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Catalogo Champion

  1. 1. Champion Building Materials Group was founded by Mr. Lin Tian-Chun in Taiwan in 1972, with self-developed brandChampion. Celebrating its 38th year anniversary, Champion continues to uphold its original promise and mission: insistenceof only manufacturing the highest quality tiles and doing business with honesty and trust. One firm step at a time, Championb u i l t i t s s o l i d f o u n d a t i o n a n d e x c e l l e n t r e p u t a t i o n i n t h e i n d u s t r y a n d i n t h e s o c i e t y.Current Chairman, Lin Rong-De succeeded the position in year 1990, he devoted in introducing the concept ofenvironmental friendly green factories and products. Mr. Lin consistently works with Italian suppliers, devoting in Researchand Development, which solidifies Champions leading position. The company went public in Taiwan in 1992. ChampionGroup now has 35% of the market share, and continues to be the No.1 brand in Taiwan for 17 consecutive years. Championproducts are now sold through its global sales network in 25 countries and regions, including United States, Europe, Japan,Korea, and Australia. In 1996, the first to acquire ISO 9001 Quality Authentication in Taiwan In 1997, the first to be awarded with Green Environment ProtectionIn1997, USD 30 million was invested in establishing Champion Headquarter in China, also known as SinYih Ceramic(China) Co. Ltd., located in KunShan, Jiangsu Province. The company and factory occupies over 333,000 m2. Nationalsales network of 14 regional distributorships with 500 showrooms nationwide was set up steadily. The company is nowamong the top 3 high-end tile brands in China. In 2000, the first to acquire ISO 9001 Quality Authentication in China In 2000, the first to acquire ISO 14001 Environment Management SystemIn 2002, SinYih Ceramic (PengLai) Co., Ltd., Champions 3rd factory, actualized Mr. Lins vision of developing a GreenFactory. The concept of Green Factory is to minimize the environmental impact during the production with the latesttechnologies available. USD 75 million was invested in this factory, of which 15% was spent on environmental protectionrelated fields. Champions PengLai factory is designed to be ecological friendly in which everything is recycled, reused, andenergy saving. The factory has been regarded by the Italian tile machine suppliers, SACMI, CMF, etc, as the best tile factoryin the world. In 2004, acquired ISO 9001 Quality Authentication In 2004, the first to acquire 3C certificate (radiation free product) In 2005, acquired ISO14001 Environment Management System AuthenticationFor best quality, Champion only imports the best Italian machines and materials. SACMI presses of up to 7,500 ton, kilns,and dryers, CMF automated powder supply system, as well as System Rotocolor. To be ahead of the industry, Championadvanced itself by introducing Champion-V Technology Platform, an unique technological platform integrating tile with thelatest technology. Champion R&D pioneers in combining photo-catalytic and tile, nano technology and tile, creatingChampion Smart Tile, which includes Auto-Clean Tile, Anti-Virus Tile, and Anti-Slip Tile. In addition, Champion is one of thefirst in Asia to successfully applying ventilated faç ade system on tiles, which gives stronger pulling resistance for a safer
  2. 2. Champion possesses World Class facilities, leading pioneer and innovator in the industry.For best quality, Champion only imports the best Italian machines and materials. SACMI kiln, dryer, and Press up to 7500 ton, CMF powdersupply system, and System Rotocolor.
  3. 3. To be ahead of the industry, Champion advanced itself by introducing Champion-V Technology, a combination of fashion and technology.
