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Communication skills


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Communication skills are very important in one's personal and professional life. If one can understand the importance of communication and can master the various modes of communication, life will be much easier.

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Communication skills

  1. 1. Mrs.Muktai Chavan Deb Assistant Professor Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Institute Of Management Technology & Research Dhanawte National College, Nagpur Communication Skills
  2. 2. Why Communicate?  To inform  To convey  To persuade  To request  To warn  To reassure
  3. 3. Types of Communication Communication Written Oral Communication Formal Informal
  4. 4. Verbal Communication Pitch volume Language Spoken Intonation Variations in voice Good Vocabulary Choice of words
  5. 5. Miscommunication is probably the biggest single cause of business foul-ups. You think you were clear; you think you provided the complete picture; you think the other person understood. And yet the work product does not meet your expectations. What went wrong and how can you prevent it from happening again?
  6. 6. Barriers to Communication  Perceptions  Language  Semantics  Personal Interests  Emotions  Environment – noise  Preconceived notions/expectations  Wordiness  Attention span  Physical hearing problem  Speed of thought
  7. 7. Importance At our own work place  One may not be able to speak ,write or understand in various forums, meetings due to language barriers, lack of adequate knowledge.  Attitude plays an important role as a barrier.  Recording information like making notes, minutes of meetings that can be retrieved for future reference.  Team briefing between team members on important decisions made.  Interdepartmental miscommunication viz purchase with production , Finance with sales due to which organizations may suffer loss of image ,finance etc.  Improper data management leading to lack of information.  Unable to adapt to the needs of changing environment viz social media ,electronic media etc..
  8. 8. Importance At a personal level  Lack of expression may develop a improper feeling among each others.  Relationships often may get emotional and erupt into hurtful exchanges that do not resolve any thing due to improper communication.  Harsh ,rude & negative talk can ruin short term as well as long term relation ships.  Personal ego’s stop one another to have a free flow of communications.  Incorrect body language can be misleading.
  9. 9. Try to understand yourself and then you can understand others
  10. 10. Let us test our communications style
  11. 11. Communications is the LIFELINE of any relationship, When you Stop Communicating, You start loosing your valuable relationships.
  12. 12. Thank you for Patient Listening! No Queries means You have Understood EVERYTHING OR NOTHING!