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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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  1. 1. As you arrive to your work place... Pray to God and ask his guidance!!
  2. 2. Greet your colleagues... That is called friendship!!
  3. 3. Give to everybody the best of yourself... That is called sincerity!!
  4. 4. Program and organize your day... That is called reflection!!
  5. 5. That is called taking action!! Now that you have planned everything begin to work...
  6. 6. Trust that everything will be O.K…. That is called faith!!
  7. 7. That is called enthusiasm!! Work with happiness...
  8. 8. That is called excellence!! Give the best of yourself...
  9. 9. Help those with more difficulties than you... That is called compassion!
  10. 10. That is called tolerance!! Understand that not everybody is at your level...
  11. 11. Receive praise with reticence... That is called humility!!
  12. 12. God is with you...God is with you... That is called LOVE!!That is called LOVE!!