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  1. 1. A personalised direct sales platform for solo-entrepreneurs and thought leaders online. Mulaa is empowering entrepreneurs to sell better! ! " ! "
  2. 2. 1.32m Twi!er 6.80m Instagram Addressable Advertising Audience *Data source, wearesocial 2019 Digital Report How do you sell on these platforms?
  3. 3. THE SALES CHALLENGE As a bussiness operator… How do I convert social media audience to customers in the moment ? How do I give my audience a visual showcase of my products and empower them to pay quickly? How do I tactically followup with prospects who saw my products but did not make a transaction? How do I reduce the time it takes to sell to my existing audience on social media?
  4. 4. ? How do you acheive all that on the move while a!ending to other things without a developer, designer or digital-savvy assistant
  5. 5. MULAA PROPOSITION Blend simple content and commerce in one link Available for whatsapp status, instagram bios and email signatures, no-code, cms or developer required. 4
  6. 6. Similar to Linktree* but with hosted content and payment integrated. *thought-leaders currently use linktree to host multiple links on their Instagram bio 5
  7. 7. Similar to Paystack* payment page but with visuals and other sales focused tools like retargeting. *entrepreneurs currently use paystack pages to take payments online
  8. 8. Solopreneurs want to sell more online without the commitment required to manage ‘ecommerce’ or sales prospecting 7 
  9. 9. Existing Solution entreprenuers employ OPTION 1 DIY (80% do this) ! " ! " # showcase on instagram (because of it’s visual appeal) 1 Take enquiries on whatsapp or email 2 send bank account or Paystack/Ravepay link to collect payment 3 while awaiting payment, proceed to negotiate delivery terms/fees with thirdparty. 4 No payment recieved, proceed to followup prospect with ‘hope’ of sale soon 5
  10. 10. All of this takes an average of 45-90mins to convert 1 sale, imagine having to do this throughout a 10 hour work day, of which not all enquiry will close as a sale and no hope of picking up the conversation at a later date.
  11. 11. Existing Solution entreprenuers employ OPTION 2 Spray and Pray (10% do this)! " ! " # Hire a developer or an agency 1 Build an ecommerce website 2 Spend on advertising, spread budget thin, hope and pray it works 3 Experience poor customer service due to the time commitment to this new platform (hire additional staff) 4 Eventually abandon project/platform as they can’t sustain developer fees or running cost 5
  12. 12. And this is just one layer to the ‘sales conversion’ challenge experienced daily mulaa presents a no-code way to sell online, followup prospects, collect leads, and keep sales records.
  13. 13. Store (shoppable products) WITH MULAA Focus on selling, not managing website, sell be!er with mulaa, optimised for conversion 4 ! Facebook Pixel (retarget audience) Custom Link Payment integrated (multiple currencies*) ! Custom Form* (Build list) ɯ Quick Chat  Content Links* *coming soon ! Automatic Upsell* Analytics (which product is ge!ing more a!ention) "
  14. 14. Simple Pricing. No Messy Percentages. or or 6k monthly 15k Quaterly 54k Annual (save 3months) START NOW for everything, no limits
  15. 15. START NOW Sell Better with 45
  16. 16. START NOW Sell Better with You sell products? we enable you sell be!er Get in touch