SLC Overview for Teachers


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  • SLC Overview for Teachers

    1. 1. Student-Led Conferences2011-12Date
    2. 2. Agenda✤ Why are we doing Student-Led Conferences?✤ What are the benefits of Student-Led Conferences?✤ Overview of the Process✤ Roles and Responsibilities
    3. 3. We are doing SLC’s because...✤ We want to encourage students to accept personal responsibility for their academic performance.✤ Students need to learn the process of self-assessment and evaluation to become life-long learners.✤ We want to facilitate the development of students organizational and oral communication skills and to increase their self-confidence.✤ to encourage students, parents, and teachers to engage in reflective dialogue about student work and performance.
    4. 4. SLC’s benefit students because...✤ Their independence increases.✤ They take more ownership for their progress in learning and are more accountable for their learning.✤ They gain more self-confidence.✤ They gain an increased ability to organize, communicate and practice critical thinking skills.✤ They are able to identify strengths and weaknesses in their work.✤ They become more competent at self-analysis.
    5. 5. SLC’s benefit parents because...✤ It helps them assume a more significant and active role in their child’s learning.✤ It gives them a better understanding of that learning.✤ It creates a forum for parents to talk to their child productively and positively.
    6. 6. SLC’s benefit teachers because...✤ Student participation in the learning process increases.✤ Parental involvement in the learning process increases.✤ It is focuses conference time on student learning.✤ Teachers gain partners to help assess student work.
    7. 7. Overview of the SLC Process✤ Students identify strengths and weaknesses related to the Middle School Competencies.✤ Students set realistic goals in each core subject area that relate to the Middle School Competencies.✤ Students create portfolios to evaluate their work and show progress toward meeting their goals.✤ Students then facilitate a conference with their parents and share their learning.
    8. 8. Middle School Competencies Communication is...the exchange of thoughts and ideas in different ways.Teamwork is...working with others toward a common goal.Problem Solving is...using strategies to develop solutions.Use of Numbers and Data is...analyzing and using information.Use of Technology is ...using different learning tools effectively and responsibly.
    9. 9. Roles and Responsibilities✤ Students critically review work, collect work samples as evidence, fill in reflection sheets, role play conferences.✤ Parents celebrate in child’s learning, participate in conferences and assist with goals where necessary.✤ Teachers provide guidance with work evaluation, goal setting, monitoring of growth plan and oversee conferences.