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Asking and giving direction


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Asking and giving direction

  1. 1. Asking and Giving for Directions English I @ copyright by Dady Rohandi (BSI)
  2. 2. Have you ever got lost and had the experience of asking others for directions?
  3. 3. Asking Direction:Excuse me, Where is the bus station, please? How do I get to the bus station, please? Excuse me, can you help me? I want to get to BSI Campus. Excuse me, I’m trying to find Oak street. I’m looking for Oak street.
  4. 4. Excuse me, Do you know where is the post office, please? Do you know how to get the post office?Is the post office near here, please? ____________ far from here, please?Can you tell me where the bus station is, please?Could you tell me the way to get to BSI, please? how to get to BSI, please? How do I get there?
  5. 5.  Could you direct us to the railway station, please? We’re looking for a hotel Called ‘Istana Cinta’. Can you give us direction to it?
  6. 6. GIVING DIRECTION Use all information about road, buildings, or everything around it. Use ‘Preposition of place’ Use ‘some phrases for showing direction’
  7. 7. Preposition of place At, in, on, Above, upper, Below, under, beneath Inside, outside In front of X in the back of / behind Across from = opposite Next to = beside Near Between, among Adjacent to = very near, touching Etc… (Note: “What is rule in sentence?)
  8. 8. From here, go along this street until ….Go along / keep going / go (straight) a head / go downTake the first turning,…The first (second,…)Then, and then, finally,…Till, until, you will see/find …You will past the bank…then…
  9. 9. Turn left / rightIntersection / crossroadT-JunctionRoundaboutTraffic lightsOn the cornerOn your left/rightOverpass (us)/ flyover (uk)Underground, block
  10. 10. Sample ConversationAlex got lost in a countryside.)A: Pardon me, madam. I’m wondering if you know how to get to the nearest gas station. My gas is running out.B: Oh, let me think. First, keep driving west for about 1 km. You’ll see a 7-11 on your left. Then, make a left turn at the second crossroad after you go past the 7-11. Soon you will find a gas station on your right. It’s rather noticeable. You can’t miss it!A: Thanks so much!B: Not at all.
  11. 11. ASSIGNMENT:(Do all tasks (1, 2, and 3) below based on the guidance)3. Print out all task4. Answer behind your paper in writing hand.5. Submitted on Thursday, 2 December 2010…from to 2. pm at LECTURER ROOM contact me
  12. 12. 1. You are in SUPERMARKET --- wants to get FIRE DEPARTMENT2. You are in POST OFFICE—wants to get CINEPLEX3. You are in OLD HAVANA RESTAURANT—want to get POLICE STATION.ANSWER: …A: ……? (asking direction)B: ……. (Giving Direction)
  13. 13. Based on the map above, choose TRUE (T) or FALSE (F)1. The hotel is next to the bank. (True)2. The zoo is opposite the police station. (True)3. The library is between the post office and the supermarket. (False)4. The bowling alley is on East Street. (False)5. The bar is on the corner of West Street and South Street. (False)6. City hall is in front of the library. (False)7. The hospital is near the bus station. (False)8. The zoo is behind the post office. (False)9. The bowling alley is behind the bookstore. (True)10. The school is between the bus station and the police station. (False)
  14. 14. 1. First, walk down Green Street for two blocks. Then, turn right and the bank is the third building on the left side. 7 (Seven)2. Go straight down Yellow Street until Blue Street. The school is on the corner of Yellow Street and Blue Street. 19(3. Drive along Green Street to White Street and turn right. Next, go straight one block, cross Brown Street, and the library is the first building on the right corner.4. First, go down Yellow Street for one block, turn left, and then go to the first intersection. Then, keep going straight, and the hotel is the second building on the left.5. Walk along Green Street until Black Street. Then, turn right and go straight, and the church is the last building at the end of the