Career options for ECE engineers in VLSI and Embedded systems domain


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Career options for ECE engineers in VLSI and Embedded systems domain

  1. 1. Career Options for ECE Students in VLSI and Embedded Domain
  2. 2. o Telecommunication o Software Development o Consumer Electronics o Semiconductor o Embedded Systems o Etc.
  3. 3. o Product Based Company – Building their own product and selling it in market o Service Based company – Building product, application or part of them, for other companies and their clients
  4. 4. o Telecom equipment R&D, manufacturing companies are purely under Embedded Systems and VLSI Industry o Telecom Equipments built on embedded platforms with advanced micro processors called network processors Ex. Products: Modem, Routers, Switches, Firewalls etc Ex. Companies: Agere Systems, Broadcom, Infineon and Cisco etc. o Monitoring Network 24x7 Ex: Airtel, Idea, Reliance, Tata Indicom etc
  5. 5. o EDA Company – Electronics Design Automation Software development Ex. Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor, Xilinx etc. o ASIC Design Company – Application Specific Integrated Circuit Ex. Texas Instruments, Intel, Cisco, Xilinx, Altera etc. o FPGA Design Company – Programmable Logic Devices like FPGA and CPLD Design Ex. Xilinx, Altera, Tejas Network, Cisco etc. o Fab/Foundry – IC manufacturing/fabrication Ex. Intel, STMicro, IBM, TSMC, UMC, TI and Samsung etc
  6. 6. 1. EDA Flow 2. ASIC Design Flow 3. PLDs Flow (FPGA/CPLDs) Frontend Tools Backend Tools VLSI 4. Chip Fabrication Frontend Flow Backend Flow Frontend Flow Backend Flow
  7. 7. Physical design Design Architecture
  8. 8. Design Architecture Backend
  9. 9. o Software designed and developed to serve ASIC Design, FPGA Design, Analog Mixed signal and Circuit design community o Software IP designs o Etc.
  10. 10. o Specialization is required in Microelectronics from some premier institutions o Semiconductor fabrication plants (fab) is a factory where devices such as integrated circuits are manufactured
  11. 11. Design Engineers •ASIC frontend designer •FPGA frontend designer •ASIC physical design engineer •AMS (Analog Mixed Signal) designer •Library developer •IP design engineer Verification Engineers •Front-end verification engineer •FPGA Back-end verification engineer •Physical design verification engineer •AMS verification engineer •EDA tool validation engineer •IP verification engineer •Board validation engineer
  12. 12. EDA/CAD Engineers •Software Development Engineer •Software Test Engineer •Regression and Automation Engineer •Build and Release Engineer Application Engineers •Field Application Engineer (FAE) •Corporate Application Engineer (CAE) •Application Engineer Technical Support •Tech Support Engineer •Product Application Engineer (PAE)
  13. 13. Reliability Engineer Fab/Foundry Engineer Marketing and Sales Executive
  14. 14. • Proficient in C, C++, Java • Data Structures • C/Java Debugger • Understanding of ASIC/FPGA flow • HDL (VHDL, Verilog, SV etc) Knowledge • Scripting Language CShell, Perl, Tcl and Python etc EDA/CAD Engineer
  15. 15. •Proficient in Digital Electronics Design •FPGA Architecture •RTL coding using HDL (VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog) •Test bench writing using HDL •Verification Methodologies like OVM, VMM •Protocol knowledge •Knowledge of ASIC/FPGA frontend tools (Synthesis, Simulation, FV etc) •Scripting Language CShell, Perl, Tcl and Python etc •Knowledge of C ASIC/FPGA Frontend Design & Verification
  16. 16. •Exposure with Cadence, Magma or Synopsys backend tools •Digital circuit to transistor level design translation •Floor planning, power grid analysis, placement and routing •CTS (clock tree synthesis), DRC-LVS (layout versus schematic) closure, timing closure, signal integrity •Layout design and verification •Scripting Language like CShell, Perl and Tcl •Knowledge of C ASIC Physical Design & Verification
  17. 17. •FPGA Architecture •Exposure with FPGA backend tools •Floor planning, power grid analysis, placement and routing •CTS (clock tree synthesis), timing closure, signal integrity •Debugging on FPGA board •Scripting Language like CShell, Perl and Tcl •Knowledge of C FPGA Backend Design & Verification
  18. 18. o Embedded system is combination of hardware (micro-computer) and software, either fixed in capability of programmable, Specifically designed for particular functionality Ex applications: Industrial Machines, automobiles, medical equipment, Space, cameras, household appliances, agriculture, airplanes, vending machines, cellular phone, PDA and toys etc.
  19. 19. •Automotive embedded (Includes robotics) •Healthcare devices •Telecommunications (Mobiles,2G,3G,4G,LTE, Data Communications) •Satellite communications •Avionics (Aeroplanes ...) •Testing and Measurement Sub Domains
  20. 20. o Embedded systems opportunity is expected to touch $36 billion in terms of the semiconductors by 2015. o The jobs in embedded space will increase ten-fold from the current 60,000 professionals to over 6 lakh people by 2015. -According to survey by Frost and Sullivan
  21. 21. Embedded Software Engineers •System software engineer (Kernel and RTOS) •Application software engineer (Device Drivers) •Software test engineer Embedded Hardware Engineers •Hardware engineer •Board (hardware) validation engineer
  22. 22. Application Engineers • Application Engineer Technical Support • Tech Support Engineer • Product Application Engineer (PAE) Marketing and Sales • Marketing executive • Sales executive
  23. 23. Software/Programming Skills • Proficient in C ad C++ • Data Structures • C Debugger • Kernel Programming • Device Drivers • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) • Creative Thinking (to automate solution) Hardware Skills • Basic electrical, electronics concepts • Micro-computer/Microprocessor architecture • Microcontroller Programming Environment • Protocol knowledge • Sensors, actuators and peripheral hardware • Electronic Circuit Board Design and Troubleshooting