Dr.M.Mukhtar AlamCoordinatorNational Forum of Muslim Organisations, New DelhiToMaulana Ilyasi,All India Imams Organisation...
Allah SWT commanded all to prostrate to Adam PBUH .All except Iblis did notobey Allah SWT.With the above, I request you to...
mankind" !And Allah had placed all the Knowledge and Authority in Adam and ordered allthe angels to submit and bow down ! ...
before (them, and their footprints. And all things We have kept in a ManifestImam.13. Coin for them a similitude: The peop...
12." On the day when thou (Muhammad) wilt see the believers, men and women,their light shining forth before them and on th...
" Are you not haughty and arrogant...whenever a Messenger comes to you, someyou have branded liars and some you have kille...
And do not be like those who divide and differ after clarifications have come tothem; for theirs is a terrible torment (Su...
Knowledge (ilm) Versus Ignorance (jahl):"... the opposite of knowledge (ilm) is ignorance (jahl). Thus, in the Wise Quranj...
"Verily, Allah, to whom belong Might and Majesty, has placed the progeny ofeach Prophet into his backbone (Sulb), and He, ...
The explanation of this is to be found in another verse:“And had there not been God averting some people’s (doom) by other...
(as well as the crowd at Jumu’a Salat) of who the family of the Prophet (AhlulBayt) were, and what atrocities took place i...
I ask Thee by Thy generosity to show kindness toward me through Thy gifts,with that which will give serenity to my soul, a...
And our hearts should be filled with His awe such that our feelings should beBaynal-Khaufi war-Rajaa (between hope and fea...
Muslims are told that when giving in charity, they must not follow up their giftswith reminders of their generosity or wit...
It is narrated that Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) has said: "Allah will not accept theNamaz of the person who stares angrily at hi...
It is to him, the ever living guide.In order to show that this Word of God must always be manifested in this world,the Qur...
"You are from us, the ahl al-bayt".We should not forget that the means of such a unique and most exalted spiritualprogress...
Peace be upon you, O Sovereign Lordof Cairo, and all their gain abides with you.Allah says:"Allah did choose Adam and Noah...
Obedience to him is obligatory. Imam Jafar Sadik said: "We are the ones towhom God has made obedience obligatory.The peopl...
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Leadership / Imamat for Believers is Divinely Decreed


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The letter to Maulana Ilyasi of All India Imams Organisation is for correcting the translation of verse 17:71 where singular word of Imam is translated to mean as plural aimma (peshwaaun/Imamaun). I have the discourse on Imamat/Leadership of Believers that is divenely decreed and Not a matter of consultation (shoora).

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Leadership / Imamat for Believers is Divinely Decreed

  1. 1. Dr.M.Mukhtar AlamCoordinatorNational Forum of Muslim Organisations, New DelhiToMaulana Ilyasi,All India Imams OrganisationMasjid Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New DelhiNew Delhi-110001Dear Maulana Ilyasi sahib,With salam to you, all in the family and neighbourhood after due hamd and sanafor Allah SWT and salam to the prophet PBUH and HF, I would like you torecall the conversation we had regarding the translation of the word Imam in theverse 17:71 of the holy Qur’aan on 8 February 2013 after our meeting with theTunisian Sufi Singer who had a word with you regarding the fact that theKhutba is offered in translation in Urdu or in the language that is understood byall attending to Jumaa salaat. I also endorsed his suggestion considering thepractice of Khutba on the occasion following the standard practice. Needless tosay, Arabic speaking listeners are few among those attending the Jum’aa prayerand therefore , it is important that whatever speech is delivered should betranslated in the Urdu/Hindi language in order to let people understand clearlyas to what is being stated. The Tunisian muslim also mentioned the importanceof local language for delivering the message. Being one among the muslims whounderstands the criticality of delivering the message of Allah SwT and theprophet, I hope an pray that you would be making the needful arrangements andthus present an example for the pesh-Imams of the masajids in India and rest ofthe non-Arabic speaking world.Here, I am pleased to share a long conversation on the concept of Imamat thatyou may like to read for understanding how it is important to correct translationfor those who do not understand Arabic. I need not repeat again that in the verse17:71 , the word Imam is referred in singular and NOT plural. You may knowthat the Imam for muslims is among the muslims and appointed by Allah SWTand He is present in all the ages. The Imam is the Light of Allah SWT in whomwe are called to believe as per 68:8. The Light of Allah / Nurullah then is the onewho is witness over the nations.The Imam/Khalifa in our time appointed by Allah SWT according to themuslims following the Imam understanding the verse 3:33,34. 4:59 ,muhabala,Sura Kauthar, is Kareem Shah Al-Hussaini with around 16-20 million muslimsaccepting him as such and they are giving to Allah SwT, the kins et all asunderstood commonly by muslims at the rate of 12.5%.Recognition of Imam in our time is like the recognition of the Imamat andKhilafat of Adam AS by angels and jinns except Satan. So ,then we know thisway that non recognition of the Imamat is like rejection of Iblis who was thrownout of the heaven for not accepting Adam PBUH and not prostrating to him.
