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In this deck we showcase simple methods to drive your value proposition and gain an audience for your brand online. We talk about blogging, syndication, social media sharing, online communities and engagement among other topics.

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Poor man's Content Marketing - muHive

  1. 1. Poor man’s Content Marketing Simple methods to drive value proposition and gain an audience
  2. 2. We decided to crack the content conundrum!
  3. 3. Numberspeak How did it benefit us • • • • Demystified our product & muHive automation Fuels steady amount of website hits Increased followers globally Organic growth of social media engagement – Zero ad spend How big is our team? Content marketing is just one of the things we do
  4. 4. The virtuous cycle Customers Converts to Expect Audience Quality Attracts Comes from Marketing Content Drives
  5. 5. Do you speak numbers? June- July July-Aug Aug- Sep 27% 62% 28% 38% 6% 19% 66% Initial buzz dies out. No new efforts Dedicated content effort started New, focused content strategy Visits % change MoM 6% Page views % change MoM 20% Unique visitors % change MoM Well received public launch
  6. 6. Let’s see what we did to get here
  7. 7. Commandments of Clean Content
  8. 8. Let’s begin …
  9. 9. Our blog
  10. 10. Write good content • One blog = one idea, no more • Use one or two images, related to the topic • Keep it simple
  11. 11. Write about your domain • Write about your industry • Write about your technology • Write about your vision
  12. 12. Write about your product • Write about what’s new! • Demystify with use cases
  13. 13. Share on different social channels • Different channels attract different types of audience • We share on: – On our wall/stream – Within communities – Engage in subsequent discussions/comments
  14. 14. Share differently each time • Summarize your content differently each time you share it Same article shared on three days, with three different summaries. Each summary relates to different sections of the same blog. No cheating or link baiting!
  15. 15. Share for a global audience • Use schedulers We schedule a post for three different times: India, UK and USA. 11am and 3pm are considered best reading times
  16. 16. Our Website
  17. 17. Industry specific resource pages Content focused around an industry is used to drive campaigns for it via email and social media. muHive for online retail muHive for travel & OTAs
  18. 18. Let’s introduce our automation engine! Our customers loved using this … but found it complex to use. We needed to simplify it.
  19. 19. Automation specific resources We created (blog + video) demos of scenarios that our automation engine could address #wIN A customer from Italy was the first to create an automation rule by using these
  20. 20. Network and Communities
  21. 21. Create a network • Set-up a paper.li to grab good social content – Relevant to your domain
  22. 22. Acknowledge everyone mentioning you • We learnt this after looking at our own product More on this Engagement ninja later!
  23. 23. Communities on the web • Find online communities related to your domain and technology • Share your content with other practitioners via discussions and comments – Do not spam, keep it relevant to the topic – Do not be overtly promotional Also a great way to reach early adopters!
  24. 24. Where can I find these? These are the communities we joined and started contributing to:
  25. 25. Slideshare Ready audience for B2B companies who share strategies and use cases!
  26. 26. Create communities We created 2 communities for the purpose of sharing articles related to customer engagement by us and others
  27. 27. Other distribution channels We also use the following for distribution and engagement Neutral posts go on medium because it is beautiful and has a great audience
  28. 28. Other distribution channels We syndicate our content on popular portals in our domain like
  29. 29. Something that works well for us! fooding
  30. 30. Use social engagement
  31. 31. Use muHive to listen and respond to people talking about our topics of interest
  32. 32. We listen to topics like Customer Engagement and respond to relevant messages with links to our content
  33. 33. And this works! It drives a steady stream of hits via different social networks.
  34. 34. Beyond your brand & product
  35. 35. A neutral identity • Created EngagementNinja.com • Shares good engagement and CRM related articles from across the world • Purely topic related, no advertisements
  36. 36. An educational initiative We found a lot of people searching for topics like “getting started with customer engagement” So we created: A comprehensive online resource with a information on getting started, what to expect and even complete use cases * Resource in progress You need to register to read through the resource, so we get email addresses of prospects
  37. 37. That’s it! But wait …
  38. 38. Share this deck with friends If you think you learnt something from this deck, Click on the “Share” icon below to share this with your friends and colleagues. www.muhive.com
  39. 39. Team Sagar Vibhute Co-founder at muHive Technology interests: databases, information architecture and evolving role of social tech Twitter: @biggfoot Ritesh M Nayak Co-founder at muHive Technology interests: social software, information retrieval, distributed systems and ICT4D Twitter: @itsmeritesh
  40. 40. If you need more tips for your website Click on these decks below to see what we did to increase adoption and streamline our website for conversions. wait! There’s more ..
  41. 41. www.muhive.com @muHive /muHive thank you
  42. 42. Photo credits • • • Slide 2: Photo Credit: yewwei.tan via Compfight cc Slide 10: Photo Credit: World of Good via Compfight cc Slide 14: Photo Credit: ePublicist via Compfight cc