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Mukul & chirag


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rotor spinning

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Mukul & chirag

  1. 1. OVERVIEW Rotor spinning- earlier and today Navel selection- navel and fibre parameters Properties of navel Function of navel Effect of navel on different yarn properties Latest navel designs
  3. 3. Modern rotor Vs. conventionalRotor Regularity of appearance Reduced imperfection count More abrasion resistant More extensible Less hairy
  4. 4. Components in OE–rotorspinning Opening roller Rotor Navel
  5. 5. Importance of Navel Twist insertion in yarn. Decides the yarn characteristics.
  6. 6. Working Principle of navel
  7. 7. PROPERTIES THE NAVELMUST POSSES Maximum service life Minimum heat generation. Reduced fly and dust generation. Soft as a steel navel to the yarn. Higher rotor speed.
  8. 8. NAVEL SELECTION – fibreparameters Natural fibres. Synthetic fibres. Fibres blend.
  9. 9. NAVEL SELECTION- Navelparameters Number of notches Form of notches Structure of navel surface Surface geometry of navel Radius Grooves Rotor speed
  10. 10. Draw off nozzles shapes Smooth. Notches. Spirals. Whirl inserts.
  11. 11. Effect of navel on different yarnproperties Evenness (U%) Yarn imperfection (thin-thick places and neps) Hairiness (H) Tenacity (cN/tex) Elongation (%)