  2. 2. Allah SWT commanded all to prostrate to Adam PBUH .All except Iblis did notobey Allah SWT.With the above, I request you to please correct the meaning of the verse 17:71that is displayed in your masjid. Your response to my suggestion that ‘iska kuchnahi ho sakta’ while accepting that the translation of word Imam as Imamaun(peshwaaon) Ayimma in Urdu is not correct. I am sure you would not like to beone who is sharing a false translation for readers at the masjid. As muslims, weneed to please Allah SwT and not anyone else when the word goes against thecommand of Allah SwT.With salam to allDr.M.Mukhtar AlamDelhi, IndiaOn Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 7:51 AM, Zina Khan <> wrote:There is nothing complicated in what I have shown...it is as straight forward as itgets....now how I unravel is my prerogative....plus if you ever believe that I amwriting for only you to read then you are sorely mistaken.....at least 5 - 10thousand people should read it...and this is my aim...or for me it is a sheer wasteof time...CONCEPT OF IMAMATE IN HOLY QURANThe word Imam (pl. a’imma) is derived from amma, meaning to lead the way,precede, or to lead by example.Thus, the Imam means a model, an exemplar, a teacher, a guide or a path.With the Prophet, the Khatim al-anbiya (seal of the prophets), the cycle ofprophecy (da’irat an-nubuwwa) was closed, but God did not thenceforth leaveHis people without guidance on the way to Himself. For the majority, the guidewas the revealed Book.For these who became known as the Shi’ites, the guide through this world ofdivine wisdom (hikma ilahiyya) was and is the infallible Imam.The Imam is also Wali Allah and is from Allah the closing of the propheticalcycle heralded the opening of another, i.e., the da’irat al-walaya.The word Imam is used seven times in singular and five times in plural form inthe Quran.Anyone who insults and defames the prophets family, God has this to say tothem..Sura al Qalam 68:13 says" That they are base-born (illegitimate birth) i.e. theydo not belong to their real father...Why dont you ask God why HE appointed Imams for mankind?People cannot choose the Imams nor are they elected (like you do) by mankind....Imamat is not a new phenomena - nor a concoction ...Imams have beenappointed by God since the time of Adam and Abraham....but Iblis have rejectedthem and so they have become Satan now just the way you are !Abraham was also promoted to be the Imam after he successfully passed the testGod had set for him..."And when his Lord tried Abraham with HIS commandsand he fulfilled them, HE said " Lo I have appointed Thee as the IMAM for
  3. 3. mankind" !And Allah had placed all the Knowledge and Authority in Adam and ordered allthe angels to submit and bow down ! so this vesting has been there since the timeof Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Abraham....like I said before ..Ignorance is a worstkind of terrorism and you are so ignorant that it is simply appalling!An Imam like the prophet is directly appointed by God Himself and peoplecannot appoint or elect an Imam !Hazrat Abraham had prayed to God that his descendants also be madeImams...read Sura al Baqarah and then read Sura ale Imran...then read Sura alMaidah and then read the Prophets hadith ..." INNAL QURAN ONZILLA ALA SABATU AHROFIN MA MINHAHARFON ILLA WALLAHU ZAHERON WA BATANON WA INNA ALI IBNEABI TALIB, INDAHU MINHO ZAHERO WAL BATIN"...Shias and Sunnisboth accept this legitimacy !"O Ali thy flesh is my flesh ....thy blood is my blood ....O ! Ali thou art to me asAaron was to Moses..." ..so laloo whom are you following?"For those who consider me as their Mawla, Ali is their Mawla too.." ! veryconclusive !"O ! Allah love those who love Ali ! and hate those who hate Ali ! and help thosewho help Ali !...."" I leave two things after me...the Quran and my Ahl al Bayt"...they are tied witha long Rope...follow both , if you follow BOTH you will never go astray!The converse is that you have gone astray....and so now you know whom Allahrefers to in Sura al Hamd--- On Thu, 11/17/11, ghulam yusuf < > wrote:Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 1:36 AMDear ZinaCan you kindly write in simpler words what you want to convey. Also can youcut down the length of your writing to a couple of paragraphs instead of writinga booklet to answer each question? No one can spare so much time.We know about your religious knowledge but please make it short.Ghulam Yusuf--- On Wed, 16/11/11, Zina Khan <> wrote:Date: Wednesday, 16 November, 2011, 20:18The two unprecedented and magnificent things, each of which is weightier thanthe heaven and the earth, or rather the entire universe, are the Qurân and itsTeacher (the Imam) whom the Prophet appointed as his khalifah or successor. Itis they who are the rope of God which is stretched from the heaven to the earthto lift the people of the earth to the heaven (Sharh, X, 481)." [Source: Tawil 669:A Thousand Wisdoms]12. Lo! We it is Who bring the dead to life. We record that which they send