  4. 4. Products/ Taiwan products 004Produkte/ Classical / Klassisch 032 Avant-garde / Avant-garde 056 Polished Tile / Polierte Fliesen 080 Classical ceramic / Klassische Keramik 110 Natural stone / Naturstein-Look 128 Intelligent stone / Intelligente Fliesen 144 150
  5. 5. Taiwan Products 004Classical / Klassisch 032Cr ystal Stone 034 038 044 048 052Avant-garde / Avant-garde 056 058 062 066 072 076Polished Tile / Polierte Fliesen 080 082 086 090 094 098 102Ancient Stone 106Classical ceramic / Klassische Keramik 110 112Natural stone / Naturstein-Look 122 124 128 132Intelligent stone / Intelligente Fliesen 144
  6. 6. TAIWAN Products
  7. 7. Timber stone
  8. 8. 34-106x106cm36-80x120cm
  9. 9. 34-106x106cm36-80x120cm
  10. 10. Crystal Stone
  11. 11. Crystal StoneChampion Crystal Stone, the new series in Technological New Stone collection, uses the exclusive multi-layered manufacturing techniques to first combine thedelicate printing and full-crystal glazing, then polish to carve out the impurities and present crystal-clear surface. This complex techniques ensured the preservationof stone-like veins with shiny surface This stone series comes in four colors: beige, yellow, light brown, and dark brown. The product is royal, majestic, and elegant,presenting the crystal-like resplendence. Originating from stone, and surpassing stone. If Champion printing technique gave tile the clear and original rendering ofthe temperament of the stone, then the full-crystal glazing and polish techniques allowed tile to surpass the transparent and glistening texture of the stone and thecoronation of the supreme.
  12. 12. Cr ystal Stone
  13. 13. Crystal Stone
  14. 14. A new series of product,※Karst§features was introduced with Middle Age French style. The design inspiration stems from the color and decoration style ofSaint-Michel Castle on the Mount-Saint-Michel in France. Standing proudly on the seaside for centuries, Saint-Michel Castle has witnessed the vicissitudesof the Atlantic Ocean. One can stay away from the impulsive feelings to enjoy the tranquility and serenity when one steps into the picture painted withChampions Karst.Based on the color and decoration style of ancient castles, the designers of Champion have introduced matte glazed tiles in four colors; cream, orange, greyand brown, which embodies the romantic feelings of France in the Middle Ages. In terms of the design, color, and manufacturing techniques, this seriessurpasses all products in the same category. That is why this new product can integrate well with natural materials, such as timber and fabric.
  15. 15. 56-106x106cm26-80x120cm
  16. 16. 56-106x106cm26-80x120cm
  17. 17. The texture of natural variation, together with different color combinations, presents the modern classical design style to satisfy the quality needsof the elite class.
  18. 18. This series was inspired by the natural timber, a flawless integration of nature with modern industrial technology.The concavo-convex three-dimensional textured technology gave this series the natural timber veins and texture, which echoed thestripes of oak and its natural touch.Inspired by wooden floor, and surpassing wooden floor: Timber Stone series retained the natural structure and vivid texture of woodenfloor, overcame the various flaws of wooden floor, and satisfiedthe modern peoples pursuit for naturalness, simplicity, warmth, andenvironmental protection.
  19. 19. The passing of time leaves its traces. Mountain stone simulates the layered texture of original stone that has stood the erosion of time. Applying of the lapatto technique gaveMountain Stone a semi-shiny and artistic surface. Touch it, and feel the texture of natural variegation; Focus and observe it, , and appreciate the soft and implicit beauty of thisglistening surface.
  20. 20. Inspired by natural slate, Earthcore Stone is yet another masterpiece made with Champion-V technological platform. This series fully re-present the majesticmomentum of the terrain and the unparalleled technique of natural slate.Absorbing the characteristics of the natural slate in Australia, the product is returned to the most natural and simplest status in its original creation, whichemphasizes the natural realm, classical charm, and majestic temperament of the whole environment.
  21. 21. Ocean Stone, Inspiration from sea rocks, is the newest product of Champion developed on its unique Champion-V technical platform. Itsnatural material quality, elegant and full-range combinations, aesthetic design and fashionable outlook can fully demonstrate yourunique taste while bringing comfortable life synchronized with international trand. The hi-tech technologies guarantee Ocean Stoneunmatchable qualities such as compact, enabling full freedom in thedesign and construction process.
  22. 22. Delicate pattern, soft hue, gentle luster, and varying designs, these bring to our Luxe Stone different artistic effects, giving you afeeling of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction.A perfect union of the antique and the three-dimensional, the design of brand-new esthetics and the individualistic and fashionabletechnique of expression speak of unique taste and special quality.
  23. 23. Integrating the natural texture of two Italian sandstones, Sand Stone surface is with honed natural finish, giving a clean, refreshing and naturalfeeling of the space.Together with natural style and majestic size, Sand Stone creates a classic space of quality life.
