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Goal setting - Evergreen Basics


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How to set a goal and realizing it too..

Published in: Self Improvement
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Goal setting - Evergreen Basics

  1. 1. Goal Setting We don’t Plan to Fail We Fail to Plan
  2. 2. What is a Goal?  Aim  An object or end that one strives to attain
  3. 3. Vocabulary  Vision  Major Goals  Operational Goals  Tasks
  4. 4. Why Set Goals?  Achieve More  Get Organized  Improve Self-confidence  Perform Better
  5. 5. Setting Effective Goals  Positive Statements  Be Precise  Set Priorities  Write Goals down  Keep Operational Goals small.  Break down goals into smaller goals and tasks that can be easily accomplished.
  6. 6. General Principles .  Set performance goals, not outcome goals  Create goals that you can control  Set specific goals  Set realistic goals
  7. 7. Why are goals set too high?  Others set goals for you  Insufficient information  Base a goal on your best performance  Lack of respect for self
  8. 8. Why goals are set too low?  Fear of failure  Taking it easy
  9. 9. Thinking a goal through  What skills do I need to achieve this?  What information and knowledge to I need?  What help, assistance, or collaboration do I need?  What resources do I need?  What difficulties do I need to be prepared to face?  Am I making any assumptions?  Is there a better way of doing things?
  10. 10. Why we can fail?  Goals are set too high  Goals are not a challenge  Goals are too vague  Goal setting is done in an unsystematic, sporadic, disorganized manner  Too many non prioritized goals
  11. 11. Feedback and Reflection  Key to the success of this endeavor  Need to be willing to fail, to take chances  Need to be willing to talk about the failures
  12. 12. Successful Feedback  Was the goal too easy?  What did you learn ?  What skills could I develop to make this project easier?
  13. 13. Failure Feedback  Was the goal too difficult?  Was the Goal unrealistic?  Faulty logic  Improper technique, skills, or knowledge  Did we put enough effort into the project?
  14. 14. Achieving your goals  Goal setting is your servant not your master.  Take time to celebrate.  “If I had three hours to cut down a tree, I would spend two hours sharpening the axe!” -Abraham Lincoln