  4. 4. before (them, and their footprints. And all things We have kept in a ManifestImam.13. Coin for them a similitude: The people of the city when those sent (fromAllah) came unto them; 14. When We sent unto them twain, and they deniedthem both, so We reinforced them with a third, and they said: Lo! we have beensent unto you. 15. They said: Ye are but mortals like untoThe light of wisdom (the Quran) in the heart of the Holy Prophet is as protectedas the lamp in the glass. Verses 77 to 79 of al Waqi-ah clearly state that theQuran is a protected book; and no one can touch it save the thoroughly purified,the Ahl ul Bayt, according to the verse 33 of Ahzab.Therefore the true interpretation of "light upon light" is the Holy Prophet andhis Ahl ul Bayt. It is further made clear in the next verse.For "Allah guides whom He wills to His light" see the commentary of alBaqarah: 256 and 257- he who believes in Allah, indeed, has taken hold of thefirmest handhold (or rope) which will not break off.Allah brings them out of the darkness into light-It is obvious that those who areguided unto His light are the thoroughly purified ones.They alone are the manifestations of the real light.Those who follow these reflections of the divine light receive guidance from thegrace of Allah to the extent or degree of their sincere attachment to them.Another proof of how the light, the real existence of the Prophets and Imams ishidden in the Word , is mentioned in the Quran regarding Hazrat Ibrahim:"And he (Ibrahim) made it (i.e., the Light of Prophethood and Imamat) a Wordenduring among his children, that they may return (to Him)" (43:28). That isHazrat Ibrahim entrusted his children with all the attributes and characteristicsof Prophethood and Imamat in the form of a pure and wisdom-filled Word,which continues in his progeny till the Resurrection. ...and so you guys are out tolunch..! enjoy !The spiritual and luminous existence of the Prophet also was hidden in the pureWord, as God says:"So keep your duty to Allah, O men of understanding!O ye who believe! Now Allah has sent down unto you a dhikr (remembrance)who is a messenger reciting unto you the clear verses of Allah, so that those whobelieve and do good deeds may be brought from darkness into light." (65:10-11).This verse is addressed to "men of understanding" i.e. the Imams of ahl al-bayt,for they only are on the perfect level of intellect and faith, and the Light of theProphet in the form of dhikr, has descended upon them and by the virtue of that,they are called ahl al-dhikr, the people of remembrance.This dhikr or Word is the Light of Prophethood and Imamat which contains theluminous and living realities of the Quran.The path of Muhamad is abundantly clear as crystal - read his Mutawatirahadith "Aman al Umma - "Al-Safina" - "Yawm al Dar" - "Al-Manzila" - "Al-Thaqalyn"...Path of Muhammad will lead to Allah !13."... On the day when the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women willsay unto those who believe: Look on us that we may borrow from your light! itwill be said: Go back and seek for light!Then there will separate them a wall wherein is a gate, the inner side whereofcontaineth mercy, while the outer side thereof is toward the doom...".
  5. 5. 12." On the day when thou (Muhammad) wilt see the believers, men and women,their light shining forth before them and on their right hands, (and wilt hear itsaid unto them. That is the supreme triumph..."." who would lend me a goodly loan and "he" would multiply it for him and forhim will be a rich reward.." (57:11).......So first at least return your amanat to God and HIS Prophet !Tawil of word Yastanbitûna (They deduce, discover, they do istinbâat):"Istinbâat primarily means "to dig a well and bring out water for the first time".Secondarily it is used in the sense of thinking, reflection, to penetrate deeply(Qâmûs, p. 77). For instance, istanbatash- shay means to reveal a thing from itshidden state.Verse (4:83), in which it is used, clearly means that after the holy Prophet, it isthe ulul-amr, the Imams from the progeny of the holy Prophet, who bring outthe inner meaning of the Qurânic verses, because it is they who know the tawil(inner meaning) of the Qurân." [Source: Tawil 980: A Thousand Wisdoms]Tawil of word Muslimah (The community of the pure Imams):"A true Muslim is the one who submits himself to God.In this sense, Hazrat Ibrâhîm and Hazrat Ismâil prayed: "Our Lord! Make ussubmitters to You and of our progeny a submitting community (ummatanmuslimah) to You (by true obedience)." (2:128).This shows that ummatan muslimah is the community of the pure Imâms whoare the progeny of Hazrat Ibrâhîm and Hazrat Ismâil (See Daâim, I, 33). "[Source: Tawil 812: A Thousand Wisdoms] ...and so praying THROUGH them isthe best course to take as Allah recognizes them and their submission and theirvoices....and their supplications...--- On Thu, 11/17/11, Zina Khan < > wrote:Date: Thursday, November 17, 2011, 1:01 AM"..in case of ALI, he could not even prevent/madat his own assassination......."Would it be reasonable to then say that Uthman destroyed the Quran compiledearlier on by the previous Caliphs and Allah could not do much nor prevent thisdestruction, but watch helplessly and now you do not have the original Quran?btw...why do you address or send salutations to the prophet after your salat (al-salamu alaykum ayyuhal nabiyyu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu)? ...are yougiving lip service and showing hypocrisy which is typical in your cults anyway?What nonsense are you guys spitting from your mouths?Jesus was put on the cross? Uthman was killed ...Bibi Aeisha waskilled....Khulafa e Rashideen too was destroyed - so then the same question isbeing asked of you? Are you both suggesting that neither they nor Allah was ableto prevent all this?.....is that why you pious and good folks then became thepatrons and followers of butchers and murderers....and followed their "sunnah"and now claim you follow Muhamads sunnah and Islam?....Can someone who kills your children and family, ever convince anyone that theylove you and still follows you?...You are just Jokers!"And call NOT those who are slain in the way of God "dead"..NAY they areLIVING....only ye perceive Not..." (Sura al Baqara - Verse 154