  24. 24. Imitating the effect of the rusty surface, Antique Luxury Stone has both the excellent physical properties and the nearly perfect simulated rusty effect, making youfeel the heaviness and solidity of history in a simple and unsophisticated environment.The imitation of the rusty surface has the most genuine effect, breaking through the boundary of porcelain tiles and creating a visual implication of hardness andsoftness combined.
  25. 25. Ancient Stone
  26. 26. The stirring and inspiring force, the overwhelming and imposing momentum of the king of stones, depict the great accomplishments of theNew Stone Age.The whole paving features harmonious colors and natural texture. Each tile has its unique characteristics.The diversified free-feeding random texture technology gives Diamond its natural and innovative texture. The flower pattern has richvariation, which is unmatched by any other type of stone materials.
  27. 27. Overcoming the shortcomings of natural stone materials, Lime Stone is a new-generation environmentally-friendly product with genuine effectand high lustrousness. It is luxurious, elegant, and graceful.
  28. 28. Imitating the charm of natural lime stone, using the super micro-powder double loading manufacturing technology and the upgradedgranulation technique, the crystal frit is calcined under high temperature to integrate perfectly with the tile body. With the essence ofthe original lime stone comes the Lime Stone II products, with an even more translucent and lustrous texture.This series features a strong three-dimensional effect, with a smooth and natural texture that is compatible to the natural stone. Ithas the quality of jade and the charm of stone, with the crystal granules appearing implicitly in the fine product, like the starsglistening in the sky, and makes your space vivid and lively.The modern simplistic style and the fine presentation of the texture come from our pursuit of perfection in every detail. It is concisebut not simple.
  29. 29. M 2 KgPcsPer M 2 PcsPer Box WeightPer Box BoxesPer PLT
  30. 30. Imitating the natural texture of the lightning patterns of Spanish rosin jade, it is especially suitable for decorating the floor and wallsof large area and is especially popular among the numerous professional designers and owners with a distinctive aesthetic view.The implicit landscape pattern makes your space elegant, natural, refreshing, and fashionable. Botticino Stone expresses theserenity of the mountains and the spirit of the nature, with a solid charm and unparalleled sophistication in the fine texture.
  31. 31. With natural and smooth texture, it brings a flexible, flowing and natural beauty decorating space.Marble Stone imitates the random patterns of the natural rock, and features rich colors, giving a visual effect of in-glaze colors.
  32. 32. An innate royal and imperial temperament, with a natural, rustic, and amiable appearance, makes it the first choice for decoration material for classical luxury style.It overcomes the shortcomings of natural travertino marble and other stone materials, has greater resistance against wearing, shocking, and chemical erosion, and hashigh hardness and super-low water absorption. It is durable and its color does not fade out.Innovative travertine stone qualityTravertine (j) Stone, another product of CHANMPIONV technology platform, retains the original qualities of natural travertine stone. By taking advantage of CHAMPIONsindustry-leading R&D platform, imported 7500T press and constant temperature kiln, we apply high temperature and high pressure to fully simulate the physical environment fornatural travertine, thus overcoming the poor dust resistance of natural travertine and perfectly recreating its flowing and surging surface.
  33. 33. Ancient StoneChampions Ancient Stone series reconstructs the collision result of crusts in lithosphere. The movement of crusts is slow yet powerful, and createsunparalleled natural and beautiful surface effects, and a sense of mythical passion.Antique Stone offers 3 finishes: the natural structured finish, matt, and polished surface. This allows creative application, and the possibility of a mix ofancient feeling with fashion sense.
  34. 34. Ancient Stone
  35. 35. An cient St one
  36. 36. Inheriting Champion technology platform and following the principle of giving the highest quality and texture, Classic Ceramic Series uses the fine-tuned and optimizedtechnique; taking the elements of stone vein, wallpaper, and wood grain that are popular in the market and combining the innovative multi-layered technology, all thesecombined to give the product new connotations.The product design is based upon the popular elements of textile, wallpaper, stone pattern. The technology highlights the essence of traditional culture and leads to the uniquepattern and texture, which is natural, elegant, and distinct.
  37. 37. The classical and everlasting stone vein, and the smooth and translucent texture add styleand quality to your home.
  38. 38. Imagine: Standing at the top of the clouds, overlooking the earth and the vast space underneath, the light clouds pile up anddisappear in a transient moment. All these together with the hard and solid earth, it becomes the unique Cloud Stone.
