 core integration competencies Allows us to communicate with on-premise and cloud- based systems Allows customers to build loosely coupled solutions Provide a comprehensive web service and API Platform
  8. 8. Mule ESB's Language Agnostic Vision: A Heterogeneous Environment .NET app Java app Legacy code Sharepoint
  9. 9. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. To provide a seamless experience between technologies. Regardless of the applications and code base used internally, you can connect to the Anypoint Platform. ! ! Anypoint Platform is designed for heterogeneous companies with different languages, technologies, and tools. THE GOAL!
  10. 10. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. What is the Typical .NET Customer?
  11. 11. What is the Typical .NET customer Web App ASP .NET WCF Service (Business Logic) External Service Customer Data (Classic ASP) DB In a typical .NET architecture, you may have:
  12. 12. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. This .NET architecture gets organizations only so far. It usually becomes problematic when change is introduced. THE PROBLEM
  13. 13. Problem: Need to Modernize Computing Landscape + .NET Developer ? Recently, there are several advancements in SaaS applications, such as Salesforce and mobile applications, but there is no clear roadmap on how to integrate these new technologies into the existing .NET platform
  14. 14. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. How do I effectively integrate my new initiatives? THE QUESTION
  15. 15. How Do I Effectively Integrate My New Initiatives? ? ?Mobile Web App ASP .NET WCF Service (Business Logic) External Service Customer Data (Classic ASP) DB
  16. 16. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. The Answer is NOT: Point-to-Point Integration ! A Better Solution: Anypoint Platform
  17. 17. A Better Solution: Anypoint Platform Web App ASP .NET .NET Business Logic DB Mobile .NET Connector External Data Service Rest APIs PublicAPIs SOAP Service (web Service Consumer) MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform helps you quickly and easily bring various technologies into heterogeneous enterprise environments.
  18. 18. Connecting Your Mission Critical Legacy Apps = Transformed .NET Enterprise Web App ASP .NET .NET Business Logic Mobile .NET Connector External Data Service Rest APIs PublicAPIs Billing/finance type system MSMQ Connector DB SOAP Service (web Service Consumer)
  19. 19. Connecting Your Mission Critical Legacy Apps = Transformed .NET Enterprise Connecting through legacy, custom apps through MSMQ is also an option. In the example on the previous slide, the customer is updating the policy system, and MSMQ is responsible for bridging the Mule ESB and the billing system that can only speak MSMQ.
  20. 20. Vision For Developer Experience Custom .NET script/ assembly/library Build and debug integration components in VS.NET With the Anypoint experience, you can drag and drop .NET components into the designer, potentially never touching Java.
  21. 21. Developer Experience Continued: API/RAML (RAML developer experience inside VS.NET IDE) Anypoint Studio API Designer API Manager API Notebook In the future, you will be able to build new APIs using RAML, use great API designer tools, and publish great APIS so others can consume them.
  22. 22. .NET Adoption Path RAML for .NET (Coming Soon) AMQP Connector WCF/JAX Support Visual Studios Designer Integration (coming soon) BizTalk Migrator (coming Soon) MSMQ Connector .NET Connector Microsoft Application Connectors (Dynamics, SharePoint, SQL Server)
  23. 23. Use Cases And Scenarios • Leverage existing investments in business logic (.NET assemblies) • Complex validation / routing • Message transformation / shaping • Highly customized message enrichment • Build a bridge to legacy apps, • Provides asynchronous inbound and outbound messaging • Full support for the ESB platform (modern, high performance) still allowing you to use: ! • Transaction queues • Window authentication • Authentication Queue • Trans-queue • Local and remote queues • Correlation • Message metadata As messages pass through the pipeline, you can act on them or extend them, routing or shaping messages using the languages and tools that your developers are most productive with. .NETConnector MSMQConnector
  24. 24. 2013 • Web Services • Robust Microsoft connector library • MSMQ v1 (alpha) connector • AMQP 0.9.1 Mule ESB 3.5 • Windows Server 2012 R2 certification • New WSDL WS Connector • NET integration beta (MSMQ, .NET Connector) July 2014 • MuleSoft solutions for Microsoft GA • MSMQ Connector • .NET Connector • Best practices library for WCF interop H2 2014 ! " AMQP 1.0 GA ! " Visual Studio RAML Support ! " Visual Studio Integration ! " Updated connectors for Dynamics CRM, SharePoint ! " SharePoint Online / O365 ! Overall Roadmap: MuleSoft solutions for Microsoft 6 month major releases + bi-monthly updates 2013 May 2014 November 2014+July 2014
  25. 25. All contents Copyright © 2013, MuleSoft Inc. For more information and demos, watch full webinar at: ! connectivity-microsoft-environments
  26. 26. Thanks for Your Attention! @wearsy Click Here: To Watch the Full Webinar Follow Us! #MuleSoftWebinar Click Here: For More Information on our . NET Integration Solution Click Here: For the "Unlock the Value of Your .NET Architecture" Whitepaper