  6. 6. " Are you not haughty and arrogant...whenever a Messenger comes to you, someyou have branded liars and some you have killed.."" And when we took your promise that you would not shed the blood of yourown and would not drive your own from their homes, you then confirmed it, asyou yourselves bear witness...""wretched is that for which they have sold themselves, that they should rejectwhat God has sent down in arrogant jealousy that God should send it down fromdivine grace...""Wrath upon wrath and for the ungrateful is a humiliating torment.."Have you guys read Sura Noor? Perhaps you have not understood what it says?Real knowledge is related to the internal (spiritual) world and is given to aperson who practices his faith.Now let’s examine this ayah..." WE sent thee NOT save as a MERCY for theWorlds..." (Sura al Anbiya - verse 107)..It is clear that Allah personified HIS Mercy through Muhammad ( peace be onhim)...admittedly the Prophet is now no longer with us since almost 1400 yearsor so....I have shown ayat relating to "chastisement" which Allah says HE withheld asthe Prophet was amongst the people...Now what happens to this blessing of MERCY as the Prophet is no longer withus? Any idea? Or does that mean that we are now all open to Chastisement andno mercy?Is Allah so unjust that all the generations who came after the Prophets death didnot enjoy the same blessings, the Umma enjoyed during the time of the Prophet?"In the Sea of the Spirit, swimming is no avail: Noahs ark is the only escape.Muhammad, that king of the prophets, said, "I am the ship in this UniversalOcean. I, or that person who has become my true vicegerent in inward vision. (MIV 3357-59)" [Source: W. C. Chittick,...""Seek the people of God! Enter thou among My servants! Enter thou MyParadise! [Holy Quran 89:29-30]."Mawlâ Ali has said: "Anâ âyâtullâhi wa aminullâh, i.e. I am Allahs signs andI am the trustworthy of Allah." (Kawkab, p.208).Âyât in the sense of the signs of Divine power or miracles, are in four places: (i)The higher world, (ii) the wise Qurân, (iii) the external universe and (iv) thepersonal world, but according to the Qurân (36:12) all these âyât (signs) areencompassed in the light of the Imâm-i Mubin.That is, his light is the higher world, he is the speaking Qurân, the quintessenceof the universe and a luminous personal world in true sense." [Source: Tawil 10:A Thousand Wisdoms]"The Light that emanates from the Lamp obviously is not the Lamp Itself; but, ifthere is no Light, would you know what a Lamp is, and where it stands?Thus, it is (only) through the Light that you can perceive the lamp; you know thelamp through the Light."Holy Quran 4:174 :O - Mankind! Verily, there hath come to you a convincingproof from your Lord, for we have sent unto you a Light (that is) manifest.64:8Believe, therefore, in God and His Apostle, and in the Light which He has sentdown, and God is well acquainted with all that ye do. ..."And WE have sent youa perfect Light AND a Perspicuous Book..."You Rejected BOTH...and now you are in darkness!!!
  7. 7. And do not be like those who divide and differ after clarifications have come tothem; for theirs is a terrible torment (Sura al Imran)Ali as an Light and in his Luminosity exists in four places; (1) in this world, hehas a body; (2) in the Spirit world, he is a great soul; (3) in the world of Light(Jabarut), he is a great light; and (4) in the world of Oneness, he is monoreal (i.e.,he is at a place where all realities become one reality).But as you are in breach of your own bayah, you cannot develop relationshipswith him at any of these four levels. ....Remember Quran talks of Four Rivers inparadise and Islam has Four dimensions too...just in case your mullahs haventtaught you all these basics and so before you even talk of Ali (as), it is importantto first know about the four levels of recognition ...The light of Allah exists in the form of knowledge, wisdom, rectitude andguidance, externally and internally, which rising from blessed personality of theliving and present Imam (right from Imam Ali) , illuminates the heavens of thespiritual hudud and the earths of the physical hudud. This light belongs to thehouse of wisdom (i.e. the house of Prophethood or Imamat), the chosen membersof which, are called ahl-i bayt (People of the House), who are like a niche for thislight.The ancestral nobility of the Prophet and his position in knowledge are like alamp, which is like a glittering star, in which the corporeality of the holy Imamsis like the vessel of this miraculous lamp and their spirituality like the oil of theOlive.By the Olive is meant the family of Hazrat Ibrahim and HazratMuhammad.In the oil of this lamp the Universal Soul and the Universal Intellect, i.e. the HolySpirit and the ever-pervading Intellect of the Imams, are like the wick and flame.By fire is meant the miraculous tayid (help) and light upon light, means oneImam after the other." (Source: Recognition of the Imam, Part II, page 13)...andso it is Only Ali as an light all the way and all the Imams are Ali !!!!God has sent the rope of His holy light from the higher world to the inhabitantsof the lower world for the purpose that they may all together hold it fast so thatthey may be lifted to the higher world (Holy Quran 3:103).Externally the luminous rope of Allah is the holy personality of the Imam of thetime and internally it is his ever-reaching light. The holy light of Ali of thetime !!!The Light of Imamat Purifies Mumins:"The eternal light (33:46) which has been commanded by God to cleanse andpurify the people of faith (9:103), has already been made the cleanser (mutahhir)and purifier (muzakki) both externally and internally.In reality, this cleansing and purification is in the form of (higher spiritual)knowledge and wisdom.Thus God has appointed the light of Imamat as the successor of the light ofProphethood so that it may continue to wash and purify people in the water oflight (higher spiritual knowledge) and this chain will never cease.It is in such sublime meanings that it is said that the Divine light will continue toilluminate and that nobody can extinguish it (9:32; 61:8: 57:28). (Source: Fruit ofParadise, p. 110)