  39. 39. Royalty, peak of the world; Royal Digital uses the latest technology and brings innovation to your life. It is the only product in the industry that usesthe latest ceramic printing machine, Rotodigit of Italy.With the most advanced digital, three-dimensional inkjet technology, Champion presents this masterpiece of high definition, top-quality, and three-dimensional ceramic tiles.Avanti recovers the look and structure of stone, wallpaper, and fabric and etc. as genuine as professional photography. These consummate effectsmake the tiles more than just decoration material, but also, a demonstration of the epoch making technology application.
  40. 40. The bathroom today is more than a private space. It now has broader definition: a comfortable, luxurious, and pleasant place for relaxation. It is importantto carefully pick the building and decorating materials in the bathroom. Products with innovative, multi-functional, and technological design are becomingpopular, because they meet the new lifestyle and customers sophisticated needs.
  41. 41. The birth of Champions Natural Stone series echoed to the growing needs for high quality, multi-purpose and modern style tiles. Natural Stone perfectlyingrates minimalism with luxury, fashion with neoclassicism, and demonstrated a simple and delicate lifestyle.
  42. 42. Kern & edge cutting technologies origin from Champion-V research centerwith technical support from Italy & Spain, enable Champion comes acrosswith new product design & concept to publish 11 new items:Thanks for thelatest nano technology for photocatalyst, Titanic Oxide, Light catalyst,compound anion, what enrich porcelains functionalities & in thedevelopment a new era.
  43. 43. The light catalysting result from the technology of the latest nano photo catalyst & Titanium Oxide, from which the application of titanium oxide through the nanophoto catalyst dosage, by the processing of various stage of spraying and apply on the surface of the porcelain, then finishing with high temperature in the kiln toform up the permanent & stable layer of photo catalyst enabling air purification(1,000 equivalent to 70 trees in green effects), oil decomposition, germs killing &avoid its forming.Under circumstances of external energies in mechanism the electrons exercise on the external layer of the atom, after speeding up to certain level what shall spinoff the track & combine with other neutral atoms, after this atom impacted those electrons the charge amount increased to form up minus charge, what we call asAnionBy processing this nano treated anion, energizing the porcelain is simply a environment friendly, health care type of product after finished in high temperaturekiln, enriched with energy effect what has been tested & resulted with Champion Stone series product with anionic effect for each cubic cm shall carry 1,200The anti-slippery mechanism comes from the surface processing with hundreds tiny micro suckers, creating the superior anti slip effect what shows under highscoops by microscope examination tremendous physical image of suckers like mountains & valleys on the surface of the porcelain, filled up with those tiny poresof the surface in hundreds scoops that approaching anti slip effect.The mirror shinny effect exercise by a permanent layer on the surface of the porcelain to fill intothe air pores & micro cracks, to assure the porcelain after polish shall reach outstanding anti dirt function, as the gloss of the normal polish porcelain is between50~70 degree, while nano treated porcelain shall reach min. 95 degrees or above , almost equivalent to mirror. Hosting item for mirror shinny effect is Champion
  44. 44. Under circumstances of external energies in mechanism the electrons exercise on the external layer of the atom, after speeding up to certain levelwhat shall spin off the track & combine with other neutral atoms, after this atom impacted those electrons the charge amount increased to form upminus charge, what we call Anion.Anion with high density energy, what decompose the cellulose of the germs, or even the activity of the original cells enzymes to approach the anti & killing germseffects.Anion transfers the minus charge to germs, dust, fume or other minor particles, or even water drops, the minus charge released shall combine with these particles &condense, to purify the air.The distinguished odors from the indoor decoration materials by renovation, eg. Benzoate, Formaldehyde, Ketone, as well the bad odors from the daily food residues,cigarettes, all those health hazardous odors, anionic tiles release the anions in the air shall refresh & kill the odors effectively.The average release of anion from Champion anionic tiles can reach from 500~2,500 units/ cubic cm, what is suggested to apply in high level residents, villas, interiorfloors, office building, sports & recreation exercise centers, hot spring & SpA centers, as well buildings external wall, creating environmental green effects.
  45. 45. Our Achievement
  46. 46. 150
  47. 47. 152
  48. 48. 154
  49. 49. 156
  50. 50. 158