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Automation in combers ppt

  1. 1. In this challenging world “improvement andinnovation” is the only formula to survive inever growing market.So the main focus of this presentation is toacquaint you all with the moderndevelopments in comber.
  2. 2.  SB D 22 + E 35 Omega lap (Latest) Homogeneous lap build-up. Good fibre orientation and batt structure. Even tension through belt lapping system. Fully automated Servo trolleys. Prodn 520Kg/hr Higher batt Weight till 80g/m
  3. 3.  Latest development in Lap changing system
  4. 4.  Prodn increased by 2% under same Quality. Piecing quality measurably improved. Fiber wastage reduced.
  5. 5.  In modern combers nipper have to open more than 8 times/sec. General construction of nipper assembly1. Guide plate2. Top nipper3. Bottom nipper4. Pivot point(a)5. Spring
  6. 6.  Metal used – Aluminum magnesium alloy for side body & jaws are made of fine steel. Introduction of web guide plate near feed roll. Distance b/w feed roll & nipper mouth has been reduced. Reduced vibrations. Clamping line distance reduced Concentric synchronize movement of the nippers
  7. 7.  Circular combs mainly the core element. They remove short fibers, trash neps & seed trash. Fibers are parallelized at the same time.Advancemento Ri-Q-Comb from graf.o Large combing area - 130°.o Different combs acc. To staple length.
  8. 8.  With separately exchangeable segments. No. of point increases from 160 up to approx. 900 points/inch. Ensured distance of the lower nipper to the clothing points of the comb remains exactly the same over the total angle.
  9. 9.  Ri-Q-Top top combs. Top combs equipped with self cleaning technique. Top comb holders are equipped with air flow which blows even air for self cleaning. Sequence can be varied from 2 nips to once in 64 nips. (2,4,16,32,64). Better combing Quality due to 100% cleaned top comb. New geometry that matches the curve of detaching roller.
  10. 10.  Helical fluting with larger distance and fine diagonal. Convexly ground, i.e. their centre diameter is slightly increased. Proximity sensor which monitors the sliver in condensation process.
  11. 11.  Clamping line distance reduced.
  12. 12.  By Reiter• Top roll diameter increased(Ø 45MM)• Steel stripper• Steel plunger• Extraction from abv.
  13. 13.  By Trutzschler• Individually controllable pneumatic loading.• Toothed belt drives ensure low-maintenance operation and quiet running.• Feed top roll remains on the slivers and thus prevents the slivers from slipping back• Pneumatic web threading.
  14. 14.  New gear with compensating elements for high nip values and low energy consumption and use of timing belts. For higher precision the detaching rollers are driven by double cams. An oscillator with differential gear allows longer overlapping during piecing
  15. 15.  Tco1 by truetzschler  E 80 by Rieter