  8. 8. Knowledge (ilm) Versus Ignorance (jahl):"... the opposite of knowledge (ilm) is ignorance (jahl). Thus, in the Wise Quranjust as knowledge has been mentioned so often both directly and in manyexamples, so also in the same way ignorance has also been mentioned.Thus if knowledge is light, then ignorance is darkness whether this comparison isconceptual or literal; if knowledge is certainty, then ignorance is doubt; ifknowledge is Paradise, then ignorance is Hell; if knowledge is guidance, thenignorance is deviation; if knowledge is healing, then ignorance is sickness; if byhearing, speaking and seeing, knowledge is being alluded to then saying that"they are deaf, dumb and blind" is a condemnation of the ignorant. If the souland intellect are cleansed and purified by (higher spiritual) knowledge, thentheir impurity and filth lies in ignorance." (Source: Fruit of Paradise, pp. 110-111)Light upon LightThe expression "light upon light (Holy Quran 24:35) has great secrets:a. "Light upon light, that is, after one light there is another light. By thislight are meant the Prophets and Imams, who in their respective times aremazahir and the lights of the Light of God, while God Himself is the Lightof lights and according to "light upon light" there is unity of lights in theImam of the time.b. Write number one on the tablet of your imagination, then repeat exactlythe same shape on it, a thousand times. Where is the number thousand inthe imagination? There is nothing except the number one. This is theunity of light upon light.c. There are four levels of light: light of Divinity (24:35), light ofProphethood (33:46), light of Imamat (57:28) and light of mumins, butlight upon light indicates that all lights become one (as there is a conceptof annihilation and survival with God)." [Source: Sublime Realities, p. 55]Simultaneous Recognitions of the Holy Imam"God has praised the Imam in four places: Lâhut (World of Divinity orOneness), Jabarut (World of Light or Intellect), Malakut (World of Angels orSouls) and Nâsut (World of human beings)" [Source: Subtle Realities, p. 5].Faith is Purified by Light"Regarding faith there is a Hadith: "Faith is recognition by the heart,affirmation by the tongue and action with the limbs".From the above mentioned Hadith, it is clear that without recognition, it isimpossible for faith to become perfect and complete, and recognition is directlyrelated to light (of the Holy Imam in our foreheads), in whose illumination areseen and recognized faith and all its accessories.Therefore, the Wise Quran has commanded us to believe in God, the Prophetand the Light: "So believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Light which Wehave revealed" (64:8)." [Source: Rubies Pearls, p. 12]The Prophet (PBUH&HF) said:
  9. 9. "Verily, Allah, to whom belong Might and Majesty, has placed the progeny ofeach Prophet into his backbone (Sulb), and He, Exalted, has placed my progenyinto the backbone of Ali Ibn Abi Talib(al-Tabarani).....Zaid bin Arqam said,“One day the Messenger of Allah( May Allah exalt his mention) stood up todeliver a Khutbah at a watering place known as Khumm between Makkah alMukarramah and Madinah al Munawwarah. He praised Allah and said, “Opeople, I am a human being. I am about to receive a messenger from my Rabband I will respond to Allah’s Call, but I am leaving with you Two WeightyThings: the first is the Book of Allah, in which there is right guidance and light,so hold fast to the Book of Allah and adhere to it”. He exhorted (us to hold fast)to the Book of Allah and then said, “The second is the members of my family, Iremind you (to be kind) to the members of my family. I remind you (of yourduties) to the members of my family”. [Sahih Muslim]Sa’ad bin Abi Waqas said that, When the following verse (of challenge to thepolytheists) was revealed :“Let us we call our sons and you call your sons,,,, Allah’s Messenger called Ali,Fatimah, Hassan and Hussain (may Allah be pleased with them) and said, “O’Allah, they are my family.”[Sahih Muslim]Narrated Abdullah bin Umar Abu Bakr said, “Show reverence to the Messengerof Allah (may Allah exalt his mention) by honoring the members of his family”.[Sahih Bukhari]--- On Sat, 5/21/11, Zina Khan <> wrote:Date: Saturday, May 21, 2011, 3:49 AM“Know ye not before whom I stand in prayers and with whom I holddiscourse?”Also, the Imam’s charity, as frequent and generous as it was and is, may remainhidden and not always announced.The Quran says: “And God is not going to chastise them while you are, OMuhammd among them” (8:33).It is the universal belief of all the Muslims that the followers of the Prophet arenot going to be doomed with extirpation as was the case with the followers ofother prophets.The Prophet was a Mercy to the whole world. But on reading the above Quranicverse, one comes to the conclusion that the privilege is restricted only to the lifetime of the Prophet as it reads: “While you are among them.”The Prophet is admittedly not among us at present, why then do muslims stillenjoy the privilege?
