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Gallery presentation

  1. 1. GRAFFIK LONDON ART SPACE284 Portobello Road 02031810000London, United Kingdom W10 5TE
  2. 2. Graffik London is not a traditional gallery, its an art place. Whatmakes its uniqueness is not only the high level of the artists representedthere, but also the fact that it is a part of the urban art movement itselfunder its own unique concept. The diversity of products found at Graffik London, ensure that it is intouch with a very wide public. Many people who would not visit atraditional art gallery find themselves walking through the door in orderto admire art in its urban form.Having grown significantly since its opening in August 2009, the galleryis made up by an ethical and friendly team.PLACEGALLERY - ARTISTSGRAFFYARDBACK YARD LESSONSGRAFFINK TATOOEVENTSMUSIC - BATTLESAUCTIONSGRAFFIK AGENCY
  3. 3. ARTISTSSchoony Having had a roaring success in the special effects industry for thepast 20 years and working on features such as RAMBO, CLASH OF THE“Boy Soldier” , Limited Edition of 10 World WideFibreglass mould, 70 x 140 cmInkie Inkie is one of the most notorious graffiti writers in UK history toemerge out of the 80s Bristol scene. Painting alongside 3D and Banksy,coming 2nd in the 1989 World Street Art Championships, the Kingpin wasABC WildstylePrint on bread and butter fine art paper, 2009Limited edition of 30 WolrdwideEmboss Stamped, Numbered and Signed by the artist, 40x60 cm
  4. 4. Grafter "The very best things in life take time and perseverance......otherwisethey would just look shabby and cheap". This is the ethos of London borngraffiti artist Grafter. The intricate detail apparent in his stencil work and Boo Sray Paint on White Canvas, 2009 Limited Edition of 10T.wat T.wat claims that his name came about as a deterrent to fortuitouseBayers who used to steal his street pieces before theRoyal protection Paste, on whole
  5. 5. K-GUYK-GUY has bombarded the urban art scene with his incisive observationsand visual comments about life in 21st century. HeCOKE MOSS, ZERO KATELimited edition printEdition of 6 worldwide in ten different colourwaysOriginal 2010 screenprint signed by artist and numberedE y e s a wI was really into graffiti as kid, i got into a lot of trouble drawing andpainting on things that i shouldn’t have… not a lot has changed
  6. 6. EvolutionLimited edition printM a s a ï ( L o u i s M i c h e l )For me applying marks of creative inspiration are fairly loose. I don’t havea medium I favour or a process that I prefer, the mostCarleen de sozerMaking big waves with her latest collection Carleen de Sozer is widelyregarded as one of London’s most skilled and diverse
  7. 7. Ms Sin 284 Afro and Ms Sin 284 BobbedFreestyle airbrush on canvasLimited edition 10 pieces Worlwide£300Don Don started out in 1984 as one of the golden generation of Londongraffiti artists. Spending his early years in Borneo and onCrying Queen-Union JackSpray Paint on canvas, 2010Original Artwork Open Edition
  8. 8. GRAFF YARDThe gallery is constantly swarming with artists with a thirst forcollaboration, creativity and the possibility of expressing themselvesfreely (and safely) on the walls of Graffik’s Graff Garden.The Graff Garden, an enclosed outdoor space at the back of the gallerysurrounded by high walls, is a place where street art comes to lifenaturally. So, what the street artist can do in the street, he/she can alsodo at Graffik London.
  9. 9. Back Yard LESSONS BY SWANGRAFFIK LONDON has an army of the best graffiti artists around just itching toshow you how to use a tin.Whether you know the difference between a dub, a throw up or a wholecar itdoesnt matter - our guys have put together a fantastic range of beginners,intermediate and advanced courses to school you in the different techniques,skills and theories needed when painting walls.The beginners lesson will include two tins of paint per student included in thefee of £20 per hour and will last approximately 2 hours."As a beginner, we take it that the individual has no formal trainning using tins,therefore we aim to introduce them to the spraycan and show them differentcaps that produce different effects thus showing the basics of constructingletters."Participants must be at least 10 years of age.
  10. 10. GRAFFINKCustom Tatoo/ Piercing
  11. 11. GRAFFIK EVENTSMusic, battles, auctions, artistsshow...
  12. 12. MUSIC AND BATTLESGraffik host and organize regular events such as art show, music performance.GRAFF BATTLES AND MUSICCOLLABORATION DON LETS AND THE SUPPER CLUB
  13. 13. Suggar Hill Gang filmed in GRAFFIK LONDON
  15. 15. GRAFFIK AGENCYGraffiti Art for your place :Night club - Office - School - Workshop - Bedroom - Bar …Event :Live Events - Product Lauches - TV & Video - Business meeting -Promotional events …We can work straight onto the walls of the venue or upon boards,canvas etc & can be easily stored for future events.Gift ideas :Car/Van - Custom prints - Canvas - Clothing …Graffik London is also an innovative street artists agency. Giving theopportunity to interior designers, visual art professionals connectedwith traditional Graffiti, Stencil art, Marker pen art …Our gallery provides an access for designers to search for artists.Professionals can also have the opportunity to arrange a time withthe artists at the gallery, where they are provided a secure space.Graffik London has an artist for every type of creative project.
  16. 16. Customized carPortobello Fresh Juice BaR