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Cartridge express final

  1. 1. Can we do without printers? • Every organization, small or big needs printers for its day-to-day functioning. • Today every home has at least a small inkjet printer.
  2. 2. Increasing printing costs An entry level new laser printer costs Rs.7500/- and a new toner cartridge costs Rs.4500. The OEM recommends that a standard laser toner cartridge will print 2500 pages. However in reality, on an average the toner prints 1700-1800 pages. Hence, our average cost per print is Rs.2, plus paper.
  3. 3. So what are the solutions? By refilling the cartridges from our friendly neighborhood stationery vendor, who gives no guarantee for the same. By buying cheap Chinese cartridges, which can never be trusted. By getting the cartridges re-manufactured from professionals who guarantee OEM-like cartridge performance.
  4. 4. Environmental concern A typical used toner cartridge consists of 40% plastic and 40% metal with the remaining 20% made up of foam, rubber, paper and left over toner. Approximately 97% of this material is reused in a remanufactured cartridge. Benefits of re-manufacturing;  Energy Conservation  Resource Conservation  Reduce Land-fills.
  5. 5. The above table shows the average savings that can be made by re-using the cartridges with OEM like quality. Savings We Will Help You Cut Cost’s Not Corners…
  6. 6.  We are in the business of re- manufacturing Laser Toner and Inkjet cartridges of all the major brands such as Hp, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark etc.  We have been in the printing industry for the last 25 years, working only in the consumable segment .  We also provide printer consultancy, by analyzing the company’s printing requirements, we guide them to buy the best and most economical printers, thus helping in reducing their per page cost. About Cartridge Express
  7. 7. India’s 1st STMC certified company, by IITC,USA High Performance recycled cartridges High Quality Printing OEM equivalent page output About Cartridge Express
  8. 8. Serum Mahindra RPG Group Finolex Bharat Forge Piaggio Whirlpool Lupin Apollo Tyres Pepsico Some of our esteemed clients
  9. 9. Current Market Trends Traditional manual hand re-filling methods
  10. 10. Automated Vacuum Ink-jet filling. Cleaning the Toner cartridge under controlled conditions.
  11. 11. FAQs? Is this Legal? How Will I benefit? Will this Affect My Printer Warranty? How Much Will I Save?
  12. 12. By re-manufacturing my cartridge, will my printer warranty be void? NO. “For HP printer products, the use of a non-HP ink cartridge or a refilled ink cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer. However, if printer failure or damage is attributable to the use of a non-HP or refilled ink cartridge, HP will charge its standard time and materials charges to service the printer for the particular failure or damage.” Available at cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&docname=bpd09784 MYTH
  13. 13. Our Earth cannot be REMANUFACTURED, Your cartridges can be. CARTRIDGE EXPRESS 201/202, Nav Prabhat Chambers, ABC chowk, Next to Prabhat Talkies, Pune 411002‐ ‐ Tel: +91 020 32400888 / 65000132.‐ E mail:‐