  10. 10. The explanation of this is to be found in another verse:“And had there not been God averting some people’s (doom) by others, certainlythere would have been pulled down cloisters and churches and synagogues andmosques in which God’s name is much remembered” (22:40).This verse makes it clear that there always exists in this world an infallible one(Imam Abideen) through whose inherent auspiciousness, prayers andintercession, this world exists.This infallible one is no other than the Prophet’s progeny.Ibn Hajar writes, “Inasmuch as the Prophet was a security for the inhabitants ofthis earth, the people of his house (ahl al-bayt) are likewise the securities.”This is further corroborated by the hadith, “If the Imam were to be removedfrom this earth, the earth together with its inhabitants would have cleavedasunder.”It implies that that the existence of an Imam in every age is necessary andindispensable.Imam has helped numerous ones who needed help in many different ways. He isa friend of the poor, He is also known for his generosity and hospitality tohumanity at large.The Imamats survival in the holocaust of Karbala is no less than a miracle initself.It proves, however, that Allah wanted to save “Imamah” from extinction...aproof that it is divinely guided institution...The gruesome ordeal of Karbala was extremely difficult and arduous.In the immediate period after Karbala the Imams were treated in a harsh andunkind manner by the tyrannical powers of the time who even had destroyed theKhulafa e Rashdeen and murdered TWO caliphs, Umar and Uthman and BibiAeisha...After the grotesque manner in which the members of Imams family were killedby Yazid’s forces, how Imam Abideen was put in shackles while travelling fromKufa to Damascus, a distance of 700 miles on camel back,.. such was the crueltyof the Yazidi rulers whom you Maherally asses revere today and follow theirTEXTS !In Damascus, as well as in Kufa beforehand, Imam Abideen faced the tyrannicalrulers with enormous courage and fortitude.Single-handedly he exposed Yazid’s cover up of the butchery that took place inKarabala, and valiantly brought to mind to those attending the court of Yazid
  11. 11. (as well as the crowd at Jumu’a Salat) of who the family of the Prophet (AhlulBayt) were, and what atrocities took place in Karbala as well.After all, the gruesome experience of the butchery in Karbala was too dauntingfor anyone, let alone for the very tender-hearted Imam.He wrote, composed and prayed, appealed and beseeched the Almighty.And this proved to continue throughout his life time, which led to a magnificentwrite up of Du’aas, supplications, and the epistle of rights and obligations ofman.Imam Abideen was so generous, that his enemy (Marwan son of Hakam of BenuUmayya) requested him to give shelter to his family, to which Imam Abideen didnot hesitate.As it turned out, he became the host to 400 people of Benu Umayya for severalweeks, feeding them, tending to them, and making every effort for their comfort(free and without charges).These were the same folks from the same Benu Umayya who had killed ImamAbideen’s father and butchered the rest of the family, and slew 8 Sahaabi of theProphet (PBUH) and 20 Companions of Imam Ali in Karbala, only one yearbefore!!The collection of the Du’aas is called “Al-Saheefa Al Sajjadiyah”, also known as“Zaboor Aali Muhammad”.These prayers are very compelling and very moving; they helped provide thenecessary guidance to later generations to this day.Maherally there is nothing you can question or teach us....MUNAJAAT: (The Whispered Prayer) of the Hopeful:O Lord!Which person has come before Thee seeking hospitality, and You have notreceived him hospitably?And who is the one who has dismounted at Thy door hoping for magnanimity,and to whom You have not shown it?O Allah who is the asylum of every fleer, the hope of seekers!O Best Object of hope! O Most Generous Aim for supplication!O Allah who does not reject His asker or disappoint the expectant!O Allah whose door is open to His supplicators and whose veil is lifted for thosewho hope in Him!
  12. 12. I ask Thee by Thy generosity to show kindness toward me through Thy gifts,with that which will give serenity to my soul, and through certainty with thatwhich will make easy for me the afflictions of this world, and life from my insightthe veils of blindness!By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!ANOTHER MUNAJAATMy Lord!*Thy bounty which Thou hast given me - - strip it not away!*Thy generosity which Thou hast given me - - strip it not away!*Thy cover over me through Thy clemency - - tear it not away!*My ugly acts which Thou hast come to know - - forgive them!My Lord!*I seek intercession from Thee with Thee, and*I seek sanctuary in Thee from Thee!*I have come to Thee craving Thy beneficence, desiring Thy kindness, …*So act toward me with the forgiveness and mercy of which Thou art worthy!*Act not toward me with the chastisement and vengeance of which I am worthy!*By Thy mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful!--- On Fri, 5/20/11, Zina Khan <> wrote:Date: Friday, May 20, 2011, 11:32 PMMaherally...at least explain to us your understanding of what is "Abideen" ?The Imams of Ahl al Bayt indeed speak words of knowledge (Marifah).When Prophet Ibrahim (as) was thrown into fire (by Nimrood), Angel Jibraelmet and asked him if he had any wish to which Prophet Ibrahim (as) replied:Indeed but not from you".Imams have taught their flock how to worship Allah (SWT) and it is for thisreason that they (as) are known as "Zain ul Abideen" meaning the adornmentor the pride of worshippers and Sayyid al-Sajideen (Leader of those whoprostrate).The Rightful Imams (as) have taught their flock that whenever they rise toworship Allah (SWT), two things have to be taken into consideration.One is the Greatness of Allah (SWT), which should always be in our minds.
  13. 13. And our hearts should be filled with His awe such that our feelings should beBaynal-Khaufi war-Rajaa (between hope and fear).Hope for His mercy and fear of His wrath.Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari (ra) said to the children of Fatema ,"O son of the Prophet! Allah (SWT) has created Paradise for you and yourfollowers and HE (SWT) has created Hellfire for your enemies and opponents.Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari (ra) also said, "O son of the Prophet! Have mercyupon Muslims.It is because of the blessings of your presence that Allah (SWT) keeps away allthe hardships and difficulties of the people; and HE (SWT) does not punish themfor their wrongdoings".The son of Fatema and the Imam of the time (Abideen) (as) replied,"O Jabir! I shall remain steadfast on the path of my fathers and forefathers untilI meet them." (Ahsan al-Muqaal)Another Incident:The Secret Helper of the Poor and NeedyThe view common people have towards one who isolates himself from societyand devotes his life solely to performing his religious rituals, such as ablution(Wudu), praying, supplicating, pilgrimage (Hajj), etc, is a stranger to the society.Such a person cares nothing about his materialistic and social life, and spends hislife in worship.The life of Imam "Abideen" (as) however, contradicts this view.Imam is NOT ignorant of his society, its needs, and the realities of the time.In fact, in regards to interactions with society, he is a role model in the social andmoral duties.Imam "Abideen" (as) always remembers the saying of the Prophet (pbuh): thatif a Muslim did not think of the needs of his Muslim brothers then he was not aMuslim.Noble Quran has repeatedly reminded us about helping the poor and it hastaught us that our help should be only for the sake of Allah (SWT).
  14. 14. Muslims are told that when giving in charity, they must not follow up their giftswith reminders of their generosity or with injury, since this act voids theircharity.In this regard, verse 264 of Surah Baqarah says, "O you who believe! Do notrender in vain your Sadaqah (charity) by reminders of your generosity or byinjury, like him who spends his wealth to be seen of men, and he does not believein Allah, nor in the Last Day."This is why when it was dark in the night and all the people are sleeping, Imam "Abideen" (as) gets up to plead for people... Muhammad Ishaq narrates: Manyof the poor citizens of Madinah had experienced the generosity and kindness ofImam "Abideen" (as).Yet, they never found out it was the Imam "Abideen" (as) Ibn Saad who diedaround 200 A.H. has narrated: There were many poor people who would cometo the Imam "Abideen" (as) for help, and before they even asked for anything,the Imam "Abideen" (as) would give them what they wanted.(Check and see if AKDN is doing the same or not?)Imam "Abideen" (as) would then say, "Giving charity is received by Allah(SWT) before it is received by the poor."Moral: Ignorance of Akbar Maherally is the worst kind of terrorism today !Imam " Abideen" (as), is very kind and patient person.That is why Maherally is still barking and loitering the net...otherwise frankly heis just an ant crawling at the Imams feet...Imam usually never gets angry and he always had a smile on his face, because heis "abideen"It is narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) has said:One who pleases his parents has verily pleased Allah (SWT), and one who hasangered his parents has verily angered Allah (SWT).Akbar Maherally and his Gulshan Maherally have both breached this hidayat ofour Nabi (saw)It is narrated that the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) has said:Two doors of paradise are opened for a person whose day commences when hisparents are pleased with him.Maherally was disowned by his father....A person once approached the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and said:
  15. 15. It is narrated that Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) has said: "Allah will not accept theNamaz of the person who stares angrily at his parents, even though they(parents) may be unjust."Moral: Maherally is the replica of Iblis !Imam "Abedeen" (as) and the Shia:"What do you do when you get something?" Imam "Abedeen" (as) asked theShias?."We say Alhamdulillah [Praise belongs to Allah (SWT)]," they replied."What do you do when something is taken away from you?" Imam Abedeen(as) asked them."We lament a little and come to terms with it," they replied."What do you do when you do not receive anything?" Imam Abedeen (as) askedthem further."Nothing," they replied.The Imam "Abideen" said to them..."Even the dogs of Madinah do that."Imam Abedeen (as) said."When these dogs are given something (food), they wag their tails inthankfulness (Shukr).When something is taken away from them, they bark a little and walk away.When they do not get anything, they walk around the streets." (Like AkbarMaherally is doing)"Our Shia are those who say Alhamdulillah [Praise belongs to Allah (SWT)]when they receive something, when something is taken away and when theyreceive nothing." (Ahsanul Qasa)"Origination is not like the radiation of light from the sun, which depends upona material basis, but like intelligence, which is inherent in a nonmaterial andformless existence"Quiddity, He transcends being qualified. Thus He is not of two things.For in order that man be guided through the right path, he should beenlightened by Gods Will or Word.
  16. 16. It is to him, the ever living guide.In order to show that this Word of God must always be manifested in this world,the Quran says:"And He made it a word enduring among His posterity.""And WE have given you abundance of Posterity...it is your insulter who iswithout posterity""Our Covenant reaches NOT the Unjust (Zalimun)"Another Quranic verse states:"O men, a proof has now come to you from your Lord:We have sent down to you a Manifest light."Proof (burhan) and Manifest light (Nur mubin) are also interpreted allegoricallyto denote the Living and Rightful Imam or MAZHAR (epiphany)....a name to beconnected with the notion of rising light expressed in Luke. I, 78. ...What is the Spiritual Role of the Holy Imam?"It is reported that the Holy Prophet said to Mawlana Ali:"You are the patron of this ummat and its Dhul-Qarnayn." (al-Majalisul-Muayyadiyyah, I. p 335).We are aware of the fact that every verse and every sound Hadith which is aboutMawlana Ali, is also related to the Imam of every age.Because the light of Ali, which is the light of God and the Prophet, continues inthe holy chain of Imamat and nurtures the people spiritually and intellectually.This patron (i.e., the Holy Imam), who has been appointed by God and theProphet, is always present in this world. (Source: Manifestations of Wisdom, p.33).What Does It Mean to a Spiritual Child of the Holy Imam?"In verse (14:36), God, reporting the statement of Hazrat Ibrahim, says:"Then he who follows me is of me."That is, he is my spiritual child. The Holy Prophet has said about Salman-iFarsi: "Salman is of us, the ahl al-bayt".Imam Jafar as-Sadiq has said about some of his friends:
  17. 17. "You are from us, the ahl al-bayt".We should not forget that the means of such a unique and most exalted spiritualprogress are obedience (of all the teachings of the Holy Imam) and (ardent) love(for the Imam of the Time).""He is a minaret and sign of knowledge of the first and the last, and an oceanwhich never exhausts (due to usage)." (Kitabul-Majalis wal-Musairat..What is the Status of the Holy Imam?"It is said in verse (9:105): "And said: Work: Soon will God observe your workand His Messenger and the mumins."According to Imam Jafar as-Sadiq, here by mumins are meant the Imams(Daaimul-Islam, I. p. 21).""God says in verse (9:119): "O you who believe! Fear God and be with those whoare truthful (sadiqin).Let us study this verse very carefully: On one side are all those who believe andon the other, are the truthful ones who are the Imams of the progeny of theProphet, as Imam Jafar as-Sadiq says:"We are the truthful ones".In such cases, the Holy Quran commands that the people of faith should fearGod and follow the truthful ones (i.e., the Holy Imams) and be with them inknowledge and good deeds." (Source: Manifestations of Wisdom, p. 32).Maherally will lead you astray....Peace be upon the pure progeny,and welcome to their resplendent lights.I begin with peace upon Adam from whomcame all mankind, whether nomadic or sedentary.Peace be upon the one who with his staffoverpowered the unbelievers of the tyrant Pharaoh.Peace be upon Jesus, the Holy Spirit,who by his coming, bestowed honor on Nazareth.Peace be upon Muhammad, the chosen,the one who intercedes in the hereafter.Peace be upon Ali, the beloved,and those descended from him, the radiant stars.
  18. 18. Peace be upon you, O Sovereign Lordof Cairo, and all their gain abides with you.Allah says:"Allah did choose Adam and Noah, the family of Abraham, and the family ofImran above all people- a line of descendants, one succeeding the other; andAllah heareth and knoweth all things." (Quran 3:33,34)Ibn Arabi quotes the Prophet as saying in Tafsir al-Quran al-Karim (1:30) that,"Every man shall be brought together on the day of judgment with what heloves.If a man loves a stone, he shall be gathered together with it."Naturally, one who loves Imam, he will be with the Imam in last day.Thus, the rightful Imams will be witness of their faithful followers and the unjustwill accordingly testify for their followers.One should therefore hold fast to the rightful Imams for the benefit of his soul,because those who are unjust Imams will not be able to intercede for theirfollowers’ actions.The Quran says: "None shall have the power of intercession, but such who hasreceived permission (or promise) from (God), the Most Glorious" (19:87) andalso:"And those whom they call upon besides Him have no authority for intercession,except he who bears witness of the truth and they (people) know (that)" (43:86).The Imam is the mazhar (epiphany) of God on earth as the electric bulb is adevice of manifestation of electricity, which itself is invisible.The bulb plays the same role as the body of the Imam.Thus, the Imam is held to be the locii of the divine light, which is ever-present inthe world."(Remember) the day (hereafter) when We will summon every people with theirImam (leader-witness) then, whosoever is given his book in his right hand, theseshall read their books and they shall not be dealt with (even) a shred unjustly"(17:71).The Imam is the Proof of God (Hujjat Allah) to mankind and the Sign of God(Ayat Allah) on earth.Ali bin Abu Talib is reported to have said: "God has no greater sign than me"(Bihar al-Anwar, 23:206). The Imam is the successor of the Prophet and theVicar of God on earth.
  19. 19. Obedience to him is obligatory. Imam Jafar Sadik said: "We are the ones towhom God has made obedience obligatory.The people will not prosper unless they recognized us and the people will not beexcused if they are ignorant to us.He who has recognized us is a believer and he who has denied us is anunbeliever, and he who has neither recognized nor denied us is in error unless hereturns to the right guidance which God has made obligatory for him. And if hedies in a state of error, God will do with him what He wishes" (al-Kafi, 1:187).The ever-presence of an Imam is imperative ....the existence of an Imam inevery age is necessary and indispensable.The Prophet said, “Ali and his descendants are invested with authority.”In sum, the Imam of every age is the Hujjatullah (Sign of God), the Noorullah(Light of God) and Mazhar (Epiphany) of God.He is Mansus (designated), Ma’sum (infallible) and Afdal an-na’s (the best ofthe mankind).The divine beauty is NOT in the exterior of the human form but rather it isextrinsic...and so one refers to the "divine verb" that shines through the Imamwho is spiritually elevated and so those like Maherally who criticize arethemselves prone to committing the assimilation of the dissimulation to what itdissimulates i.e. they being ignorant and bigoted, end up confusing the "Veil"(Hijab) with the Object that is in reality being "veiled" ...primarily such folkstend to perceive based on the limitations they suffer from...they are confined tothe appearances of this material world...but the Nooran Mubeen if Allah has sentas HE says so...has to be apparent in the physical realm because it is somethinginherent to the Creation itself and it has to serve as a self disclosure of Hujjat....itis logical ! It is simple!--Dr.M.Mukhtar Alam ,Founder of Centre for Ecological Audit, Social Inclusionand Audit (2007) and International Youth for Humanity (1989) ,member,International Advisory Council, World Computer Exchangewww.worldcomputerexchange.org , Executive Director (H), IMEDA, New Delhihttp://imedaindia.ning.com ,co-founder of Moral India Mission is a CognitiveSocial Psychologist working in agriculture, rural and social development sector.He proposed the concepts of eternity index/sustainability index, social inclusionindex, social inclusion audit, ecological intelligence and is currently advancingthe discipline of Ecostrategics for generating responses simultaneously across thedisciplines while spending some time for managing international online networkof leading practitioners in socially inclusive and ecologically safe developmentnamely Movement for Transition to Post-Carbon Green Indiahttp://transitionurbanindia.ning.com and Ecostrategic Communicators forCarbon-neutral Neighbourhood Leisurehttp://ecostrategiccommunicators.ning.com
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